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  1. Agree the positive ratings for these. Have mine in a second system but really they are easily good enough for a main system in a moderately sized room. Sound quality is immediately apparent ... Nice looks too but a 'wow' sound. Someone in Adelaide will soon be happy I reckon.
  2. A bit of a steal this ... huge and very strong rack. Think when new cost more like $900.
  3. Grunt and control I reckon. I have used mine for many years powering 2 pairs of speakers. It never skipped a beat even with the resulting lowered impedance. To my ears it is ~95% as good as my double the price Musical Fidelity separates ~ 90% as good as my all valve set up with Easter Electronics pre and Consonance mono-block power amps. Great amp for the dough. Good luck with it.
  4. I second flanders' comment - these look a steal. I have a pair of US made Decware speakers with this same configuration of open tweeter and upward radial. They are great, open sounding speakers, easy to place and likely to stay a while in my system. They were approx AUD 3500 landed which makes these Karri's look even more a steal.
  5. G'day - PM sent with intention to buy - cheers - Alan
  6. I am with you gents - I have a 1964 original Jazzmaster and can't do it justice either. My son has bagged it for his inheritance so can't even sell it. Sigh, Good luck with the sale - it looks a beaut.
  7. This site is doing my head in; too much great gear at great prices and the budget of a poor man .... GLWTS
  8. The desire is strong .... but the wallet is weak. These look tremendous and the 6moons review is very positive. Good luck with it, A
  9. This must be good .... seller is a Go-Betweens fan. [Good luck with the sale]
  10. My heart aches and a lousy case of hi-fi envy pains my sense ..... (with apologies to Keats)
  11. PM sent with intent to buy 2 pairs of the Osborn interconnects and 2 pairs of the Osborn speaker cables if still available - cheers, Alan
  12. Greetings, I'll be happy to take Item #3: Copper Colour Penny V Power Cord 1M US Plug (2 pieces) if they are still available. PM on way also, regards, Alan
  13. Greetings, PM sent with intention to buy the Supra US power cord if still available, regards, Alan
  14. Lovely piece of gear! Good luck with the house hunting. The way prices are dropping this one might net you a nice 2 bedder ....
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