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  1. Price updated. $325 Pickup or $350 shipped (which includes PayPal fees + Express Post within Australia only).
  2. Item: Curious Cable USB 1.5m Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $325 (Pickup only) $350 ( included Express Post within AU + PayPal fees) Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Pickup or can ship within Australia for $350 (includes Express Post + PayPal fees). Pictures:
  3. Yup. When I decide to move stuff, I just want it out of my house! Will be a great starter system for the gentleman picking it up tomorrow. Been having second thoughts about keeping it to use with my PC, but would rather the cash to offset some upgrades I purchased recently.
  4. Item: Rotel RA-10 Amplifier, Cambrige Audio DacMagic, and pair of Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers Location: Melbourne CBD, near Flinders Lane and Spring Street Price: $300 for the lot. Item Condition: Good, some wear on amp, some dust on speakers and Dac looks great. Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This kit was a starter system some years ago. After the usual upgrade(s) it was then relegated to a second bedroom rig...but has been in a closet for the last 6 months after picking up a nice Bluetooth speaker set. The only thing missing is a power cable for the amp. Everything else is great. Used both the amp and the dac not long ago as my main amp was in the shop and all is tip-top. **SALE PENDING** Pictures:
  5. I have two of these in blue and can attest that they sound terrific. In fact, just as every online review states, their sound output seems impossible from their form factor. Anyone in need of a small second bedroom setup or a perfect hotel/airbnb rig would be silly to look anywhere else. These things offer a refined sound which easily bests every other bluetooth offering (I auditioned lots). As well, with stereo pairing mode their positives only increase with a massive soundstage and incredible walk-around stereo imagining. The Katch has shockingly good midrange and detailed treble. Bass too, is more than adequate down to their stated response. Of course, you won't get down to 45hz but there is plenty there above that and it is richly delivered. Placed against a wall or in a corner does wonders to add to it all. These here are priced at a steal!
  6. My full review of the Gato DIA-250S can be read here.
  7. This morning and well, last night too while we're at it. Gato DIA-250S & DALI Epicon 2. My full review of the Gato can be found here.
  8. Item: Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables 2.5m with spade plugs on both ends. Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $325 Item Condition: Excellent. Reason for selling: Have upgraded to Tellurium Q Silver II Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This set of cables were purchased from FutureShop in the UK on 17, May 2018. Prior to shipment they were treated on the Nordost VIDAR cable burner for 96 hours. Cables come with original box along with the Nordost certificate. Pictures:
  9. The original - the HALO Integrated, not the newest which is referred to as the HINT 6.
  10. Item: Parasound HINT Integrated Amplifier Location: Melbourne CBD Price: $3500 Item Condition: Better than excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to Gato DIA-250S Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This amp (received 1 week ago from the distributor here in Melbourne) is a brand new replacement for another unit which had manufacturing faults. The Parasound Integrated is an excellent performer but the first lot of units sent to Australia back in 2015 had a some manufacturing faults, and my original unit was one of them. After a long drawn out situation with Parasound America, the local distributor and myself, a new replacement amp was finally offered. Upon arrival at the retailer here in Melbourne last week, it was taken out and inspected by the shop owner and myself. It was then put back in the box, and taken home. I can attest that this unit is absolutely spotless and runs dead quiet. By that I mean with my ear directly on the amp itself, directly on top of the transformer I can barely -- ever so faintly detect the slightest trace of hum. By all reasonable accounts it would be considered completely silent. (I was very pedantic about this detail as my original unit had an issue with the transformer and it drove me nuts.) Everything else in the box hasn't been touched. The remote, batteries, manual and all supplied cables are all still in their plastic and unopened. The amp is essentially brand new. Again, the box was opened and the amp inspected, but it has been virtually unplayed. The reason for selling! In the months I was without an amp waiting around for Parasound to sort this out, I moved on. I decided on a Gato DIA-250S from Denmark and have been very happy with it. The Gato isn't nearly as full featured as the Parasound, but as I recently sold off all my vinyl and turntable (yes, here on stereonet), the Danish integrated is much more aligned with my FLAC based needs. Retail price for the amp is $5000. It is priced here at $3500. Final note: It is currently boxed up and in a closet awaiting a new home. If prospective buyer wishes to take it out, plug it in and listen to it that is of course an available option. http://www.parasound.com/hint.php Pictures:
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