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  1. TA3650, it's my workhorse, and does a great job
  2. I have to say I was a bit worried about the smell, especially in my oven, and I didn't want to have to do it again. So when I bathed it, I really bathed it! I gave it a good spray with a product from ecoworx. Then a couple of wash and rinses with pine-0-cleen floor cleaner. Only lingering smell as it warmed up was a hint of pomegranate blossom. 🤣
  3. I have sound! Squeaky, dirty sound! I honestly don't believe it
  4. It made that sweet click, with the smoke stopper, and no fluctuation in the globe either! So she's on the variac now
  5. Ah no, I have a bit of a fear of electronics. Was badly electrocuted as a toddler. But I'm working on it! Mechanically minded though.
  6. Does anyone know anything about these tweeters? I can't find any information on them, one of the pair has a pushed in cone. And both need a good clean
  7. Fully serviced, working like a dream
  8. Thanks for the tips! I was going to use a hairdryer, but I like the oven idea. And I wouldn't have taken out the transformer.
  9. Denon SL-7D is sweet as, fully serviced by Mike Fitzpatrick at Liquid audio
  10. The purpose of this is. I really like taking the time to fix things! I'm a newbie at only 1 year into this audiophile business. I was landed this mess 12 months ago. I want my sheds. Guys and Gals, I get %20 of sales, which I share with my lackey. But I also get 2.5 sheds with machinery. I've scrapped so much and I'll scrap a lot more. So let's try and save some of it please
  11. Are there any SNA's willing to stand in for members from the east. Please approach me. I'll be sectioning the sale out. From the good condition to the omg I think that's a knob. I think I got this but advice is always good
  12. I'll be giving this one a bath and hose down after the sale. If anyone interested, I'm up for a better idea. please approach me. Before you do, this is 30yrs of possums. On the top ladies and gentlemen.
  13. I can remember hearing the system that caught my ear, I'd have to agree. There's nothing like it, is there? I've got the Denon and Sony on an old pair of Accoustic Monitor speakers The Vinyl just kills my tv surround, I mean for dead!
  14. Thanks for the tip I'll check it out. Id assume that would be the case with the Jorgen as well ?
  15. Both the Sony Ta3650 amp and the Denon SL7-D turntable passed check up and service Can't wait to to hear them
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