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  1. I'm running a Panasonic OLED which cops hours upon hours of gaming without issues. Admittedly the Panasonic comes with a screen maintenance program which automatically engages after around 80 hours of use when you turn the unit off. Before that I had an LG OLED which did suffer from "burn-in", but a firmware/software update from LG solved the issue over time. My advice would be to download the manual and read through it to find out what countermeasures Loewe have installed to avoid burn-in. A professionally calibrated 65" OLED panel is simply gorgeous, and to be honest, you're far
  2. Pretty sure I saw this get smashed beyond recognition on Robot Wars.
  3. @SumonKabir approximately how many hours use have you given the unit between your last report and when you first installed the LPSM??? Thanks HS.
  4. I absolutely agree with all of this. Engaging ARC takes 2ch from poor to acceptable. Right now I'm listening Triple J "Live At The Wireless" via the TV antenna, through the Pana 55GZ1000 TV, into the AVM 60 in 2.0PCM............and I'm really enjoying it. No, it's go no hope of going toe-to-toe with the Parasound JC2BP Pre-amp, but if there's one thing the AVM 60 has always had the ability to do surprisingly well in 2ch mode is image from front to back.
  5. @xPLAYRZx before you swapped out your AVM 60 did you update ARC Genesis to the current version 1.3.25??? Once the initial excitement of getting the AVM 70 dies down, I would interested to get your impressions regarding a comparison between the two running the same version of ARC Genesis. It would certainly provide for a very objective comparison between the two units. Might also provide you with the opportunity to do a direct comparison between calibrating ARC with the original mic and the new one as well. I understand there's a potential CBF factor involved here, but it would ma
  6. Congrats on the new acquisitions @kudeta2003 & @xPLAYRZx. Have a truckload of fun and keep us all in the loop.
  7. So I finally got a few quiet moments to install the components I acquired from Oppomod into the UDP-205. I'll put up quite a few photos so others can have a go at this if they wish. So without further ado, here's the how-to insert a mod for dummies by a dummy. Below is a picture of the LPSM and the BD Stabiliser. I pull apart and reconnect my system every 3 months or so due to the amount of dust I get here, but I've never performed surgery on my equipment before. The first step is to remove the screws on the back and sides to remove the top panel. Easy so f
  8. Thanks for the info and links @cwt as it not only provides food for thought, but many of the accompanying articles provide worthwhile reading. Given that the majority of JR's work surrounds the improvement of 2 channel performance of the Oppos, the thing I'm most curious about is did you find an improvement in the quality of the video output and sound via HDMI? one of the things that's always been noticeable is how much better the UB9000 sounds than the UDP-205 via HDMI. As I already have LPSM and BD Stabiliser from Oppomod in my possession and the process is fully reversible shoul
  9. Like you I've purchased the LPSM for my UDP-205 via Oppomod, but I also purchased the BD stabiliser as well. They only arrived mid last week and I won't get an opportunity to install them until the weekend. I'll post my thoughts......and some pics. I'll let you know my thoughts then. Would the femto clock mod make a difference??? I suspect that you will get further improvement in sound quality, but I have my doubts as to any noticeable improvement in video quality. I personally decided against the femto clock mod as its installation: Exceeds my current skill set
  10. Hi @kiwimeat, I'm going to go against the trend somewhat here with a different suggestion especially as you have the "home-gym" taking up a fair portion of the back of the room. Unfortunately we all keep getting sold the idea that "the more channels, the better", but when it comes to AVRs it's usually done at the expense of quality amplification. I'm actually one who believes in quality over quantity and that "less is often more". FWIW have a good think about the potential of doing the following: Keep your current speakers & sub Add an Elektra HD2 7 ch power amp
  11. You'll find it much easier to slide it forward out of the rack if you put a microfibre cloth under each of the rear feet. Same for sliding it back in. I've always found their customer service to be excellent. Whenever I've asked a question I've always received a response within 12-24 hours. Like you, I have multiple Halo products. I'd love to see them do an A51 with the sophistication of the JC5. Already produces more than enough wattage and current, but that level of refinement would take it to another level. I've found JLS to be very competent wit
  12. It actually looks a lot more like the Panasonic UB9000
  13. I always wondered how venetian blinds were recycled................and now I know.
  14. Jesus Marc. Looks like it's on life support in an ICU ward!!!
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