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  1. Love these speakers, I know a lot of people will say you always need a sub with bookshelves but with these guys you really dont... they get down.
  2. This still available ? I cant find the measurements anywhere online. Can you provide the H x W x D ? Thanks
  3. What era is this turntable ? I've tried researching but the TD 160 moniker seems to have been around forever in various guises
  4. I really liked the unit and considered keeping it purely as a transport into my DAC but the analogue out sounded special (aside from a slightly muted left channel), if thats fixed via XLR and you have the inputs (I dont), then you have a steal here at the price...
  5. Gorgeous speakers, somebody take these before I talk myself into it [emoji848]
  6. and a quick tip for new players - check your tracking force. I aligned and aligned but still heard distortion. Didnt occur to me that the ortofon (which is identical in build dimension) would drop from 1.8 to 1.5, I take it that is a stylus thing. Thanks all. PS - I am so happy with the sq upgrade ......... I am already looking at new tt with MC cartridge 🤣, why does audio gear do this. At what point can we all just be happy.
  7. Not sure anyone cares but I hate it when people dont update these things after asking for help making a decision. Bronze is in, only 5 hours on it but noticing a major improvement in sound, more detail, better separation. I know it will get better but very happy already, was what I was looking for in sound quality upgrade. Putting the money into the cart and not chasing improvements with better phono stage was a good call, thanks to those who steered me this way.
  8. Good luck mate, its a great unit, if I didnt just buy a new CD player I would be all over it. Ebay?
  9. Item: Pair of Walnut Monitor Audio Bronze 2 Speakers Location: Castlecrag (Willoughby) NSW 2068 Price: $300 Item Condition: As new, 9/10, purchased new 1 year ago, looked after in pet/smoke free home Reason for selling: Liked them so much I couldn't resist upgrading to the silvers for a bit more bass Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I stupidly threw away the boxes so pickup only - too pretty to post unprotected. Really nice speakers, if I had a place to slot them into a second system I would be keeping them. A lot of info online on these, I think they reviewe'd 5 stars with what hifi. Have grills and connectors, manual, etc. everything but the box. Pictures:
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