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  1. Hi Greennick, welcome! This is a great forum with scads of info and opinions, but we all love our music! Though some may seem to love their equipment even more... hehehe. I have had the pleasure of hearing $100K + systems (and more!) at a mate's place, and the difference between an excellent home system that you enjoy daily and the ultimate can be not so far apart on a budget with careful choices. I tend to agree with George of Lightspeed Attenuator fame (very active and knowledgeable in this community) that whatever your source, make it the best possible. Then you are 1/3 the way there! (that is paraphrasing his quote). Enjoy and experiment, and get out there and listen to some different systems is my advice. Cheers, Jonathan
  2. Sorry to hear your situation, and also welcome. I have had to sell/give away things including precious audio equipment several times in my life, and some recently. But enjoyment of music is foremost, and important to remember. Keep listening to music for it will help you through tough times too. Cheers, Jonathan
  3. Hi Eugene and Welcome. I just recently moved to Tas, housesitting/animal sitting until we find our spot. I had a brief meet up with Anthony Holton of Holton Audio in Launceston on the way down south....(we are currently in the Cygnet area). Great bloke and very nice handbuilt SS amplifiers. 😉 All the best with your build. (And audio build too!)
  4. Aye Laddies, I've been around for a long long year, ..... but only 54 to this date! And of course, not only the degrees matter, it's the humidity! (in my brain?...)... I don't care what folks say, 28C with high humidity is as bad as 46C in dry, it's HOT... and where's my refreshing beverage!?
  5. Hi All, I also joined SNA last year, and have been lurking around...time to say G'day. Great info here. Thank you all. I am often enjoying music at home, not so much in the car, and I would say I am more old school I guess... . I have an assortment of old(15 yrs) and older refurbished (30 years! + actually totally re-designed) components. I am less of a Techie, just want to enjoy the sounds. I tell myself that anyway. For example 'my newest' piece of equipment is a Marantz CD-42 (Chassis only) with 8x TDA1543 and usb input, built by some smart dude in the UK. Acquired 6 months ago. And it plays CDs to boot. I am amazed at the continuing "progress" with cables and improvements in Sound Quality when applied to my modest system, and though limited in funds, am experimenting with "new" cables, etc., and what a difference it can make. Not all good! but... that is the fun of this hobby. Look forward to hearing/reading from you, and I will post some queries I have concerning older equipment, working, but worth doing up or.... not. etc.. . Cheers and Happy Listening Jono (Akjono is for Alaska Jono... yes, where I resided for many years... and dream about when it is over 30C!)
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