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  1. If you consider the wavelength of the bass notes all will become clear.😃
  2. That's our ears not the cartridge. Its "flat as a tack".😉
  3. Interesting I had 7 also and just sold the Pro-ject 6.9. 3 is a good number but which 3? Must be that Covid thing . Let the buyer know he can contact me if he needs tips on the rebuild.
  4. I advertised a truly mint 3 here for $800, (with new cartridge costing $200) and it did not sell. So maybe 4-500 dollars for a lesser example?
  5. Probably about every 10 years or lets get conservative every 5 years. I just had a look at my 150 and the oil looked perfect after about 10 years. The spindle is so large the bearing could only wear from contaminants and the TT would have to be in a very harsh environment for that to happen. I use 0/40 viscosity motor oil. There is nothing in motor oil which could "harm" a brass bearing. When you do it shine a light down the hole and see if there is crud in the bottom. There shouldn't be. Also visually inspect the thrust plate apparently they can wear but I have n
  6. I use under body deadening paint on the sub chassis on my 150. Also I laminate acrylic to the "ends" of the wooden arm board. The only other mod other than a heavy custom plinth is the use of a sorbothane mat.😃
  7. My apologies. The later 3 way 8 ohm are also 600s it appears. I have a pair of those available as well.
  8. My apologies I am not trying To "white ant", products like these are part of the history of hifi and completely worthy of collection. Imho I think its cheap if your into that sort of thing.
  9. They are a perfect example of "snake oil" and worthy to be included in the rich history of audiopsychobabble.
  10. Further information: These Leaks are in very good condition with some minor blemishes in the veneer and a few loose bits on the original grill cloth. I have recapped the crossovers with metallised polypropolene capacitors. The speaker terminals have been upgraded to take bananas and screw type speaker leads. The internal wiring has been replaced with "fat" cable. I am conservative when grading things. I am growing tired of folk who embellish their desciptions. Audition is available, I am in Melton ("we are sheltered from wealth in Melton"). Photos: PLEA
  11. Also the G840 can have its "bottom" shortened. I have had a G840 on my 150 decades ago, it didnt impress me so I ran a 707 for years. Just my thoughts.
  12. I have a PE 2020 which is very similar (Dual took over PE later on). Perhaps you could make up foam inserts for the springs. The problem with the sprung TTs is that the suspension is for acoustic isolation not damping huge shocks like footfall. You will get a better isolation if you put sorbothane pads under the top plate and wind off the springs and let it rest on the pads.
  13. As far as the arm board is concerned I tap the sub chassis so that the arm board is screwed down from the top. This means you can remove the arm board and arm from above.
  14. Having heard the "buzz" it doesnt sound like a ground loop, it sounds like it is interference from a PS being picked up in the tonearm wiring.
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