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  1. Got it. I have bought some matched pairs for my F5T and B1 from a Singapore seller, so far so good.
  2. Apologies Paul! Thanks for the photos, much appreciated! I will love to put the AN tantalum resistors per your recommendation.
  3. Thanks Nigel. I read at the top of Teabag's blog that it is meant for F5T and F6 designs, means that the capacitance for the former is more. I know that I can always opt for the same for M2 but it will also mean my inrush current will increase and result in side effects.
  4. Thanks Nigel, I have downloaded the BOM list but I do not have the power supply cap details - hence I wanted to just get whatever you did.
  5. Hi Nigel, Could you share your BOM list used to build the M2? I need some help especially on the PSU parts. TIA.
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