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  1. I own this dac and really love it. In his defense it does state he's been a member for 13 years.
  2. Item: kimber speaker cable Location:campsie Price: 680$ Item Condition: good (ends rubbed off a little) Reason for selling: found different cable Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: really really awesome cable. It does the job very well. I'm not upgrading rather matching a cable specifically to the speakers i run. my price point is good as i saw the same cable but at 1.5 meters for the same price ive put up. I've used 2.5k cables from an unnamed brand that the kimber beats. It also beats the 8tc . The 8tc is still a good uncoloured cable.. the rubber/ plastic ends have rubbed the writing off a bit. But can still see brand name and direction etc. Pictures:
  3. Hi @Snake Will probably take it!! Thanks
  4. @Simon1916 Hmm these look very very nice!!
  5. Benny looks after his gear and loves his gear! I've heard this amp in person, so open and transparent. Very very beautiful sound. The only thing that stopped me from buying this amp was i have young kids in the house and i run a lounge room system. I will be jealous of the buyer. Mouth watering amp
  6. ##sold pending payment##
  7. Yeah mate! I'm paying it off Still not paid for yet, it was a loan that turned out wasn't ever going back 😂
  8. Item: mutec Location:campsie Price: 980$ Item Condition:perfect Reason for selling: wanted to stick to usb Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: hi guys, i got this and it converts usb and reclocks, then spits it out as coax, aes, toslink etc, but my dac is a grumpy one that loves usb in . mutec gains alot of detail!! It really just speaks for itself. Main reason for sale is i need funds for an amp. Pictures:
  9. Cheers mate. I will read into it.
  10. I've heard snakes cd player.. Very beautiful and very flexible.! Wow it is impressive at this price.
  11. Item: aes cable Location: campsie Price: 60$ Item Condition: great Reason for selling: have gone to rca digital. always experimenting. (Never ends) Payment Method: Pickup sydney Extra Info: nlr no posting. just pickup at this stage Pictures:
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