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  1. Hi All, thanks for the responses, few more details as requested + 2 Pics The current AMP has one sub preout, currently feeding my 20yr old Yamaha sub There is limited places to place them as this is the main living area and my wife isnt into big boxes! Ive added a pic showing where the current SUB is and a location for a second under the current white cabinetary in the corner - which has max height of 30cms Room is pretty large approx 6m wide and 8+ meters long Happy to replace the amp and existing sub, to around 1k per sub
  2. I have a pair of Paradigm Milennia lcr 30's that look aesthetically good either side of the tv. Trouble is they dont sound anywhere near as good as the Paradigm Monitor 9's that they replaced (Replaced due to looks and fit) - mid range just isnt there for music Could the sonic gap be plugged with a good sub, has to be compact
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