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  1. Item: Primare CD32 CD Player Colour: Titanium Silver Location: Melbourne Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash,, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this wonderful machine new from Whatmough's approximately 3 years ago. The CD32 houses a dedicated CD audio-only transport that incorporates a Sanyo laser. and is one of the reasons this unit sounds so good. Runs dual Burr-Brown PCM1704 DACs along with a DF1706 digital filter. The CD32 runs a fully balanced architecture, but also provides unbalanced connections as well as balanced, coaxial and optical digital outputs. Comes with all packaging, accessories and the C24 remote as supplied when new. Images quite well front-to-back and top-to-bottom. No scratches, no dents. Prefer pickup, but can be shipped at buyer's expense. The replacement unit is the Primare CD35 which retails for $4000. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Item: Nordost Sort Füt - Premium Package Location: Melbourne Price: $1100 - Replacement cost $2340 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only, Bank Transfer Extra Info: Purchased from Carlton Audio Visual around 3 years ago. The Premium Pack comes with the following items: 4 Sort Füt Units Adjustment Tool Laser Levelling System 8mm, 6mm & 1/4 inch Threaded Adapters Original Box, Sleeve and Packaging All in excellent condition and would suit new buyer. Pickup preferred or can post at buyer's expense. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Sounds like an HDMI handshake issue Ken. This can occur where you're trying to control more than one component via HDMI. I'd go into the menus and switch this feature off and then see how you go. I get what you're attempting to do, but there's often quite a difference between what it's supposed to do and what it actually does. The problem with HDMI handshakes is that quite often the "instruction" gets lost in translation. This especially true when using products from different manufacturers.
  4. Thanks Snoopster 👍.......all sorted. I did another set of measurements and found it far too heavy-handed in the bottom end. Nice being able to pull up the ARC file from the other day where the results more to my liking, then activate and create 3 other speaker profiles based upon those measurements. Being able to adjust the curves is helpful. The best part of course is that ARC Genesis is but in its infancy. Just as we've seen quite a few firmware updates for our UHD 4K players, I'm sure we'll see a few software updates for this version of ARC as they further refine it.
  5. So I've run ARC Genesis, but I haven't worked out how you alter the settings for the different speaker profiles within the software application yet.....meaning that all 4 speaker profiles are at the default 80Hz crossover and the LFE tops out at 120Hz. I'll have to visit Anthem's website to find it I suspect. If anyone knows how to access them please let us know. Initial impressions are positive though. The bass appears more prominent, but midrange and treble are also improved, so the bass doesn't come at their expense. Running Sting's Live At The Olympia as I type and on the whole sounds excellent. Will try a couple of movies over the next few days and report back.
  6. Thanks Whites. I'll be hooking it up to an LG 55EF950T, which was LG's first flat 4K OLED monitor. Haven't really seen enough improvement from other makers to change it at this point. The new Panasonic GZ2000 will be an interesting one to watch though as Panasonic spent a lot of time negotiating with LG so they could implement their own power supply rather than have to use LG's. The old doomsday failsafe hey BB. 😜 When I bought the Anthem AVM60, I had the both the Primare SP33 & SPA 23 tucked away in their boxes in the spare room for nearly a year before I parted with them. I even hung onto my Primare A30.7 Power Amp for 12 months after I bought the bomb-proof Parasound A51. Must be the half Irish in me.........to be sure, to be sure. Thanks Mobe, BB & Whites. I pulled the trigger. Figured $1285 including shipping from an authorised reseller was a good deal. Anyone wanting this deal Videopro Online (eBay store) has one left at $1495 and you then apply the discount code of PIX15 during checkout to get another 15% off. Code is valid until Monday 13/5. Mods please feel free to edit if this is not allowed.
  7. GLWTS Jamie. All the speakers in Revel's Performa 3 range are tremendous.
  8. So @betty boop you've now had your UB9000 for 6 months. Has it lived up to your expectations??? Have you or @Kazzhad any operational niggles or anything that would make you question its build quality or reliability. Do all the functions work as expected??? Do you still use your Oppos or have they now been forever superseded??? Has anyone here used one with an OLED display???
  9. I'd recommend saving your current ARC2 settings on the AVR/AVP itself. I also noted that you can connect your unit to your laptop/computer direct via USB rather than having to use the network, which I'll find handy once I acquire a USB extension lead. Very true dat, but there are also a few other niggles I hope they've attended to such as: No matter what high pass crossover you set on the ARC2 software the unit itself wouldn't upload the setting and default back to 120Hz. Despite have 4 different places to disable the overhead speaker setting, only one of them actually worked so that the information was diverted to the other channels. Having said that, I've been delighted with how few operational idiosyncrasies/gremlins my AVM 60 has.........and the only one it did was ironed out with the 1.4.095 firmware update.
  10. ARC Genesis has landed @franin & @Snoopy8 Something to play with over the weekend.
  11. Matt there are quite a few HiFi outlets here in Melbourne advertising GAIA IIs at the old price of $424 per set. Ring them up and order 2 sets. They're unlikely to have them in stock and will have to order them in for you, but they generally only take a couple of days to arrive. Try Audio Trends, Melbourne HiFi and The Audio Experts. Their performance seems to fall away pretty quickly once you exceed their weight limit.
  12. You will get better results using the dedicated carpet spikes, but you can use 60mm clear spiked castor cups if you can't afford them as a temporary solution. GAIAs work best whey they have a suitable surface to adhere to.
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