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  1. Hi guys need some advice about Avantgarde UNO G1 speakers. Thanks to forum guys i found set of pre loved speakers. I do like the unique look of the speakers but as i live in western Australia we don't have a agent in WA so i don't have much luck to check the speakers out. So what i need from the members is to give me some feedback about the speakers before I'm going to buy. It will be greatlyappreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi I'm just wondering is this speakers still available for sale?Thanks
  3. Thanks guys for helping me out .Yes I'm looking for is UNO or DUO . TRIO well be too big for me and too pricey. If you can help me out greatly appreciates. I prefer to buy the speakers in Australia. Please let me know if any comes up. Thanks
  4. Hi guys anyone knows any Avantgarde speakers for sale please. Thanks
  5. Hi guys I'm Looking for Avantgarde speakers is anyone knows any Avantgarde speakers for sale
  6. I'm new to this forum. I'm from perth western Australia. I'm in to Analog music turntables and reel to reels. I'm very interested in high end stereo stuff.
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