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  1. Maybe have a look at Dynaudio Emit M10 or Legend Acoustics Mini. If your integrated has a pre out, you could also consider active monitors (much more choice for nearfield applications).
  2. Eric Dolphy - Musical Prophet Great RSD release.
  3. Just opened a 2018 Hoddles Creek 1er Pinot Noir for tonight:
  4. I am currently looking for my end game speakers. I know exactly what I want: three-way active speakers without DSP. There is only a handful of speakers left with these criteria once availability down under is factored in. On my short list are ATC SCM50 (or SCM100) ASL and PSI Audio A23-M (or A25-M).
  5. Good topic. Ever since I tried a relatively modest 2nd hand preamp between a dac and active speakers, I have been convinced of their sonic benefits. I moved up from a BAT VK-10 to a MF M8 Pre and finally a Mola Mola Makua. Important criteria were a low output impedance via XLR and built-in top quality dac and phono stage modules to keep the system simple. My most expensive hifi product ever, but I am very happy with it. The Makua connects to Quested V2108 active monitors.
  6. So... how do you like it? Pictures would be welcome too.
  7. First and last price reduction: Taj Mahal set: AUD 80 Coltrane set: AUD 30 Both sets for AUD 100.
  8. I prefer the distributor leaves the product untouched in its sealed package. It's the same for mobile phones, cameras etc.
  9. Lucien Dubuis Trio & Marc Ribot - Ultime Cosmos
  10. Sylvain Kassap and Benjamin Duboc - Le Funambule
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