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  1. Nice observations. Probably didn't hurt either that it was a Schubert trio; presume a single microphone and great playing. Love his string quartets too. Numbers 8 and 10 are some of the best music ever.
  2. Agree the above. I had these speakers (in rosewood) for years in my main system before upgrading (I think at least) to B&W 803Ns. My son has the Quads now and I am continually shocked how great they sound in his system. Someone please buy them before I do something silly ....
  3. Hi - a question if I may - does it have its own on/off switch? It is not easy to tell from the pictures - or from the Isotek site, regards,
  4. They look marvelous - if the sound is even close this is a stonking bargain I reckon.
  5. This one ain't for Metal Beats' Fugly thread ... If I were in Sydney this could make me change a lot of plans - good luck with it.
  6. Hey - thanks for that; makes sense, cheers
  7. "I believe so". I beg to differ......I've been using a Thor PS10 for 5 years switched to 220V with a number of amps, preamps, integrateds, DAC's, hard disk servers, with no problems whatsoever. I originally used the 220V setting due to transformer hum on some Conrad Johnson gear & this reduced the hum almost completely. Since then I've always left it on the 220V setting & believe the system sounds better this way. YMMV of course. Possibly irrelevant - so apologies in advance if so. I used to run my valve guitar amps of
  8. Oh yes, the tractors were gorgeous! Looked like a fish, moved like a fish, steered like a cow ...
  9. Wow - there is a lot of ugly about. But how about stuff you actually own and think is ugly? NAD C375BEE, for example. Does lots of things well but looks like it was designed by the second Minsk Tractor Factory in about 1994.
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