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  1. The bearing is part of the suspended sub chassis. The motor is connected to the top plate unless you call the top trim a plate. More evidence of the rubbish that is filed under fact on the internet. What is "smack talk"?
  2. Touched a raw nerve here. No need to get nasty. Don't you like being corrected? If you don't why do you reply. The people who set this 125 up are incompetent so I wouldn't boast about "selling and setting up" Thorens TTs.
  3. The motor is fixed to the top plate so the top plate needs to be on the same alignment as the platter or there abouts. These fora are great for displaying one's ignorance. If you don't know keep quiet.
  4. You don't take the top plate off you remove the bottom of the plinth. Suspend the TT between a couple of level suspports (a pair of speakers works) that way you can get under the TT to tweak the springs.
  5. The reason is the motor is part of the top plate, the non suspended part. This is to isolate the motor from the sub chassis platter assembly. If the top plate is not reasonably close to the platter in level the motor shaft is not at right angles to the surface of the sub platter and will "roll" up or down the sub platter and fall off. Rabco used this bit of physics to make their linear tracking arm.
  6. Ring me if you like I have pm'd you.
  7. The sub chassis is what is adjusted by the suspension springs to have the platter level. The sub platter is the inner part of the platter, the bit the belt goes around.
  8. that's right but it can't be wildly different. Once you have set them closely you only have to level the platter by levelling the plinth with shims or whatever. If they are different how much is the difference?
  9. Yes but the top plate needs to be levelled first by adjusting the plinth feet with shims or what ever. Then the platter is levelled with the suspension screws. Ideally there should be no difference between the plinth/top plate level and the platter. A small difference can be tolerated but the platter must be dead level.
  10. I note you say the platter is level but the sub platter isn't . Do you mean the top plate of the plinth is not level? The platter and sub platter can't be different unless there is a foreign body in between them.
  11. The sub platter should be on the same plane as the platter. Does the sub platter spin evenly ie. no up and down movement as it spins?
  12. How does an amp compress the signal? Answer it doesn't it, clips the signal. Not ideal for fidelity.
  13. Why does your TT need a new bearing?
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