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  1. It was given to me with an SD card that contained a large amount of music, which I would be happy to pass on. It also supports streaming services like tidal and Spotify.
  2. Further information: For sale is my trusty gaming laptop. This bad boy got me through many hours of quiet time at work. But now that I'm back in the big smoke and actually working for my money, it is no longer required. I am the second owner, and don't have the original packaging. It has performed faultlessly during my ownership, with no issues at all. Condition is very good, the only noticeable damage is some wear to the S key. It's a very capable machine, sporting a 7700HQ processor, 1080 Max-Q GPU, 24GB RAM and a 144hz screen. I have had no issues playing modern games in high or ultra detail. Specs and a review can be found here: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Zephyrus-GX501-Laptop-Review.230546.0.html Please note this does match the specs there, despite not being sold as such in Australia, as it has been upgraded to 24GB RAM and a 1GB SSD. Will perform a reset to windows defaults prior to sale. I would prefer pick up as to not risk any issues during shipping. Photos: Please excuse my terrible photography. Some specs of dust can be seen despite my best efforts, due to crappy lighting and an annoyingly capable camera on my phone. In person inspection will show no damage.
  3. Further information: Purchased this from another SNA member, but used for maybe 1 hour tops as I ended up going in a different direction, using speakers for HT duties meaning I needed an amp with optical in. Near perfect condition. Would prefer local pickup due to size/weight and not wanting to risk tubes getting damaged during transport. Photos:
  4. Further information: Uptone USB Regen with standard power supply. In near new condition, purchased from another SNA member but barely used, hence moving it on. Photos:
  5. Further information: For sale is my Sony ZX-2 DAP, which is highly regarded as one of the better DAPs of its time. I used it to drive my Andromedas, and the pairing was absolutely delightful. I had to spend a dumb amount of money to find anything better, and I still miss the battery life and sound signature of the ZX-2 even after doing so. This unit was purchased from another SNA member. Has some very slight signs of use but you'd have to be looking pretty hard to find them. includes the Sony leather case, which the DAP hasn't left during my ownership. I haven't been able to find the original box, but I do have the box for the case which would provide suitable protection for shipping. Photos: Excuse my terrible photography skills.
  6. Hi mate, Apologies, but someone has sent me a PM after posting this up and is already purchasing them. Best of luck with the search though!
  7. Hi mate, I have a pair of Presonus R65 that I am no longer using if they'd be suitable. Would be looking at $300 + shipping for the pair.
  8. I would be hesitant to go down the route of active studio monitors. I have a pair of Presonus R65's and while the sound is fantastic, they do have an audible hiss at desktop listening distances. This is before any source is plugged in. I liked the simplicity, so I went to StoreDJ in Sydney to audition some possible replacements. Almost all of them had an audible hiss. Only ones I could recommend are maybe the Eve Audio SC203. They had a surprisingly good sound for such a small monitor, and are an all in one setup. The ones I auditioned were dead silent with nothing playing.
  9. I have purchased an Astell & Kern SE100 from A2A that was listed as B-Stock. It appeared to be a demo (branded as such on the label) but was unopened and in perfect condition. This may be similar, or may have been used as a store demo. Either way, I'd be reasonably confident it would be in good condition.
  10. Sonoma Model One can be picked up for $2700ish. Usually $7500. From what I've read it's an endgame head-fi setup. If I had the money, I'd buy it just to find out.
  11. I think these may have been around your asking price back when they were still in production, or shortly after production stopped. Now they have a bit of a reputation as a good unit, and sellers are pricing appropriately, as you can't get them brand new. Going to be difficult to find one at your requested price, but it'd be great buying if you do!
  12. If you're using your own files, it could also benefit you to look at a DAP as opposed to a DAC/AMP. The Elears are fairly easy to drive, so don't necessarily require a desktop setup to get the most of them. Other options might include all in one's like the Topping DX3 Pro, Schiit Fulla etc. Another solid option might also be the iFi Nano iDSD Black Label as a desktop/semi portable option. Second hand Chord Mojo's also occasionally fall into your price range.
  13. I have not listened to any of them listed yet, but depends on purpose. Bit of an apples to oranges comparison. A Hugo is very well regarded, but is stretching the definition of portable. Also requires something to deliver source material to it. Woo audio has some desktop and portable amps/DACs which also get good reviews. The advantage of the DAP would be the portability and all-in-one setup. Just plug in headphones and you're done. It would however likely have less power to drive larger or more demanding headphones. I sprung for the SE100 because it's known to have a very low noise floor, and I hate hearing hiss on my Andromedas. I also don't like the idea of using my phone as a portable source, as it kills battery I need for repeatedly looking at the same crap over and over on Reddit.
  14. This is good thinking. Have already seen price increases in some FiiO and Campfire Audio / ALO gear.
  15. So as posted in this thread, A2A have a ripper deal on Focal Elears for $499. While browsing through their sale section I also noticed drops on a bunch of their sale, b-stock or demo items. Too many to list here as there's 20+ pages and not all items have had price drops. Some that stood out were new Astell & Kern SR15 DAP for $599 ($999 RRP but seem to be $850 on sale at Minidisc) and B-stock SE 100 DAP for $999 (RRP $2499). There isn't any history on what the prices used to be before the drop, but I recall the SR15 being $850 and the SE100 being $1400ish. Have been keeping an eye on them. I am a weak man and wasn't able to resist the call of the SE100, but the SR15 is reviewed as a price/performance bargain at retail, let alone almost half that. Sale link: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/sale
  16. I'm one of those individuals that had a Klein III with PSU and sold it on. I wish I hadn't. It was part of a system that wasn't getting any use. I wanted stuff I would use, so I sold the Klein to raise funds for that. Now I'm in a situation where it would have a use again. I can't compare it to a Topping D50, but I did have a D30 as part of my head-fi system early on. I never owned both at the same time, therefore haven't A/B compared, but from memory the Klein was by far the better DAC, all around.
  17. Item: Dynaudio Xeo 6 + Xeo Hub Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $2100 Item Condition: Good condition, some marking on Xeo Hub Reason for selling: Not getting as much use out of them as expected, and they are too large for the room I have them in. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm considering parting with my Dynaudio Xeo 6 speakers and accompanying Xeo Hub, as they're spending far too much time not being used. This is a fully contained system with active speakers wirelessly connected to the Xeo Hub, which handles both analogue and digital inputs. I don't have anywhere near enough experience to describe the speakers properly, I can just say they sound damn good to me. I spend a much larger amount of time in front of my PC, so use headphones often and am using a near field set up instead of dedicated speakers in a separate room. I'm able to transport the speakers to Sydney as I travel there frequently, or elsewhere if you're not too far out of the way. Postage options are limited at best as I live in a pretty rural area, nearest pack and send is 1h45m away. If you're interested please send me a PM and we can hopefully work something out. For reference, Addicted to Audio has their demo set going for $4299 so I think this is a pretty good price. https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/dynaudio-xeo-6-wireless-floorstanding-speakers-includes-dynaudio-hub Find the product page here: https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-6 Pictures:
  18. My experience is solely limited to how the Taurus paired with the LCD2C, but to me I found it just sounded a bit tighter all over. From what I've read, even though most sensitive planars don't technically need high outputs, the extra juice just helps everything become a bit more coherent.
  19. The Taurus is a wonderful HP amp. I ran Audeze LCD2C's from mine, and found the balanced output the sweeter of the two. If you come across a balanced cable for the Ether 2, I recommend giving it a try.
  20. It certainly looks a bit suspicious. I'm a bit sad, I was looking forward to giving it a run. Now I'm in a similar boat to you, looking for something else in the same price range.
  21. Might be for the best that they can't get you a DX7 Pro. I was very excited when mine arrived early. Went to set it up and it was dead. Zero power on at all. The solution when I contacted the seller? Take the board out myself and remove one of the resistors with a soldering iron. Because this has apparently happened to a few people. I opted for a return.
  22. This is also brilliant advice. The headphones themselves will always be the biggest factor in the sound you're hearing. But I would advocate that if you have a good source and amplification to start with, if you decide you want more later on, new headphones are all you need, rather than having to worry about upgrading other equipment to suit. However, I will admit there are those whose experience is that any basic DAC/amp is all you need, and after that you're facing incremental gains for large outlay.
  23. At the moment I'm using some Presonus R65 monitors, mostly because I saw them at a decent price here on SNA, and I wanted something with a ribbon tweeter cause I thought they were cool. I don't use them for mixing at all, just listening, which I find very enjoyable. That said, I've been recently eyeing off a pair of iLoud MTM monitors, because my desk positioning isn't the greatest, and the inbuilt DSP is meant to be fantastic. Probably completely unnecessary, but I want them anyway. Edit: I picked mine up from Amazon, with an estimated arrival from 16 Dec/3 Jan. Seems shipping times are a bit longer now. No other way to pick one up as far as I know.
  24. Hi mate, it sounds like your set up needs are very similar to mine. I used to have a full head-fi setup at my desk but found I wasn't using it a huge amount for the casual stuff I was doing at my PC, and it was a bit overkill for PC gaming, so sold if off. I then realised I missed decent sound, and picked up an Audeze Mobius when I found one at a decent price ($500ish from Mightyape if I recall). It's been pretty great so far, no complaints at all aside from bluetooth lag when using it wirelessly. For anything that requires sound sync (movies/games) I have to use it wired. Slight inconvenience but otherwise fantastic for purpose as it removes the need for separates and has a convenient microphone, as opposed to having to attach a modmic to a set of headphones. I've also been using a set of active monitors more and more lately, which I've been driving through a Dragonfly Black connected to my phone, using the phone as a Roon endpoint. I got stung by Black Friday and ordered a Topping DX7 Pro on a whim to replace that set up, as it seemed like the best value all in one box I could get, and it measured well on ASR. Have had Topping products in the past and haven't had any issues. Headphone amp is a bit redundant as the Mobius doesn't really need it (but does have an analogue input, so can always see if it improves with a decent outboard amp/dac). It's also always there if I get tempted by another set of full size cans (likely). If you were to go for a similar set up, you could pick up something like an SMSL M500 and a the Mobius for under $1k without a hassle. Could use the M500 for the active monitors, and the Mobius for basic PC stuff and gaming. The M500 DAC/AMP section seems like it would be suitable if you do fall down the rabbit-hole and go for a decent set of headphones, with the exception of any stupidly hard to drive cans. Could always splash a bit more for a DX7S/DX7 Pro if you were concerned about the power output.
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