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  1. Replacing the cable on any rega tonearm is a no no, especially if you ain’t an expert. Guaranteed recipe for bearing damage. Furthermore, the guys from Rega say it makes no difference to sound quality by upgrading to Cardas.
  2. Speakers handmade by a genius with TLC
  3. Had I not moved up to the Chord Reference I would have never sold mine. These have a stunning soundstage and an absolute bargain to whoever buys them.
  4. Item: Trigon Advance Phono Amplifier (Black) Location: Melbourne (3148) Price: $1050 (RRP $1,990) i.e. almost $950 of saving + postage Item Condition: Used (Pristine) Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup, Paypal (add 3% if not paying as friend) Extra Info: Trigon Advance is made in Germany. This sublime phono stage has an awesome sound stage and awe-inspiring detail. What makes it super special, is the accumulator technology, which works like a power generator/battery backup, providing a clear and neutral sound. Before purchasing the Trigon from Class A Audio in Jan 2018, I made an extensive comparison with various other phono stages in the same price range viz. Rega Aria, Music Fidelity Mx-Vinyl, Soundsmith MCP2. To tell you the truth, the Trigon made the Rega sound like a toy, the Mx-Vinyl and MCP2 though very musical lacked the oomph and detail of the Trigon. I would put the Trigon against the Cyrus Phono Signature + PSX-R₂ combination, that retails for almost twice the price of the Trigon. Following is a video link of Trigon v/s Rega - This is a very reluctant sale but I have no use of it, since I have moved to the Canary MCP-10. I don't have the original boxes, but can pack it properly for interstate buyers. For more information please refer to the manufacturers website - http://www.trigon-audio.de/index.php?id=77&L=1 Pictures:
  5. Awesome looking TT. GLWTS mate. Did you notice a big performance difference between this tonearm and RB300?
  6. When Nordost passes demonstrator samples to resellers they send them 4m long factory terminated.
  7. All cables are now sold. Thanks all for your interest.
  8. Yes folks the Trigon comes with its own power supply and standard power chord.
  9. I don’t think there are any Canary resellers in Aus. I got mine from California. Folks, photos are now attached.
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