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  1. Not on the same alley but I'll try anyway. Dynaudio X38 (bought new in June 2019) plus how much difference?
  2. Good luck with your sale, amazing price. Will make someone really happy!
  3. RCA Interconnect from Pre/Integrated to Sub6, then from Sub6 - XLR cables to 200XD speakers. With a preset, the Sub6 will perfectly integrate. Give it a go in your home if you can.
  4. Tested one in a shop. For some reason I couldn't sync its volume level with the preamp feeding it. Visually, the unit is beautiful to look at and very compact. Sound wise, was annoying as hell trying to match the levels but otherwise it sounded very fast and musical. Was told the best way to set it up is to connect the speakers to the sub, not the amp, so the sub could manage the cut-off frequencies. Didn't try it though. Really important: this can only be achieved in systems with a dedicated power amp (or powered speakers); there's no way of doing it with an integrated amp. If you can, pay Denis White a visit, they are great and really supportive.
  5. Combined with a sub and an amp that knows to cut-off , these are fabulous for both movies and music!
  6. The Nova is a powerful sophisticated amplifier, same as the Superuniti before it. The problem lies with the C1s. Although the embodiment of refinement, they do need a bit more current to come on sing. Would invest in a Dynaudio Sub 6 (the most musical sub I have ever heard) and let it control the cut-off for the C1s if I were you. You'll forget you ever wanted to sell the C1s. All the best in your journey mate!
  7. A lot of speaker for the money. Recently sold a pair of 244BE myself to a SN member here. Transparent with a deep base to start a party in a morgue. Very amplifier friendly as well.
  8. I'm interested. Could you please give me a quote on PM, shipping to Adelaide included? Thanks.
  9. Smart is a gentleman to deal with! 👍
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