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  1. Great to hear Ryan, enjoy the site - there is a lot of it about. Best Jono
  2. Hi and Welcome to SNA.... lots to see the site. Enjoy the music, and movies!
  3. Welcome Arluk to SNA. Much to explore here. Lots of bird like behaviour everywhere.... . I was in Qld Sunny Coast Hinterland, and moved to TAS over 2 years ago. I do miss the bird life there, so many 'songs'.... The Catbird's call amongst the most bizarre... sounds like a baby wailing!
  4. Hi Ray and welcome to SNA. Very important to post your query or issue on the appropriate forum/subforum for a variety of reasons. Efficiency being one of them. So my first advice is to take time and familiarize yourself with the site as it is quite vast, and you will surely get some specific advice (or something!) when posting correctly. Cheers Jono
  5. Hi Phil and Welcome... . Enjoy the site... there is a lot of it of great experience and information. (and then there is the rest of us too! )
  6. @blakey72 the OP - I say unto you, a few years ago I thought that my new purchase of a few more power cords will just flesh out my system and being 'affected by' the general wisdom I put the new and more expensive "shielded" etc cord on my Amp (SS by the way) and it was ok. Not great, but.... gave it a while. After a few weeks, I switched it with the CD player/DAC cord and it was noticeably the best combo. By a country mile. Let us know how you go. Cheers.
  7. Very nice drum mixing/mic set up. Definitely puts you in the middle of the kit. 🙂 (Listening at low volume on headphones).
  8. Look forward to your findings, please keep us posted. RCA, then the fuse replacement. I haven't gotten to the defusing stage yet, but know that I will one day.
  9. Great Thread btw.... . I do agree with the OP that sound reproduction has reached a high level .... especially as regards to hi-fi equipment. I do find the "newer" technologies too compressed/whether recording techniques or post production and of course playback. With "newer" music the detail is often hyper-present, black background yes, but a loss of musicalness and sweetness or lushness of a song can be noticed. As @blakey72 stated above "that's not the only thing I want (from my system)". Compromises can be made with regards to many aspects in the chain (from musician to streaming or cd or
  10. Live vs Memorex: Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to listen to the TAS String Quartet at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery. (Good fortune as my neighbour planned to go with a friend down the street, but he had a family matter to attend to and It was offered to me on the day - and would I like to drive her new car. Yes Indeed! The Venue was an internal room approximately 14 x 28 mtr, wooden floor, high ceilings, not many people (120?) as we were spaced apart in 2s and 3s for Covid Rules. In a word - acoustic nightmare stuff. Program was Beethoven String Quartet, Barber
  11. @falcongtho1968"Now, I'm at a point, of doing/trying everything I can, to get the best from my digital setup." I Confess! I am also a big CD fan, and can attest that IC's (my experience is with RCAs) and power cords can make a difference. Glad to hear you ordered a Bill's RCA cable, I do not own one but have friends who do and are happy with the difference in sound. It is not my Realm - But obviously the tube change ups can offer some sound signature differences. I am not sure if you stated more specifics before, as in the description above, "get the best" out of your
  12. Sorry to hear of this behaviour. I have been an SNA member for about 3 years now and have never bought or sold any items yet. As said above, this is NOT gummytree people. Flippers should be flogged, Stampeded upon by large mob of Angus, then flogged again. Just a suggestion. I have passed along gear for free to enthusiasts gear that I received for free or cheap, that just needed a power cord, or just a complete re cap etc. (Big VU meters-- so sweet!). Also when I have sold vehicles and the first phone call is at 6 am obviously from a dealer who lowballs a very well priced car w
  13. That mhdt labs NOS 1543 Dac looks great @heman_. "Cheap and Cheerful" as we say Down Under. Great price so can't go wrong... might as well contact him/her and see if they will post to you. Unless you have some 3rd Cousins twice removed there in Ontario! Above the Border Patrol was received quite well in the day....(just some years back). Must be a good reason for it! Good luck on the search.
  14. lcas06 is the Ebay seller's name. UK style so 240V not 120V American style so may not work for the OP. But.... works for us Down Under. He has (had) various electronic equipment, including stand alone Dacs, but mainly cd players (with mostly 1541, 43, 45, 47, and 49) with NOS mods, new capacitors, etc, and sometimes digital input via USB, as mine is, but also he has produced units with optical/Coax inputs with the TDA1541 chip. Also a few years ago he did have some players with aptx bluetooth fitted in. (In old Sony and Marantz units - very Retro/Restomod style!) Exchange rate was
  15. Great to hear more descriptions of some of these oldskool DAC chip choices - and the small businesses making them - especially Abbas Audio stuff 😉 .... I am about to suggest to a mate to go for the DAC Z or Abbas 0.1SE... (not the more pricey ones, as $ is a factor). Also nice to hear more precisely of this DAC Z iteration of TDA1543 implementation. Not having heard these, but I have corroborated with @MattyW a while ago regarding this subject, and having myself an NOS TDA1543 DAC / CD 'custom' player from UK, I can attest that it is possible (with this chip implemented well) to h
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