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  1. I run a set with a Sunfire and am very happy with the result. $1600 is a bargain.
  2. I have gotten a quote online from Allied Express for $385 not including insurance. You're a long way from Casino lol
  3. Hi Maxxx, I will contact a freight company tomorrow and enquire as to the cost. Dan
  4. Item: Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20 Location: Casino NSW near Lismore Price: $1500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsized to other speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I have wasted a month holding these speakers for two different buyers on eBay so I have reduced the price here hoping for a quick and easy sale. The speakers are immaculate, finished in real rosewood. One of the best loudspeakers I have heard at any price. These come with boxes and toolkit and can be freighted. Originally retailed for over $4500. Pictures:
  5. I run these same cables. Only cable that ever outperformed them that I owned was XLO type 5. Much less stiffer than XLO and a dead set bargain for the price.
  6. You won't know what really works without testing it in your room, as the room and positioning of the sub can make a huge difference. I ran an NHT 10" sub with my GR10's which worked great until I moved house. I was never able to integrate it well in the next place due to the shape of the room. I then ran a Sunfire True Sub with my GR20's which has worked well in my current room possibly because of the bass exiting the sub in multiple directions, making placement less critical.
  7. $2000 plus freight without plinths. The speakers have inner and outer boxes so they can be freighted with a weight boxed of around 80kg for the pair.
  8. Lol the plinths weigh as much as the speakers. I can sell without the plinths if desired.
  9. Item: MONITOR AUDIO GOLD REFERENCE 20 ROSEWOOD Location: CASINO Price: $1750 including $50 donation Item Condition: CLOSE TO NEW AS YOU CAN GET Reason for selling:Downsized to Strada 2...and a Sunfire. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For Sale is a rare pair of Monitor Audios last high end speakers from Britain. The handmade Gold Reference series was their top range series with improved "golfball" C-cam drivers, proprietary gold anodized C-Cam tweeter, zero crossover midrange, and superior speaker enclosure when compared to the much cheaper Bronze series (which still aren't bad value either tbh). These are in excellent condition, finished in real rosewood and complete with boxes, toolbox. I've heard and owned many speakers over the years (Duntech, Infinity, Magneplanar, etc) and settled on these because they offered the best balance given my wide tastes in music. These have been mine since new, and are every bit as good as reviews say. Only going as a speaker downsize was needed as part of renovations, and I had sold my GR10 bookshelf version years ago. I have also listed a power amplifier to really drive these speakers. If purchasing both I can figure out a package deal. The speakers retailed for around $4500. Considering other speakers here around $1750 not much will touch them for performance or value. You will not see a pair in this condition, in Rosewood, again. Freight possible as I have the boxes. If picking up I will include two custom made solid black granite plinths (valued at $350)...cos' there's no whay I'm posting them! Pictures:
  10. Item: Pro-ject DS2 Power Amplifier Location:Casino Price: $500 Item Condition: AS NEW Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For Sale is a Pro-ject power amplifier rated at 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Small, power efficient and low heat. This amp was purchased as part of an upgrade but ended up not being needed due to a change to smaller speakers (the original speakers are also listed for sale). This is the improved DS2 Power Amplifier with eucalyptus side panels, upgraded, thickened PCBand copper tracks, seperate power supply and pass through to run a subwoofer or two in case your amp has no subwoofer output. Comes with boxes, books, etc as it was only used for about 3 hours. It made a huge difference to the bass response and speed on my floorstanding speakers without adding anything else in the way of colouration (running off my less powerful Bel Canto Integrated amp). Retailed for $950 with the optional panels. Selling for $500 including $20 donation. This is a bargain at almost half retail price and would suit a new buyer. Postage Australia wide would be around $30. I can package the amplifier with the speakers (Monitor Audio GR20) as a deal if interested. Pictures:
  11. Those Toslink inputs are inset about 2mm into the chassis which can't be seen front on. If I try and plug in one of my better opticals they always wont fully insert as the collar of the plug hits the plate (the rear panel)and wont allow the Toslink connector itself to make a solid connection.
  12. New or second hand? If it's second hand, JBL used to make a range called Performance Series that featured huge main loudspeakers with detatchable 14" powered subwoofers called PT800's. If your taste just runs to rock and blues these would make you very happy. Physically impressive too. Your Emotiva would only be driving the tops which were an array of titanium domes to cones. The subs take care of themselves. Big older Infinity Kappas are good too as would be Duntech Barons partnered with a decent subwoofer, or Dunech Regents (if you can get them), and if you dont mind a pair of vertical coffins covered in black grillecloth standing in your living room. I run Monitor Audio Gold Reference loudspeakers currently, they excel at rock, very dynamic. Would be worth checking out their current premium line if you are looking at new speakers. That being said...I'm upgrading to a pair of Gallo Strada 2's with a pair of small to mid sized subs, Earthquake Supernovas, REL, Velodyneish type subs...which also rounds out around 7 grand.
  13. Hi all, Just wondering if any other Bel Canto C5i owners out there have ever experienced issues getting a toslink cable that fits into the sockets on the back of the amp? The C5i has a metal plate on the rear that only allows for a long narrow toslink plug. Any "normal" high quality toslink cable that has a big thick collar and plug body where the toslink connector pokes out will not fit as the plate prevents the plug being fully inserted. Unfortunately that only leaves the option of using a cheap toslink connector for $5. I was able to find online a decent quality but no name brand 50cm toslink that fits, but I've always wondered if there is a better option out there as that lead was still only a few bucks. Any advice?
  14. Best value audio purchase: A Meridian 200 CD transport partnered with a Proceed Phase 3 D/A converter. My boss traded it in in the late 90's for $650 and was nice enough to give it to me for the trade in price. Best purchase sound wise: Would be a toss up between my first speakers which were AR93AU Acoustic Research, mainly because they got me into stereo in the first place. My old Ohm boxes fitted with Infinity drivers (still love the Emit), because they were my first speaker build, or my current speakers Monitor Audio Gold Reference 20 because 15 years after I bought them they still amaze me.
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