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  1. It might be a long shot, but if you see a Consonance Ref 2.2 CD player come up second hand, that will likely be within budget. I lucked out with one - and very happy to recommend it.
  2. Too right re the Merlins. My first speakers, purchased around 1989. Now doing time in my son's set up. Still shocked how good they sound in and amongst that hand me down gear of his.
  3. Hi Dennis - if you are feeling lucky there is a Musical Fidelity A1 silver faced amp for sale over on Ebay. The ask is $800; which I think I have see being around the ask for ran A3 series integrated (so might be a bit on the high side?). But there is also a make an offer option. Either way - hope it all works out for you.
  4. Thanks, but like PCOWandre I'm looking for something in silver ..... trust you'll have a buyer soon enough, it is a good'n, cheers Alan
  5. I agree; very good phono. I let one go and can't find as good a replacement for near the money.
  6. Here's one my teen-aged son showed me. Genius!
  7. I like both but also rate: Hallelujah by John Cale - there's just something about it ...; and Eleanor Rigby by Zoot - a blast from the past. And who could argue with a You Tube appraisal.
  8. Hi Dennis - no sorry - my MF experience is limited to those two plus their cute little valve buffer unit and pretty nice Phone stage (V1Nyl or something - now moved on.) All have been well worth it so reckon the A1 would also be, well, A1, if (to betty boop's point) in good nick or following a bit of refurb.- cheers Alan
  9. Hi Dennis, you might be on the money with the Musical Fidelity A series. I have the A3 pre and A3.2 power combo. Each are choke regulated and dual mono and, as a proud non technologist, can say these things appear to be generally considered good. I reckon they do sound good. Build quality is great - comfortingly very solid. Sound quality to my ears is also very good and I have struggled on most pieces of music to find much difference between them and my tube pre and power outfit. Think I paid $1500-1600 for both a while back secondhand, which isn't too bad I reckon. If it weren't for iso you could come round and have a listen. cheers Alan
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