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  1. Although I suggest that do not take into conclusion too quickly and easily about the capability of your speakers (fast or slow) before trying out with various setups of different combination of preamps, power amps, sources and even interconnects. Unless you know well the performance of each piece of your equipment. There are also many other variants such as the impedance matching within the chain, room treatment etc. However, with good experience, you can quickly rule out some possibilities. I personally don't mind if the speakers are fast or slow if they sound nice to my ears especially on certain type of music. my 2 cents.
  2. Hello Chau, welcome and I think you will get hooked on to this site very soon like myself. Cheers!
  3. Welcome on board Steven. I enjoy being a member here very much and hope you too.
  4. Hi Ulah, looking forward to see the stuff you will put up for sale. I personally have bought items from members here. Cheers! Joe
  5. If you are in Sydney (Hornsby) come and see me, I can let hifi enthusiast loan or listen to lots of gears that I have collected over the years. But only for those who handle things with care.
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