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  1. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    The original dacmagic, the silver one. Yeh i did a bit of reading into this. I think the design was plagiarised from a chinese DIYer (a bit of irony there). I doubt they will have legal issues as i dont think the guy who designed it filed any patents. The resistor ladder design on the face of it seems great but as a few people have pointed out, due to the nature of the design, resistor values have to be extremely accurate. Given that resistor values vary depending on environmental factors namely temperature, the device is not able to produce true 24 bit. Not even close. I think i read somewhere that the effective number of bits would be 10-12 or so.
  2. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    As mentioned in a previous post, that table's days are numbered. There's a guy i've found with a bunch of granite offcuts i'm going to aquire. I plan on using two pieces, the bottom with sorbothane domes and springs inbetween them. I also have some of the famous ikea bamboo chopping boards which i plan on experimenting with. I've read people having success with using a combination of timber and stone.
  3. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    I didn't intend on that comment being percieved as a complaint. The quads each have a downward firing passive driver that aids below 450hz. They provide a reasonable amount of bass. It's tight, fast and clear. It supports the music as opposed to being the main feature. If i was to have a critisicm though it would be that the speakers are a little bright are fairly unforgiving on poorly mastered/recorded audio. As for the DAC. Basically the usb driver doesnt work after the latest update of windows 10... So i'm using the ASIO4ALL driver which is a bit clunky. I havent listened to it side by side with the CA so i cant gauge any improvement. To answer your question. Music is better now
  4. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    So the end result was a set of Quad 23L floorstanding speakers, a MicroMega MyDAC and QED silver XT cables for under $1600. I dealt with Kevin from Class A Audio in Blackburn. He was terrific. The Quads sound wonderful, especially with instrumentals and vocals. Bass is very subdued in comparison to the Dalis.
  5. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    Thoughts on this https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-airist-audio-r-2r-dac ?
  6. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    Interesting. I bought the dacmagic ages ago for $100. To be honest I haven't listened to that many dacs. I will endeavour to look at a few more. Any suggestions?
  7. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    I listen to almost everything. Bar anything even remotely resembling gangster rap or country music. I meant to mention the pos table. Temporary solution it's on the way out.
  8. SmokeSupposedToComeOut?

    Upgrade path for my system

    Hello, First time poster, long time lurker. I have recently moved house and have found myself listing to a lot more music both vinyl and digital. I'm looking for some advice in relation to the direction i take with regard to improving the overall performance of the system. Current setup: Rega planar 3 of yesteryear with tangospinner subplatter, bearing and pulley w/ shure m91 cart Pro-ject phono box Cambridge audio dacmagic dada upgraded quad 405 musical fidelity elektra e200 preamp dali 808 speakers bunnings speaker wire acoustic research rca interconnects My listening is half half digital/analgue I'm of the mind that a new set of speakers is the way forward. I am looking at a set of quad 23l's (i guess in keeping with the british theme). Does anyone have any feelings toward these? I also plan on auditioning a few sets of speakers but my budget is up to $1500. Any other speakers that i should be on the hunt for? Ideally second hand for bang for buck. I have taken the attitude that given the current setup, spending a heap on speaker wire is probably unnecessary. Having spoken to many on the topic, it appears that good wire makes more of an impact than one would expect. Is it worth it? Would it be better to invest in a better DAC, cart, phono stage or amp(s) and spend less on a set of speakers? I know it can be highly subjective, but basically what would you guys do in this situation? Cheers