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  1. I have these on my Andros, they are my favourite out of spinfits, comply foams, final audio tips. Worth a listen. Back on topic, this is a lot of IEM for the money, GLWS!
  2. This is an absolutely ridiculous bargain. Sounded better than any other amp I've listened to anywhere near this price range.
  3. It was given to me with an SD card that contained a large amount of music, which I would be happy to pass on. It also supports streaming services like tidal and Spotify.
  4. Further information: For sale is my trusty gaming laptop. This bad boy got me through many hours of quiet time at work. But now that I'm back in the big smoke and actually working for my money, it is no longer required. I am the second owner, and don't have the original packaging. It has performed faultlessly during my ownership, with no issues at all. Condition is very good, the only noticeable damage is some wear to the S key. It's a very capable machine, sporting a 7700HQ processor, 1080 Max-Q GPU, 24GB RAM and a 144hz screen. I have had no issues playing modern games in high or ultra detail. Specs and a review can be found here: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-Zephyrus-GX501-Laptop-Review.230546.0.html Please note this does match the specs there, despite not being sold as such in Australia, as it has been upgraded to 24GB RAM and a 1GB SSD. Will perform a reset to windows defaults prior to sale. I would prefer pick up as to not risk any issues during shipping. Photos: Please excuse my terrible photography. Some specs of dust can be seen despite my best efforts, due to crappy lighting and an annoyingly capable camera on my phone. In person inspection will show no damage.
  5. Further information: Purchased this from another SNA member, but used for maybe 1 hour tops as I ended up going in a different direction, using speakers for HT duties meaning I needed an amp with optical in. Near perfect condition. Would prefer local pickup due to size/weight and not wanting to risk tubes getting damaged during transport. Photos:
  6. Further information: Uptone USB Regen with standard power supply. In near new condition, purchased from another SNA member but barely used, hence moving it on. Photos:
  7. Further information: For sale is my Sony ZX-2 DAP, which is highly regarded as one of the better DAPs of its time. I used it to drive my Andromedas, and the pairing was absolutely delightful. I had to spend a dumb amount of money to find anything better, and I still miss the battery life and sound signature of the ZX-2 even after doing so. This unit was purchased from another SNA member. Has some very slight signs of use but you'd have to be looking pretty hard to find them. includes the Sony leather case, which the DAP hasn't left during my ownership. I haven't been able to find the original box, but I do have the box for the case which would provide suitable protection for shipping. Photos: Excuse my terrible photography skills.
  8. Hi mate, Apologies, but someone has sent me a PM after posting this up and is already purchasing them. Best of luck with the search though!
  9. Hi mate, I have a pair of Presonus R65 that I am no longer using if they'd be suitable. Would be looking at $300 + shipping for the pair.
  10. I would be hesitant to go down the route of active studio monitors. I have a pair of Presonus R65's and while the sound is fantastic, they do have an audible hiss at desktop listening distances. This is before any source is plugged in. I liked the simplicity, so I went to StoreDJ in Sydney to audition some possible replacements. Almost all of them had an audible hiss. Only ones I could recommend are maybe the Eve Audio SC203. They had a surprisingly good sound for such a small monitor, and are an all in one setup. The ones I auditioned were dead silent with nothing playing.
  11. I have purchased an Astell & Kern SE100 from A2A that was listed as B-Stock. It appeared to be a demo (branded as such on the label) but was unopened and in perfect condition. This may be similar, or may have been used as a store demo. Either way, I'd be reasonably confident it would be in good condition.
  12. Sonoma Model One can be picked up for $2700ish. Usually $7500. From what I've read it's an endgame head-fi setup. If I had the money, I'd buy it just to find out.
  13. I think these may have been around your asking price back when they were still in production, or shortly after production stopped. Now they have a bit of a reputation as a good unit, and sellers are pricing appropriately, as you can't get them brand new. Going to be difficult to find one at your requested price, but it'd be great buying if you do!
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