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  1. There is a 150 on eBay. They are easier to modify compared to the 160s.
  2. You just burn a hole through the top of the rubbers bulb. I put "O" rings on top of the cradle to reduce it rising up when speed changing.
  3. I modified an AT VM95E to fit my Stanton arm headshell. It sounds fine and will suffice until I obtain a decent stylus for the 681 EEE.
  4. My experience with rebuilding them focuses on the motor cradle rubbers I have never got one as quiet as with the eye dropper rubbers. I find the idler "on" rod tends to rest on the idler arm and make a small amount of noise that doesn't get through to the pickup but is annoying non the less So I remove it. Means sometimes you have to flick the Platter to start. I do any way so it's not a problem.
  5. Sorry to inform but Audioms are not full range.
  6. I have 4 litres of gold hammertone. If anyone needs any for a faceplate or chassis/enclosure. I did a set of 12ux cabinets in it to get a retro look.
  7. You don't set the load impedance on a SS amp per se. If your speakers are a reasonable load the amp will drive them. An amp can't be to big for the speakers as its up to you how loud you want to listen. It is hard to blow up speakers with a clean signal, but easy with a clipped signal (amp to small turned way up).
  8. Have you rescued the opt? The 6v6 is a sweet valve IMHO. In set it will be really low powered Why not in pentode?
  9. Speakers are the most nonlinear part of the reproduction system. You should trust your own ears to decide. I have heard a clipped signal being described as "spacious on the top end" by a golden eared weirdo. It's your system, grow up and stop thinking there is some hi-fi guru out there to enlighten you.
  10. I love tubes but a decent SS amp still produces good sound. The only place SS is noticeably superior is low frequencies as a tube amp has no where near the damping factor of a SS device. That being said they're both capable at reproducing our music well.
  11. Just installed a vm95e on my Stanton gyropoise TT. They really are great cartridge.😀
  12. I have been playing the above-mentioned TT for a week or so. I swapped it for my Stanton gyropoise TT which had a 681 EEE (with collapsed after market suspension) so I modified an AT vm95e to fit the Stanton unipivot arm integrated headshell. Upon playing a record it reminded me of how ordinary the B&O is. Beautiful industrial design, but its not great hi-fi (IMHO).
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