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  1. Further information: SVS SB2000 Subwoofer , in near new condition , was used with a pair of Kef LS50 Wireless speakers , that are also for sale on here , in the Audio section . Only being sold as Iv'e moved into a unit and can't use this sub to it's full potential without annoying the neighbours. Purchased from Deep Hz Audio on 2/11/2019. Photos:
  2. Further information: Kef LS50W Speakers , in near new condition ( I'm very very fussy about my hi fi gear ) , was used in combination with SVS SB2000 Sub , that's also listed for sale on here , in the Home Theatre section. Only being sold as I now live in a unit with paper thin walls , and can't use this system to it's full potential without annoying the neighbours. The Kef LS50W's were purchased from Eastwood Hi Fi on 28/01/2019 . I will leave the speakers connected for the buyer to audition . Pick up from Wynnum Brisbane 4178. Photos:
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