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  1. Had alot more interest than expected via personal msg. Thanks guys ill get back to you soon I am from sydney Campsie area Cheers
  2. Mind your own business neo I have sent a msg to pay full price. It's called being transparent on the forum. Last time i checked you were not a paid gatekeeper. Off ya run
  3. Can you do the telos for 360 sent to sydney? I just want speaker cables. Cheers
  4. Item: focal aria 926 Location: Price: 2k Item Condition:9.5/10 Reason for selling: posible new direction **Cod only* Extra Info: I'm looking for interest at first. Not sure of new direction yet and how much of my system i can move i have throw boxes out. They were bought september 2017. average listening time. fairly good gear attatched, nothing mind blowing. for very little money they image alot better than expected. comes with all spikes. And cloth to clean. Pictures:
  5. Matyk

    Audio research ls27

    #final and last price drop## May as well put my lowest price i to save people asking Cheers
  6. Matyk

    Audio research ls27

    You are very kind simon Update is a friend is showimg interest in the isotek cable.. Bringing the price of the ls27 to $3900. And can do interstate. Thanks all
  7. Matyk

    Audio research ls27

    edit*** will donate after sale
  8. Matyk

    Audio research ls27

    Item: ls27 Location:campsie Price:$ 3650 Item Condition: pristine 10/10 Reason for selling: whole system sale coming Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: prefer local pickup. Will consider interstate as I'm too busy this time of year. this is pristine condition.. i doubt you will see audio research product in this condition. 1100 hours total i have my boy due in 6 weeks and am downgrading to a possible dynaudio active setup. my ears dont lust for perfection anylonger. all original packaging all original everything! i can demo, no problems after 4:30 pm weekdays. 3650 will be the last drop. thanks for looking Pictures:
  9. If setup right this is a crazy good addition to any digital system. If anyone wants to buy this from sydney and wants to hear it's performance I'm more than happy to demo to help adam with the sale. Absolute bargain!
  10. Hi guys Im seeing if anyone on here is from sydney and own the ls50w kef speaker and would be kind enough to bring to my house so i can listen and see if i can handle a downgrade. I can offer 50$ plus petrol money. If i like the sound i will sell my gear and downgrade. I want to see if my dac will sound better on the ls50w also. I can either buy brand new or second hand. Either way doesn't bother me. I have a baby due in 6 weeks and i want to try a downgrade. If its not for me ill stick with what i have Cheers guys.
  11. Matyk

    $10K!!!!! Speaker Cables

    I did an a/b test once, where i didn't touch the speaker cable at all, then i packaged the cable up and sent it around the world twice on a quantas flight. Cost me 9 grand, i got the cable back and there was a massive difference More gains in trebble and on a phil collins track i can now hear an aeroplane sound i never heard before. Alot more air and extention. Its a cable from bunnings but will easily compete with a 10k plus cable now. I will be selling these cables for only 5k . Please contact me if interested.
  12. Matyk

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    Hi I saw them on the tubestore.com Actually would be 750$
  13. Matyk

    Audio research ls27 tube upgrade

    Thanks alot guys. Plenty for me to read through I hope to buy new ones once i figure out what i believe to be the best choice. One american site has upgraded ones for 600$ And standard for 50/60$ I wonder if the higher price tag really yeilds that much of an increase. Esp considering its just a pre going into my solid state amps.
  14. Calling all audio research pro's!!! Hi guys i have the ls27 arc pre and now looking into replacing the best tubes i can find My question is what tubes are the best? Reflector 6h30p maybe? Also if anyone has tried different ones what advantages do you gain I'm a big believer in power cables and upgraded xlrs etc. So surely a better tube would be advantageous. I'm running stock ones. I'm only new to arc so any advise would really be appreciated I'm also very aware that the ref 3 and 5 se are alot better than the 27. But I'm sticking with what i have. Cheers in advance.