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  1. Buy with confidence, Adam is a good bloke. Had a listen to these when picking up a different purchase from him. They sound phenomenal.
  2. I've always wanted to check out Monroe's burgers and beers, but alas it is a bit too far for now. From my limited experience, comparing them to the Elac Debut 6.2 I have on stands, definitely a more diffuse soundstage. With the Elac's I can close my eyes and still know where the speakers are sitting in the room. The omnidirectional speakers are just kind of... everywhere. Can't comment on the bass as I had a Focal Dome subwoofer dealing with the low frequencies.
  3. Further information: These are DIY speakers built and purchased from another SNA member, see the post here for information. I have always been more of a headphone guy, but after dipping my toes into what good speakers could sound like with these little guys, I went and spent a far larger sum of money on some nicer speakers and now, feeling immense shame at my late night spending habits, I am attempting to recover as much money as I can. Which means someone else gets to enjoy these. I don't really have anything suitable available to ship these, so pick up from Enga
  4. Further information: I feel like an absolute idiot putting these up for sale but here we are. I have always been amazed at how cheap these go for considering the RRP brand new and how they sound absolutely phenomenal. But the market will pay what the market will pay, and I gone and done spent money I shouldn't have on stupid speakers, so anything that hasn't been getting ear time lately is on the chopping block. These are a pair of Campfire Andromeda's purchased in 2019 from minidisc. I am the original owner. They are in spectacular condition and show none of the paint
  5. Further information: Up for sale is my Alesis DM10 Drum Kit. Purchased this second hand and selling as I have no use for it anymore. It's been upgraded with mesh skins from 682 drums by the previous owner. Includes all the original skins as well. I'll include a cheap kick pedal, cheap stool, and super corny sticks with flames on them. In perfect working condition. I would prefer pick up but could deliver within reasonable distance if it isn't too much of a screw around. Looking around at other kits for sale, this seems to be priced pretty cheap but let me know if I'm b
  6. If I hadn't purchased a NAD C338 yesterday I'd have been all over this. Was on my list of budget amps to keep an eye out for, seems well reviewed.
  7. JB Hi-fi Miranda had some KEF Q950 speakers for $1950. May be demo pair only.
  8. I have been eyeing these off a bit lately. But I keep telling myself I need less IEM's, not more. Very tempting, and very well reviewed from what I've seen.
  9. Further information: Absolutely astounding IEM's going at a pretty low price. These were $1800ish new. I am the second owner, have had these for a year or so. Sadly not getting the ear time they deserve so moving them on. In great condition, but will be sold without any tips (as I have tried them all and don't feel comfortable just wiping them down and handing them on) and without the small individual IEM covers, as these sadly went MIA. Plenty of reviews sing their praises, true beasts when it comes to bass but without muddying up the mids and
  10. I spent a day at minidisc doing some listening a while back. Was thoroughly impressed by the TH-909. A2A has them for $2k, minidisc said they'd match. Came very close to buying them before I realised bills > headphones.
  11. Short answer: I have no idea. I never used it in this fashion, and while the Schiit website seems to say you can use "passive" mode, I can find no mention of this in the Ragnarok manual found here https://www.schiit.com/public/upload/PDF/ragnarok_manual_1_1.pdf
  12. Further information: Purchased this unit used from another StereoNet member several months ago. Since then it's been unboxed once, used for a few hours, then boxed up again. Apparently I'm the only one of my housemates that cares how amazing this amp is. The rest of them complained about the lack of remote. So to keep the peace, I'm moving this on. Anyone who is interested probably already knows about the rave reviews this has as both a speaker and headphone amplifier. Can't go wrong at this price. It's in excellent condition, which my terrible photos probably fail to
  13. Bargain. I've been using one of these as my day to day headset for PC use since they were released. Don't need a DAC, don't need an amp. Just plug in via USB and you're golden. Audeze app is pretty good too for a few EQ settings.
  14. Further information: Purchased from another SNA member right before going in a different direction with my speaker set up. Has been sitting around for a while and I figure I should stop being lazy and try to find a new home for it. Would prefer pick up at this stage, but if there's no local interest I may consider shipping. Photos:
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