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  1. The other thing is that manufacturers exaggerate the sensitivities of their speakers. And many an "8 Ohm" load often turns out to drop down to below 4 Ohms at certain frequencies or else are associated with difficult electrical phase angles.
  2. Fortunately, I've put 2 x 6TB 7200rpm HDDs into the QNAP HS-251+ to be used in RAID 1 configuration, so memory size isn't a problem. Memory speed might become a problem, from what I understand, once the library size grows to well over 1TB. Finding files can apparently become slow and some recommend solid state drives for NAS to be used with Roon server, but that gets very pricey. Then came the daunting question as to how to run the QNAP: Roon Server? MinimServer? Logitech Media Server? I've waited years for the computer audio field to mature enough to make this leap eg posting for the first time on the Computer Audiophile Forum after signing up about 5-6 years ago. I talked my parents into buying a first gen CD player back in the 1980's and for years had been an early adapter e.g. getting ADSL as soon as it was launched, buying a pre-iPhone "smart" phone. This taught me not to be an early adapter and to always wait until the technology matures. I now have 30 years worth of CDs to transfer onto hard drive, but it worries me that maybe I am being like an old man trying too hard to be one of the cools kids by doing summersaults on the skateboard. I'll look into downloading Roon Server and installing it onto the QNAP NAS. I am probably being ambitious by trying to figure out MinimServer and Roon Server all at once on a single Ethernet network and should take it a bit more slowly.
  3. As for asking pointed questions about something complex, it is true that this often the hardest part, because you often feel at a loss to know where to start. Unsurprisingly, it took a couple of goes to get to the crux of the matter. As to if I’m committed to Roon, I guess this is where it gets hard. Are any of us ready to "commit" to Roon? Could it just be another flash in the pan, here today, gone tomorrow? You always have to wonder that when you are a relatively early adapter. Yet after a couple of weeks of anxious research, I've decided I would commit because at the moment it is really the most user-friendly choice for gaining control over the still deeply fragmented digital music media field. I'm about to put a Roon Nucleus on order, possibly even tomorrow. I suspect it will, in the long run, prove easier than running Roon Server from a QNAP NAS. I'm also getting ready to burn my bridges by selling off my ageing Krell CD transport leaving with me only with a DVD burner for ripping CDs to digital storage.
  4. Thank you once again for putting up with grampa's questions effectively asking what an "email" is. I did find the Roon guide to migrating/integrating a pre-existing iTunes. But then came confusion as there were so many internet threads about setting up Logitech Media Server or Minimserver etc on the QNAP NAS and lack of clarity whether this entailed a wholesale migration out of iTunes (with the library being exported into a different library software and catalogue system) or whether it still co-exists with iTunes. I guess the question is how to run a multi-room setup with a centralised library and backups. In the study, there will be iMac/iTunes/Drobo DAS backup/desktop audio that shares a common central iTunes library with a living room QNAP NAS/Roon Server/main stereo system (a QNAP NAS isn't considered adequate for backup purposes). If there is a preference to avoid a wholesale migration out of the iTunes library habitat for cataloguing files, does that put constraints on the type of server software you might want to run on the QNAP NAS? And would just having Roon Server installed on both the QNAP NAS and Roon Nucleus avoid conflicts between software from different companies being run on different components? I just wish you could just buy a Roon device that worked as a modem/router/DAS/NAS/backup and music server all in one, without having to worry about whether the separate devices worked together without hassles.
  5. Another dumb question. How do you migrate from an iTunes digital library stored on an iMac to a system centred around Roon Nucleus? My dim understanding is that Roon Nucleus takes over from the iMac as the "server". Are you supposed to just copy the iTunes library from the iMac to the QNAP NAS set up to function just as an external storage device (but not as a server) and expect Roon Nucleus to know what to do with it? What if you did set up the QNAP NAS, for example, with MinimServer or Logitech Media Server, does that entail changing the format of the music library from an iTunes library to an alternative library?
  6. I am now getting PMs saying that they'd been waiting for an FPB 600 to come up for sale for years. Nothing in the Classifieds come bedtime, but by the time they'd finished work, my FPB 600 had sold.
  7. Thanks! I realised on doing some research straight after posting that Roon Nucleus functions as the central server (blush). So does that mean you shouldn't set up the QNAP NAS drive as a server as well to avoid conflict with the Roon Nucleus also functioning as a server? Or can/should you still install server software like Minimserver, Logitech Media Server etc on the QNAP NAS drive because they offer things that Roon Server doesn't eg internet radio, a method of cataloguing music files (Minimserver)? Does that mean you have to set up QNAP just as a simple external hard drive without it functioning as a server (using it purely for external storage since Roon Nucleus has little storage capacity)? Indeed, I have no clue about computer audio. Feel like ol' gramps upgrading a 48 rpm collection by trying to be one of the cool kids jumping into computer audio.
  8. I have just bought a QNAP HS-251+ (not yet set up) and want to connect it to a Roon Nucleus (planning to purchase but not purchased yet). My question is how to set this up. Should you run Roon server on the QNAP or are there advantages to running, for example, Minimserver or Logitech Media Server on the QNAP? p.s. I am too old to be doing computer audio. Explain it to me like you were talking to your dad, please.
  9. Funnily enough, I saw this only after listing for $3990. It's more than a fair market price. I am just relieved to be free of the Beast and to replace it with something petite and sane that I can lift without herniating a disc.
  10. The other cost might be when your wife files for divorce when she sees the thing in "her" living room.
  11. Unsurprisingly, the Beast sold within 12 hours of listing it for sale in the Classified section. The guy who brought it scored a genuine bargain on a rock-solid piece of high-end electronics.
  12. Congratulations Damo, the Krell beast is now yours. Reply to PM sent accepting your offer. This item is no longer for sale.
  13. Please note, it won't be here much longer. It's close to being sold, but some of the offers are requesting shipping interstate. Due to the hassle of organising effectively a furniture delivery service to do this, buyers able to pick up locally will have an advantage. As for those hoping that their "best offer" will even be in the running in a week's time, this unique opportunity to make this beast yours is rapidly slipping away from you with every second that ticks by.
  14. For those of you PMing me with offers below $3990, I might consider them if there are no takers after about a week. But, as you can tell from the comments that the current asking price is already considered below fair market price and is already a huge bargain. Also to the bloke who asked for pics, there are already half a dozen of them posted. They are 1.5MB in size, so it might take a bit longer to load if your internet is slow or else refresh your browser. These are photos of the actual item, including the serial number of the FPB 600 on offer, not stock photos found on the net.
  15. If you fly first class and you are a Platinum frequent flyer, it is 70kg. 80kg is close enough.