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  1. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, at this stage this is sold pending pickup on the weekend. Will close ad then or update accordingly.
  2. Further information: Selling my Rega Elicit which I have really enjoyed for the last 4 years, its the older one that came before the current R, it has the MC phono stage installed, its reviewed here (reviewed is MC version); https://www.tonepublications.com/review/the-rega-elicit-integrated-amplifier/ This also has a direct input that is for use with AV setup (bypasses units volume settings) and comes with remote control. Moving on for more power but there is also a decent transformer hum with this unit, sounds like the transformer is vibrating a bit which I h
  3. Further information: This is the original Uber with the Gen 2 USB board, the one reviewed here ; https://darko.audio/2014/03/schiit-audio-bifrost-uber-w-gen-2-usb-dac-review/ Good condition and sounds great, I have been using it happily for years, just playing around with other dacs at the moment. Just the dac included (uses full size IEC power cord). Happy to ship, price included, or you can pick up. Photos:
  4. I have the cable too if anyone needs it, its new as my RP8 has the cable permanently attached.
  5. Hi mate, its the 4 pin DIN cable that connents the tt to the psu. I dont think this PSU (or the NEO) is compatible with the P2, unless it has the motor upgrade. The standard P2 appears to have a wall wart that goes direct to the motor, no external PSU. Im sure someone will yell out if that is incorrect. Thanks, James
  6. Further information: Original TT PSU that came with Rega RP 8, never had any issues with it and its speed was always bang on when tested. I grabbed a NEO on SN as I had always wondered, to be honest I didn't notice much difference but I will keep the NEO in and tell myself its better. This works with most models I believe but plenty of info online to check. Price includes shipping, let me know if local and we can sort out a discount. Photos:
  7. What are you connecting it to ? so a micro USB is in the phone, what is the other end going to ? did you track down a DAC to test it on ?
  8. I havent seen a samsung for many years that wont. it should ask you when you connect a USB what you want to use it for ; charging/file transfer/ then mine says Midi Audio or something like that, thats the one you want if you are streaming out to a dac. What model is it ? A mid priced DAC should give you a good upgrade compared to using the phones internal DAC. The internal dac is what you are listening to when you plug headphones in obviously. Try and loan an audioquest dragonfly and put it between the phone and the amp/headphones - I bet you will like what you hear. Cheers Ja
  9. Hi mate, The conversion has already taken place if you are outputting via the 3.5 jack. External Dac would be streets better but you would need to run from your phones usb (micro or C or whatever) then your phone sends the data only and the outboard dac converts it to an analogue signal and sends it (via RCA) to the rotel amp. Cheers, James
  10. Would second the comments around having the high value items specifically listed on your policy, you need to find an insurer/broker who will do this. So your policy schedule would have something like ; Policy Limits ; Building - $1,500,000 Contents - $400,000 Specified Items Simaudio Moon 760A Stereo Amplifer - $14,000 Canton Reference 3K Floor Standing Speakers - $25,000 If they aren't listed specifically with a value which the policy states is 'agreed' or at least 'replacement value up to the sum insured' then you are going to have problems.
  11. The ZYX R-50 Bloom is a wonderful sounding MC cartridge, majoring on smoothness and ease of presentation rather than clinical detail. See here for specs: http://www.zyx-audio.com/products_mc_r50_series_r50.html Review here: https://www.dagogo.com/zyx-bloom-low-output-moving-coil-phone-cartridge-review/ Purchased recently from a fellow stereonet member, I'm using his photos with permission as he did a better job than I could on these, beautiful condition and was tracked at less than 120 hours, I have probably added another 10 - 20 to it. Comes with original
  12. Nice amp, does this have home theatre bypass ? I see it has AV but it appears to be another line input.
  13. Sold pending pickup, will reply to those who have posted.
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