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  1. I am with you gents - I have a 1964 original Jazzmaster and can't do it justice either. My son has bagged it for his inheritance so can't even sell it. Sigh, Good luck with the sale - it looks a beaut.
  2. This site is doing my head in; too much great gear at great prices and the budget of a poor man .... GLWTS
  3. alanmeldrum

    Hi-End Audio system

    Seconding Mani's comment. I saw the post 10 minutes after listing and by 15 minutes after listing would have redrawn on the mortgage. Calling all cane-toads - this is a bunch of great gear at a super price - A
  4. The desire is strong .... but the wallet is weak. These look tremendous and the 6moons review is very positive. Good luck with it, A
  5. alanmeldrum

    SOLD: FS: BNE - Naim Uniti Atom

    This must be good .... seller is a Go-Betweens fan. [Good luck with the sale]
  6. My heart aches and a lousy case of hi-fi envy pains my sense ..... (with apologies to Keats)
  7. alanmeldrum

    FS: Cables Lot1

    PM sent with intent to buy 2 pairs of the Osborn interconnects and 2 pairs of the Osborn speaker cables if still available - cheers, Alan
  8. alanmeldrum

    FS: New Year's Clear Out (Surplus Cables)

    Greetings, I'll be happy to take Item #3: Copper Colour Penny V Power Cord 1M US Plug (2 pieces) if they are still available. PM on way also, regards, Alan
  9. alanmeldrum

    FS: Misc Cables

    Greetings, PM sent with intention to buy the Supra US power cord if still available, regards, Alan
  10. alanmeldrum

    Fs - New Supratek Cortese

    Lovely piece of gear! Good luck with the house hunting. The way prices are dropping this one might net you a nice 2 bedder ....
  11. alanmeldrum

    FS: ADAM Tensor Delta Active Monitors w/Stands

    Defibrillator needed .....
  12. I have had a pair of these for 6 months now. Absolutely lovely amps, plenty of musical power and tremendous value. Snap 'em up!
  13. alanmeldrum

    SOLD: FS: Audiolab 8200CD/DAC

    Very good unit this - excellent DAC and very flexible. I love mine. Good luck with the sale.
  14. alanmeldrum

    SOLD: FS: Audiolab 8200CD CD Player

    It's a good one, folks.
  15. Apologies; this would would have been an absolute contender if I hadn't bought a valve pre 3 weeks ago. Good luck with the sale; I have the Cyber 800 Monoblocks and they are grand things