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  1. Very nice. I've heard this cd player! Worth every cent.
  2. Amazing system. I couldn't imagine the sound. But have you got future plans to sell vitus mono's ??
  3. @Arv Hi can you please hold these for arv.. He definitly wants these cables. Cheers
  4. Neo strikes again 😂 Whatchamacallit... Maybe there needs to be some guidelines on bullanting
  5. @everydayIs25 This is what you need for your mono amps.
  6. Why not in sydney. I would pickup right now . Can't win them all 😥😥😔
  7. They sell power cables for more than this. So technically you're getting alot for your money. But in saying that, i don't know what would get me into bigger trouble with the mrs.. buying these or cheating on her. Hmmm
  8. With your hum, try disconnecting tv from wall .. esp the antennas. And removal all foxtel boxes. Foxtel sent a large hum through my system years ago. All of them have to ve disconected from the wall. Then try the system.
  9. I remove the speakers sides. Very easy to put on and take off. Yes all connectors
  10. I am now keeping these speakers. Thanks.
  11. Item: kimber monocle x speaker cable (2.5m) Location:campsie Price: 640$ Item Condition: good ( gold writing rubbing off) no performance affect. Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup only Extra Info: My longest lasting speaker cable so far. For 640$ i think its a great deal /value for it's performance. Always run with my vitus. Wbt both sides. There's enough gold writing left to see the direction cables need to run. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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