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  1. Item: chord speaker cable Location:campsie Price: 1100 Item Condition:great Reason for selling: funding for pre Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: fantastic cable. really great vocal representation. nice soundstage. Pictures:
  2. Matyk

    FS: Complete Hi-Fi System

    Yeah i already saw that, i think this add would be better suited to an EOI. If not willing to actually sell individually then probably no need for individual prices. I could be wrong... imo
  3. Matyk

    FS: Complete Hi-Fi System

    Seems to be a hit and run add. Ill offer 1400$ for the plinius preamp . Thanks.
  4. Matyk

    FS: Complete Hi-Fi System

    Plinius please
  5. Always remember, Perfect speaker positioning and room treatment First.. Other wise you will chase your tail for years. Good luck
  6. Matyk

    Qed ref 40 xlr (0.6 ) meter.

    To post means effort from me Dirt cheap and post? Nah. No thanks
  7. Matyk

    FS: Audio Research LS28

    This is a 11k pre amp Absolute joke if someone doesn't pick this insane deal up! Recently listened to it, blends in well with solid state class a. And 250w arc monos. The sound is so bloody good. I wish i had a spare 6.5 k . I'm so jealous of the buyer. Glws
  8. Matyk

    Qed ref 40 xlr (0.6 ) meter.

    ## price drop 180$$$###
  9. Item: qed xlr Location:campsie Price: 170 $ Item Condition: 2 hours old Reason for selling: nlr Payment Method: Pickup sydney only. Extra Info: 170$$ pickup only! Pictures:
  10. Matyk

    SOLD: FS: SONY CD Player free!!!

    Open up, probably has plastic teeth on the gears that have worn away . Ive fixed plenty. Or the small drive motor is gone.
  11. Matyk

    SOLD: FS: SONY CD Player free!!!

    Same... Been that way since i was 5 Parents bought toys just for me to open up.