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  1. Snrub

    SOLD: FS: Audiolab M-DAC

    I paid around $800 for mine a little while back. This is a bargain for a great sounding and feature filled DAC. GLWTS
  2. Mine arrived DOA. Unrecognised USB device on multiple computers with multiple cables. Was cheap enough that I'm not too fussed, can't be bothered with the warranty claim.
  3. Snrub

    price drop - Audiolab M-Dac

    This is a fantastic dac, and the built in headphone amplifier is no slouch at all. I've had one for quite a while now and used it to run headphones, powered monitors, and as a dac to supply wireless speakers, never missed a beat.
  4. For $10 USD delivered it's hard not to give this a go. I have a DragonFly Black that I use occasionally, looking forward to seeing how they compare. Thanks for pointing this one out.
  5. Snrub

    FS: Nordost Wyrewizard HDMI 3M

    Interested in the USB Regen and 1x Regen Links. PM Sent
  6. Christ those are gorgeous, regretting spending my money on other things right now. GLWTS
  7. That's some good buying there. I almost threw my name down for this just for the bargain factor even though I've no need for it.
  8. Snrub

    FS: Final Audio TOTL E5000 IEM's

    If there's anyone on the fence about these, they are pretty fantastic for the price new, let alone second hand. I trialled a bunch of in ears including campfire, bottom range A&K, Noble and preferred the final audio range the most. I went with the E4000's due to budget constraints but the E5000's were the better IEM, very enjoyable, musical sound.
  9. Snrub

    FS: Copper Colour Penny V Power Cables

    I'll take the AU plug! PM sent
  10. I have the mk1 version of this amp and love it to bits, it produces an absolutely addictive sound, sugar coated transparency. Out of curiosity what have you upgraded to?
  11. I've only recently dipped my toes into speakers, having spent the majority of my short time as an audiophile focusing on a desktop headphone setup. That said, I recently had an opportunity to listen to some KEF LS50 Wireless speakers and had my wee little mind blown. Being of the same mindset as it seems you are (set and forget) I impulse bought some Dynaudio Xeo 6 speakers ( https://www.dynaudio.com/home-audio/xeo/xeo-6 ) with a Dynaudio Hub second hand. I paid $2600 which to me seemed like a bargain. From my limited experience so far, I couldn't be happier. While I haven't had a chance to experience them in a properly set up listening room like I did the LS50W, I am loving the sound they are able to produce, and the simplicity that they provide. I happen to have a DAC with a jitter free optical out, which can feed into the Hub. I can then have the speakers set up anywhere in my house and control them via the remote, while the hub sits on my desktop streaming wirelessly to the speakers. If you keep an eye out for a good deal (or haggle something like this down a bit and get a Connect box) you could feed a turntable and laptop / server / streamer into the Connect box and have an easy, set and forget setup that has a lot of mobility.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely audition PS500's as it sounds like they might be right up my alley. I hadn't tried LCD-X's as at the time the LCD-2C were at the peak of my budget. I'll add them to the list!
  13. Hi Folks, After some suggestions from anyone involved in the head-fi game. I currently have an Audiolab M-DAC feeding a pair of LCD-2C and have very recently got my hands on some Alessandro MS2 (Slightly altered Grado's). I initially spent some time at Minidisc sampling headphones and settled on the LCD-2C because they just spoke to me with several of my audition songs. I have enjoyed every moment with the LCD-2C but as this hobby seems to have a habit of doing, I have the itch to move on. Since having the Alessandro's, I have found that they manage to convey a lot more of a natural, enjoyable, and more energetic tone with guitars - the LCD-2C seem to set these ranges slightly to the rear. I find the LCD-2C to be the better headphone with a decent amount of my listening which involves any kind of electronic, pop, or rap, and they are clearly the more technically capable headphone. However the Alessandro MS2 seem better when it comes to enjoying the other half of my listening which is alternative, rock, or metal due to the sound of the guitars and drums aside from kick bass. I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations as to a headphone that might walk the fine line that allows me to enjoy all my music equally? I settled on the LCD-2C before I tried any other planars, aside from the Aeon Flow Opens which sounded a bit too warm and fuzzy for my tastes. I also haven't tried any of the higher end Grado's, or spent time with any of the really higher end headphones as my budget at the time maxed at the $1k mark. Anybody have any headphone recommendations that I should shortlist for when I take the time to head into Sydney and sit down at Minidisc? Also open to Amp / Headphone pairings that might be up my alley as I'm in a position where I can start to pick and choose from some higher end gear. Cheers!