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  1. Grant Slack

    Are JBL wired out of phase?

    Hello everyone. I support Mr Full Range here. It depends entirely on the specific driver model. It was limited to all pre-1990 models and some later models in their pro driver range. It relates to an old JBL system of labeling. JBL did not decide to be contrary: they were in the game right at the start of loudspeaker manufacture, before there were any conventions, and they chose a convention that turned out later to be in the minority. In 1990 they decided to change over to the majority convention. It does not apply to any current driver models. IIRC, the terminology used by JBL was not like "red = negative", but more along the lines of "for forward driver motion under a positive-going signal, connect earth to red". It is easy to determine on their cone drivers by applying a 1.5V cell battery, but much more difficult to do on their compression drivers. JBL have a very handy application note that lists all models affected. Link. However, be warned, if you buy a used driver, it might have been refurbished and its convention changed. Regards Grant (I see some related information was posted while I was typing this. Apologies for some duplication.)
  2. Grant Slack

    No MONO for me thanks.

    Hello Grumpy, perhaps this is not going to clear up until you change your username! Karma's a b**ch! Regards Grant
  3. Grant Slack

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Hello, this is very well written. There is a third possibility, that 'designed' refers to the external appearance and casework, fascia, choice of dials or display panels, arrangement of knobs and controls, and what is on the remote control when applicable. And that by 'engineering', they mean everything you wrote above, including engineering design, construction and QC. Regards Grant
  4. Grant Slack

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    Hello, if you get a chance, do have a listen to the new Krix Esoterix Altum. I had a listen at the factory, and I think the performance level is very high. The bass driver looks tiny in the photos, but it is actually 6½". Regards Grant
  5. Hello everyone, we seem to be in a debate about whether "high res" matters, (again!), but this time it is for video. My feeling is that we want the technology to deliver to its specification, and then we want to luxuriate in the privilege of being too deaf or blind to appreciate it. If I am buying a screen that is specified as 4K ready, then I want it to deliver on that. Just like if I am buying a component specified for 24/96 audio, I don't want to find it only delivers 20/60 audio, but that is supposed to be just fine, because I can't tell the difference. I say: give me what I asked and paid for. I have a 100" screen, and, to save you some calculations, a 1080P image on it has pixels spaced by 1.2 mm, and a 4K image spaces them by 0.6 mm. I once contacted a US-based supplier of highly-regarded acoustically-transparent projector screens, the name escapes me. They very kindly mailed to me a sample swatch of their 4K-ready screen material. When it arrived, I was surprised by the coarseness of its weave. I would say that the pattern pitch was at least 2 mm. And it was coarse in a 3D way, too. Quite unlike my current screen, I assure you. Secondly, it was most decidedly cream-toned! I didn't know what to make of that. Am I supposed to blindly assume that a little bit of correction of the incoming light will perfectly counter it? Anyway, long story short, I wasn't comfortable with what I was seeing, so I gave up on the idea of an acoustically-transparent screen. If I were to reopen the issue, I would, at the very least, be very careful to examine the pitch of the weave against the numbers I calculated above, and the neutrality of the colour. I definitely won't be ordering in good faith from a catalogue. And, may I suggest, others take the same approach and the same caution. Regards Grant
  6. Grant Slack

    $3k budget - Audio setup from scratch

    Well spotted. The N303 has phono input, the N303D does not.
  7. Grant Slack


    Yes I think that was a real-life use simulation, not a deliberate burn test.
  8. Grant Slack

    $3k budget - Audio setup from scratch

    Hello, these topics are always interesting. There were some suggestions for $2k in another thread, link, that you might want to look at, and add another $1000 to the speaker budget. If you dropped to the Yamaha R-N303D Network Amplifier for $600, you could go for speakers in the $1500+ range, and I would suggest giving the Krix Phoenix Mk2 a listen. If you are happy to buy used gear, that has a double effect: opens up your price limit, and closes down your options to what is available, or what comes up. Good luck, Regards, Grant
  9. Grant Slack

    2-ch listening in a Home Theatre setup

    Hello, I am speaking without experience of prepros, but thought I would throw the new Yamaha A5200 into the mix. Prepros tend to be overpriced IMO, but this one maybe not. Regards Grant
  10. Grant Slack


    Hello, I didn't realize that there is a burn-in weakness with OLED, but I find the Rtings.com information to be fairly concerning. Their latest review of an LG OLED was published last week and in the 'Cons' column they clearly list burn-in. They also seem to be conducting a long-term 'real-life' use of 6 LG OLED sets, with LG engineers involved, and, from what I see, it is definitely the case that owners should 'run them soft' in terms of brightness settings, to keep burn-in at bay. It is all very well to say a TV is a moving image, but each channel has its logo in the same spot all day, and several of the morning programs run very bright rolling banners, where the frame and title is not rolling, but fixed. (c) Rtings.com It has certainly made me think twice. Regards Grant
  11. Grant Slack

    Pioneer PL-L1000 tonearm

    Sorry if I am a bit thick, but are you saying that it "is square" when playing a record, and hence properly aligned? Would be nice to see a photo from directly above, while it plays a record. Regards, Grant
  12. Grant Slack

    2.1 or 2.0 for music?

    Hello, yes, that is my understanding also. My understanding was gained from reading Floyd Toole's Sound Reproduction, which says much the same, but with theory and experiment to back it up. Regards, Grant
  13. Grant Slack

    Pioneer PL-L1000 tonearm

    Hello, does it also look non-tangential while playing a record? Regards Grant
  14. Hello, I am sure I am not the only one who polled 🥇 because my system produces very satisfying sound, but not because I have no interest in changing anything. Sometimes I like to change just for the change. And sometimes I want to try different things as an exploration -- being a hobbyist, and this being my hobby. Regards Grant