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  1. I’m certainly interested in your question, but don’t know the answer, sorry. cheers Grant
  2. A noisy miner crossed my path near Berri last week
  3. C’mon man, get your act together! 😃😃😃 Serious TT pornists can’t get off on that sort of camerawork and poor prep of the objects-de-voyeur! 😝 cheers Grant
  4. What is Monarch? It looks like a Rotel.
  5. In a pond at sunset, St Helens, Tas
  6. That is a lot brighter, @aasza, than what my wife photographed there yesterday morning!
  7. OK, it looks like you are opting for pedantry, so I will reply in kind. At no point, anywhere, did I say the TT for sale was a 1995 model. Nor did I say it is unchanged from the 1995 model. Nor did I imply it. I looked up when the P9 was released, and the answer was 1995, and I said so. I said nothing about the specific TT for sale. In fact, I don't comment on the pedigree, or give comments on what I think in any fashion, on items listed in the Classifieds. It's against forum rules, anyway. I aim to be a good forum citizen at all times. I do wish, however, t
  8. Well, hang on, gents. As you can see, I was answering a specific question. Any accusations that I went any further than that, are totally unfounded. regards Grant
  9. Hi @betty boop, for your status as a P9 owner, I grant you unlimited licence to sing its praises! 😎 cheers Grant
  10. See this post. (Hint: a quarter century ago.) Good for classic collectors.
  11. Hi Brian, good luck with your quest. Putting aside subjective reports (because they will always vary, often to extremes, and in the end, there is no reason that your experience will be the same as any of them, and that's the only one that counts in your case), I just thought I would mention that the P9 is a 1995 turntable. One for the classic collectors, IMHO. Even though I am not an expert on the old girl, I would guess that Rega's 2020 P6 advances on it in a number of ways. Taking into account your happiness with your setup, and your stated budget, your no
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for the explanation. That is how they are made as an improvement on general practice. From Rega's material, "Rega’s Moving Coil cartridge design is unique in its approach to achieving an ultra-low mass generator which is undamped (no tie wire) using a unique rhomboid pivot for the cantilever powered by a purpose designed, exclusive to Rega, Neodymium magnet system. This type of design requires a zero-tolerance engineered cartridge body which is Rega’s area of expertise and with the Apheta 3 these bodies are machined from one piece of the highest quality
  13. How vague! 🤔 But it doesn't matter: every product has its horror stories from some customers. They are not representative, IMHO. cheers Grant
  14. Hello Phillip. Take a good look at the Rega Exact. Precision build, fixed (non-interchangeable) line-type stylus. Accurate and very low distortion. $539 at local authorized reseller. cheers Grant
  15. Well done Paul. The right decision for you is the only right decision. And Rega do make excellent cartridges at the technical level. The subjective reports that we read, about the various brands, are 'to taste'. cheers Grant
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