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  1. Hello Graham, IMO you are better off keeping that Velodyne 12 than taking it out and putting in floorstanding speakers in your price range — especially with your music. The trick is to use the Velodyne optimally, I.e. with placement, EQ, time alignment, and crossover all sorted. Then you can spend on the main speakers optimally too. cheers Grant
  2. Doesn't make your audio gear any better looking tho'. cheers Grant
  3. Hi guys I won’t deny it: I have trouble thinking of Hifi gear that would meet any conventional standard of beauty. Consider the simple spouse test: how many of our spouses would pay even $100 to have any one of our Hifi items added to their showcase living area as a non-working artefact of decorative beauty? The answer is so close to ‘not one’ that it is simply damning. Cheers Grant
  4. Hi Marc, you chose the wrong thread! I would have understood this one’s looks better if it were a prop in a comedy about audiophiles.... cheers Grant
  5. I must say, this is the first time that I have heard people praising the beauty of the back of a loudspeaker! I sure hope they actually realise they are looking at the back of a loudspeaker… Cheers Grant
  6. I haven’t.... because I have never heard of them! Cheers Grant
  7. Hello Colin I am still trying to understand what real-life practical advantages I will get from UMIK-2, using it for room calibration? Maybe if I was a speaker designer....? cheers Grant
  8. If you tile the listening room too, your singalongs will be stupendous. cheers Grant
  9. Hello BB, I do understand his basic sticking point though, which is that he sees no good technical reason why the multi thousand dollar processor should measure worse than a nine dollar Apple DAC in a USB-C adapter dongle the size of a pencil tip. Point taken, IMHO. Your linked HTHF review measured 94 dB (0.001881%) THD+N at 2V output and Amir measured 91 dB at 4V output. It sometimes happens that the distortion goes up with these units as the voltage is lifted above 2 V on the outputs, even the balanced outputs. (example.) So I don’t see the two reviews as being incons
  10. Hello, which unit was that for? That is not the way I recall the story for the 6700 H model, which actually turned out to have a fault in the early models which his first test revealed, and they actually sent him a fixed model which he got better scores for. Cheers Grant
  11. Hello Colin, Another cheap way, which is better than either of the two ways you mentioned including the expensive way, is to simply use a balanced DAC circuit for the processor outputs. cheers Grant
  12. Hi guys, I am not sure how we got from tone controls to ultrasonic hearing, but IMHO it is a bit of a leap from “many musical instruments have sonic output beyond 20 kHz” (which hardly needed to be said: almost everyone would agree), to “we need it in our Hifi’ s because we can hear it”. Poor misunderstood Oohashi himself said that he is quite certain that we cannot hear above 20 kHz, even though he conducted experiments that led him to hypothesise a psycho-physiological effect, which, by the way, was never meant to be interpreted as musical appreciation or music sounding better or
  13. Toole says that good tone controls are blame-free and, as explained below, essential: “For optimum stereo listening if your music tastes are as eclectic as mine, one really needs adjustable (room) acoustics and, possibly, variable-directivity loudspeakers, but we know that won’t happen. We also need old-fashioned bass and treble tone controls to compensate for the unfortunate spectral balances in some recordings created by poor judgment (perhaps) and poor monitor loudspeakers and/or “room EQ” (probably) in control rooms and home studios. Figure 2.4 in my book shows the enormous variation
  14. @gator2310 and @twofires thanks for your well-written and well-thought-through posts. You have touched on some of the complexities of this topic. Over the decades of being an audiophile, I have come to some fairly simple conclusions, though. And consistent with what you are saying, IMHO. Our own personal experiences when listening to music playback through gear are the ultimate point, and justify any decision on what gear to use. Plain old casual listening. Whether we truly perceived changed sound waves, or simply imagined it, the end result was that we created a wonder
  15. You are asking about general consensus, in a Great Audio Debate thread? Regards Grant
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