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  1. To add to this, eBay is having a 20% off sale that includes Addicted to Audio's eBay store with the code PEACE. While there are only a few items from their pre-easter sale on eBay, there are some pretty decent bargains to be had if you take an extra 20% off the already on sale items.
  2. A pretty well reviewed solid-state headphone amplifier.
  3. Clay was kind enough to include me in the Sydney tour of the Gieseler Headphone Amplifier, and even kinder to build a new unit to send after the original tour unit was purchased at it's very first stop. It arrived a few days ago and I've spent some time getting to know it. I'm by no means an expert, but I'm starting to get the hang of identifying differences between equipment due to my constant urges to listen to and buy new stuff. For my listening, the headphone amp was connected via RCA to a Klein III, which was using a Kraftwerk PSU and being supplied audio via an Aries Mini ( with LPSU) + Roon + Tidal or downloaded FLAC files. Below are my thoughts. To start off with, I'm a fan of the design of the Gieseler Headphone Amplifier. It seems identical to the Klein III in dimensions, and has the same general design - that is: black, industrial, minimalist. If you have a Klein III and one of these sitting next to each other they look pretty damned fine. A point of note is the volume control, which looks great while remaining very simple, I love the small circle of polished metal that acts as the volume indicator. Going further, the volume knob is a delight to use. It's actually a satisfying feeling adjusting the volume on the amplifier. I know it's a tiny thing and I may very well be a little weird for being as excited as I was by it, but the tactile feel is wonderful. With the volume knob, there is a small amount of channel imbalance during the very lowest volume settings, but this is well below normal listening levels, even with my most sensitive headphones. As for the listening, I am happy to report it's a great little amplifier. Before you start playing anything, there is absolutely zero hiss to be heard on low gain, the background is pitch black. I tested this with the most sensitive, low impedance headphones I had (Ultrasone IQ IEM's, 20ohm, 106db) and couldn't hear a thing swinging the volume knob through it's full range of motion. In high gain there was an audible buzz even at zero volume, but there's absolutely no reason you'd use high gain with such sensitive headphones. In fact, I didn't use high gain at all throughout my listening. That said, the largest load they fed was my 70ohm 101dB Audeze LCD2C headphones, so I can't comment on how the gain and volume would perform with 300 or 600ohm headphones, or low sensitivity headphones. With the headphones I used, the volume dial never went past 9 o'clock. The sound itself I would describe as a very enjoyable, toe-tapping type sound. To my ears, the amp seemed to deliver a sound that was a bit heavier in the bass than the mid or treble. That is by no means a complaint, as I happen to enjoy my music with a little bit of added oomph down low. This actually worked against the Gieseler Headphone Amplifier when paired with my LCD2C headphones, which already have a slightly dark signature, as I found the bass got a bit boomy and begun to overwhelm other areas of the sound. This changed when I gave my Alessandro MS2 (Grado based headphones) a listen. The amp complimented the treble heavy presentation, and even though the MS2 normally have a significant amount of bass, I found they didn't react the same way than the LCD2C's did when fed by Clay's amp. They sounded fantastic. I would be very, very curious to see how some Sennheiser HD800S headphones (which are on the wish list) would sound, as they have been a headphone that I have thought would be perfect with a tad more bass when I have sampled them. I haven't been able to think of any kind of explanation as to why, but the amp does a wonderful job with percussion. I noticed the same thing when I added the Klein III as my DAC, and again with the Gieseler Headphone Amp. I don't know what Clay is doing but his creations sure make drums sound good. For shits and giggles I listened to my IEM's through the amplifier and found they both sounded excellent. The background still remained whisper quiet throughout the whole range of motion on the volume control. I would say they sounded the best I have ever heard them, but this is also the first time I've used them with a source chain that wasn't a smartphone or a Dragonfly Black. Detail retrieval was absolutely fine, there wasn't any detail that I felt I was missing out on using the amp. I could easily hear Portishead's Beth Gibbons licking her lips between lines in "Roads" for example. As for comparison, my normal headphone amplifier is an Auralic Taurus, which itself is a pretty amazing performer with a number of reviews praising it's performance and sound. When A/B-ing with both amplifiers, using a rudimentary android app to volume match, I found the Auralic the cleaner sounding of the two, due to the better instrument separation, wider soundstage, and control over the sound. The Auralic is more neutral, with better definition of the bass, slightly more quality as opposed by the quantity of the Gieseler Headphone Amp. With my preferred headphones, the Audeze LCD2C's, the Taurus is the better sounding amp to my ears. Things change with the Alessandro MS2's however, as I enjoyed them more with the Gieseler Headphone Amplifier than I did with the Taurus. This must be that synergy thing people talk about. This comparison is by no means a criticism of the Gieseler Amp, as I would hope an amp costing around four times the price of Clay's amp would have some improvements. The only (absolutely insignificant) objective criticism I have is the fact that the unit I had didn't have any rubber feet, which means I have to hold it still when inserting headphones or switching cables. It may very well be that Clay rushed this unit out to send to me and didn't stick them on. If they aren't an inclusion, spend three bucks on eBay and grab some, it's no biggie. Also, I'm unsure as to how the gain would handle higher impedance headphones, but the low gain setting was ample, if not a little too much for the lower impedance headphones I used. I have no actual idea how these things work, but if lowering the gain means a larger range of usable volume on the volume knob, that would make things a little easier. If that's not how it works, ignore me. I would say that Clay's amp beats the other amp's I have owned and used hands down. It provides more excitement than the clinical sounding headphone amplifier circuit in the Audiolab M-DAC I previously used, and walks all over the Schiit Magni 3 in design, features and sound. I would say if you're after the best bang for your buck for a head-fi setup, it would be very tough to beat a Klein III, Kraftwerk PSU and Headphone Amplifier from Clay. (As a note, I was unable to test the preamp feature as I didn't have suitable RCA cables to feed to my powered monitors)
  4. I've boxed these up and they are ready to go. I'm open to offers if there is anyone interested, I'm a bit surprised these haven't gone already. I'm wondering if my terrible photo taking skills and original 70's carpet have anything to do with it. Don't worry, they don't affect the sound quality.
  5. I did a bunch of research into combined DAC/HP amps a while ago. The ones I remember standing out as possible good buys were the Nuprime DAC 10h, Oppo HA1, Benchmark DAC3 and the Topping DX7. If you consider second hand DACs there are plenty of people who praise the Chord Hugo, Hugo TT and Hugo 2, if you can find a bargain in your budget. I personally have owned an Audiolab M-DAC and said plenty of nice things about it in the past.
  6. Hi mate, just reading through I realised you may want to include your location as someone local might be your best bet if you need the DAC asap.
  7. I recently picked up a Klein III and Kraftwerk power supply to compare to my Audiolab M-DAC that had been serving digital goodness to my Auralic Taurus for quite a while now. I put the M-DAC up for sale shortly after. The other parts of my system are an Auralic Aries Mini feeding Tidal Hifi, Spotify or stored FLAC files to the DAC, with balanced outs from the DAC connecting to an Auralic Tauris MK1 with a balanced cable powering LCD2C's. Below are my thoughts. I'll also preface this by saying that there are a lot of people that know a lot more than me about this stuff. The thoughts below are just my personal reaction to the music I heard. I'll start off by saying that I was by no means unhappy with the sound produced by my M-DAC. It was a fantastic bit of kit, and at some point I'm certain I'll regret selling it. My purchase of a second-hand Klein III and Kraftwerk mostly came about due to complications from a severe case of upgrade-itis. The M-DAC was very capable, producing a very neutral, clean sound that complemented the mix of sugary sweet sound from the Taurus, and the neutral to dark nature of the LCD2C's. There was nothing that stood out from the sound that the M-DAC produced, which was one of it's greatest strengths, it delivered the music without preference towards the bass, mids or treble. It also did a wonderful job of glossing over the sometimes shoddy 320kbps Spotify streams I fed it. It was pretty hard to find any issues with the sound signature. However, after reading glowing review after glowing review of Clay's DACs, I begun to keep an eye out for a fiscally responsible way to give his DAC's a go. When a second-hand Klein III and Kraftwerk came up for sale on the classifieds I had no hesitation pulling the trigger. The Klein III initially arrived without the connecting cord from the Kraftwerk to the Klein, which meant I begun my listening from the standard PSU. It absolutely floored me. As I've said, I found it difficult to be critical of the M-DAC, but the Klein produced a sound that I can describe without getting into details as engaging as ****. I threw on songs that I've previously listened to again and again, and the Klein delivered them to me in a way I hadn't heard them before. The cable arrived very recently, and my experience only improved. My impressions are of the combo of the Klein and Kraftwerk. The first thing that struck me was the separation. It seemed as if every instrument, every note, had it's own little slice of the soundstage to appear from, with no overlap from other instruments. This became incredibly apparent with percussion, I noticed cymbals and snares sounding crisper and cleaner than I'd recalled, and this was constant between genres, whether it was metal or electronica. The more I've been listening to the Klein the more I've enjoyed the way it presents percussion. This wasn't something I'd been unhappy with from prior DACs, but having heard the Klein I can definitely say I have more appreciation of how soundstage can be presented. From there, I begun to enjoy the bass. One of the reasons I purchased my LCD2C's after a day of auditioning at Minidisc was the bass presentation. I have found that I dig the **** out of planar bass. The bass presentation of the Klein just hit me in all the right ways, in that it wasn't overpowering, it wasn't doubling down on the already hefty bass response of my headphones, it simply tightened everything up while distancing the bass from the midbass and mids. This gave it a cleaner sound without any of the muddling together that I'd occasionally heard on some songs. One of the tracks that I love to use to audition new gear is Paradise Circus by Massive Attack. I love the hell out of the song itself, but it also provides a good way to compare the interaction of bass, mids, upper mids and vocals as the song progresses and adds layers. And I've never enjoyed it more than I did with the Klein. I also found myself enjoying the vocal presentation when it came to softer vocals. I'm a huge fan of Glass Animals, and the singers soft, wafting vocal style absolutely shines with the Klein. As far as criticisms go? They are very minor and very specific. There's a snare roll in the background at times during Audioslave's 'The Last Remaining Light' that I had to listen for less with the M-DAC. Some detail is a bit more hidden, but this may be due to the fact that other details are more apparent, and make it more difficult to focus on one single section of music. That said, that song itself still sounded better than I'd heard it in the past, as the vocals from Chris Cornell had more body and conveyed more emotion than I'd previously heard. I would have to say that as far as improvements to the quality of my listening experience goes, the Klein III and Kraftwerk have made the most substantial improvement so far. I am a huge fan and definitely a convert to Clay's work. When the itch of upgrade-itis arrives again, it'll almost certainly mean me giving some money to Clay directly for the latest and greatest. For an idea of the songs I was listening to, these are a few of the ones that absolutely stood out as sounding better through the Klein: The Dillinger Escape Plan - Widower The Dillinger Escape Plan - Honeysuckle SBTRKT - Wildfire Doprah - Lucid Visions Lewis Del Mar - Loud(y) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus Alt-J - The Gospel of John Hurt Glass Animals - Cocoa Hooves Audioslave - The Last Remaining Light Muse - Thought Contagion Rage Against the Machine - Guerilla Radio STRFKR - Maps
  8. Edited the above post to drop the price. I wasn't sure of the worth on this one and may have not priced it as aggressively as I'd planned, so I dropped it to $100.
  9. Item: Audiolab M-DAC Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $500 Item Condition: Near new, 9/10 Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is my much loved Audiolab M-DAC. The reviews speak for themselves on this one, with What HiFi giving it 5 stars and a few awards here and there. It is in great condition, with no visible markings or scratches that I can find. It has been working absolutely perfectly for me, but it's now become surplus to my needs and needs to find a new home. As with my other listings, I am happy to deliver to a reasonable range in Sydney (or the route from my home to Sydney) if you are willing to wait until my next trip. I have the original packaging and paperwork, am happy to send at buyers cost. For calculating any postage, the dimensions of the box are 48cm x 35cm x 15cm, and it weighs approximately 4.2kg. For anyone that isn't familiar with this DAC, here's a link singing it's praises: https://www.whathifi.com/audiolab/m-dac/review Pictures:
  10. Hi conno, these are active speakers. The only connection to the speaker itself is the power cable. The audio signal is fed to the speaker wirelessly from the Hub, which accepts USB, optical, coax and RCA inputs.
  11. Item: Dynaudio Xeo 6 + Xeo Hub Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $2300 Item Condition: Good condition Reason for selling: Not getting as much use out of them as expected, and they are too large for the room I have them in. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm considering parting with my Dynaudio Xeo 6 speakers and accompanying Xeo Hub, as they're spending far too much time not being used. I don't have anywhere near enough experience to describe the speakers properly, I can just say they sound damn good to me. I spend a much larger amount of time in front of my PC, so use headphones often and am considering a near field set up instead of dedicated speakers in a separate room. I'm able to transport the speakers to Sydney as I travel there frequently, or elsewhere if you're not too far out of the way. Postage options are limited at best as I live in a pretty rural area, nearest pack and send is 1h45m away. If you're interested please send me a PM and we can hopefully work something out. Find the product page here: https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-6 Note: On close inspection taking photos I have noticed that some of the matte covering on the Hub has been removed, it appears that it has been wiped with something too abrasive. This in no way affects the function, but I have reduced the price accordingly. Pictures:
  12. Item: iBasso IT-03 IEM Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $150 + Postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Includes original box, leather case, 1 set of S/M/L foam tips. Also has some of the original tips, but none of the large ones. Clearing out some unused items to funnel the money back into other audio gear. I got what I think was a pretty good price on some of this gear, so I'm passing it on at what I hope is a good price. I live in rural NSW so postage will be most likely required. I do travel to Sydney somewhat frequently so if you're not too far away I can always deliver within reason. Pictures:
  13. Item: ALO Reference 8 2-Pin to 3.5mm cable Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $190 + Postage Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Product info here: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/products/alo-audio-reference-8-upgrade-iem-cable please note this is the 2-Pin to 3.5mm version Clearing out some unused items to funnel the money back into other audio gear. I got what I think was a pretty good price on some of this gear, so I'm passing it on at what I hope is a good price. I live in rural NSW so postage will be most likely required. I do travel to Sydney somewhat frequently so if you're not too far away I can always deliver within reason. Pictures:
  14. Item: Cayin N5 Music Player Location: West Wyalong, NSW Price: $100 + Postage Item Condition: Fair Reason for selling: Not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Clearing out some unused items to funnel the money back into other audio gear. I got what I think was a pretty good price on some of this gear, so I'm passing it on at what I hope is a good price. I'm including the accessories I received with the player, which are a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, charging cable and a case. I live in rural NSW so postage will be most likely required. I do travel to Sydney somewhat frequently so if you're not too far away I can always deliver within reason. Pictures:
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