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  1. Count Five - Psychotic Reaction, from 1966 or thereabouts
  2. + Joy Division's other masterpieces: - Unknown Pleasures; - Atmospheres; and - Love Will Tear Us Apart. The 12' single of Atmospheres will make the hairs on your neck stand up.
  3. Hi, @craka I have the Mk1 Consonance Cyber 800 Monoblocks. At a relatively modest 78watts they are really very good. Like @Jventer I tend to use them on weekends and use my Halcro MC20 solid state for the daily drive of B&W803Ns and Decware Errxs. The Halcro great - but despite the heartfelt attachment to the Aussie amp it is shaded by the 800s (to my ears in my room and system). They are pretty butch but ....
  4. Speechless .... cat's got my tongue, or should I say this cat's for sure got Lark's Tongues!
  5. That's really cool you are having onto the B&Ws because they were your dad's. I hope to pass on some good gear to my son too - and suspect if these were among it they would be keepers. Lovely things and good luck with the sale.
  6. Would love to hear this lot one day - have heard nothing but really good things
  7. Yes - but does he have 'Lark's Tongues'? No collection could be considered complete without it!
  8. Great discussion - afraid my only contribution is that over this last year or so my bottom end has filled out, considerably inexorably and seemingly without effort. Now to figure out how to get the Hi-Fi to match.
  9. Oh yes - if I hadn't already overdosed on pre-amps I'd have been right onto this. Someone will be very with this I am sure.
  10. I second that the ref 8 would be a safe one - though I will stick with the old Macbook Pro & Gieseler Gross DAC for a bit yet. I am using B&W 803Ns with the Consonance Cyber 800s. I was advised I might need more grunt for them - but not so afar as I can hear. Those are a pretty good lot of 78 watts.
  11. Thanks fo rthat interesting observation - and one that might save me dough and angst in future. I seem to recall reading Greg Osborn's assessment that the least of the AM amps was better than the best of Consonance. Since then I have been on the look-out for an all AM set up. I have the RT-2 Pre-amp (a marvelous thing) currently running into the Consonance Cyber 800 MkI monos. Listening right now to the Vampires (great band!) makes me wonder if there would be any major improvement and your assessment has given me reason to pause and be less envious of the expensive stuff. And I guess my s
  12. A blast from the past - one of the first really interesting pieces of World Music for me. Extraordinary quarter - tones and harmonies.
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