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  1. Hi Stu, Great pics....very spacious design.... simple routes, and separate power supplies, nice. And that is a helluva preamp! Functional sounds like. I have an old Re-Worked Cd player, Says Marantz, but just the chassis, and inside has the Dac chips in parallel to give good output with no op-amps too. I bought it from a dude in UK! Clean sound, "Analogue sound", a friend said of it, and he liked it too. How much would you say the sound from the CD player changed after you worked on it? More clarity, soundstage, Bass, Mid, upper ranges? etc.. . I would be happy to hear about it. It is a fun hobby for sure. There is a preamp type invention by an Aussie here, Lightspeed Attenuator, which I have not heard, but it regulates via light and not contact points. Anyhow, I do like how your projects are all open and ready to be tinkered with if need be! More later, Jonathan
  2. Hi Stu, Welcome to SNA, and totally love the DIY, the recycling, and experimental aspect. Very cool. What is your source, or sources? I can't tell from the pics. Streaming? Computer? Cd? Vinyl player? 8 track tape? Send pics please of that too! Mo' later, nighttime in Oz now. Jonathan
  3. HI Paul, Sounds like you did get into this quickly, ie- one year and all that gear. Enjoying your LPs I imagine. My "recent" prompt to propell me back into hi fi (lo mid hi fi) 16 or so years ago was to find a pair of infinity infinitessimal 0.1 speakers for free. I plugged them into the 'old school' system (not mine) at the house I was living at the time, and it blew away the Big Fancy Speakers in that set up. So I researched it a bit and they had double voice coil 5 inch woofers, and a planar tweeter. Amazing sound. I ended up in a few years with a hafler amp and preamp, and an old harmon kardon cd player. Cd player had killer bass, very good soundstage, and slightly deficient high end, but I was digging the overall sound. I do not have any of that equipment today except the speakers, and they are awaiting some new capacitors and time to work on them. I gave away most of it, as that is what helped me get into music, and some of the old stuff still has magic in it. Enjoy the site, and music most of all! Cheers, Jonathan
  4. Ok, I will bite on this one.... 1) Do you believe in using upgraded power cables for all you audio products. YES / NO 2) Do you make your own cables YES / NO a) Favourite brands of parts i) Cables ii) Connectors 3) Do you use the same brand / type of cables throughout yours system YES / NO 4) Do you have a favourite brand of cable YES/ NO. Brand / Type / List Up to 3 names or use web links if eBay generic shop cables but try to name etc ZU Audio 5) Price ranges of cables in your system Up to 200 Aus Dollars (Only one is that expensive, the rest under $120) 6) I have only tried Zu power cables and generic ones, and there is a noticeable difference. To my wife, to strangers, to unsuspecting musical friends over for dinner. I purchased them originally on Ebay, and then last year again a few more purchases. I do not have infinite money to spend on cables, but willing to experiment. I have a buddy with a very nice system, planar speakers etc, and when I replaced the power cable to his CD player, there was a noticeable but small increase in low end and soundstage ... he was flabbergasted as he made his power cable himself. Also he is an audio professional. 7) Success stores: My attitude is try it and if it is better, keep it in the system. I had the opportunity a few years ago to borrow some Equipment for a few weeks, mainly to test my own system. Musical Fidelity amp and pre, with heaps of Van rca + generic power cables, and was impressed that this system was a bit "thin" on sound. The cables contributed I reckon. I switched cables both rca and power cables from my system around, and concluded this. Shielding/impedance/contacts all make a noticeable difference. And as many agree, it can be extremely dependent on "System Synergy". Experiment away I say. Have fun and Enjoy the music.
  5. Hi Dirk, I just saw your message. And for sure it is hit or miss with old gear (with old electrolytics for example). And for sure, my humble opinion also, that after a certain true level of musical fidelity (vocal subtleties and cymbal decays are heard) escapes from your speaker to your ear, then the room dynamics need to be addressed with treatments etc. . . I am currently in South Tasmania, near Hobart, but we are housesitting "around" to find our power spot. It is a beautiful place for sure. Cheers. Jonathan
  6. Welcome and enjoy! I almost bought a few items in the classifieds here, but mostly read different forums. There is a wealth of experience and information from members here on SNA. And of course if a member is moving up the chain, there can be deals to be had. Also checking out equipment first in your setup is helpful too.
  7. Welcome Gary, Video Killed the Radio Star..... . Enjoy the site.
  8. Welcome Dirk, Yes, Big Meters, why not! Storytime: 1 year ago I found at a garage sale old SAE Amp, with big meters, and a preamp as well. Dude said they ran up until he replaced it five years before. Just sitting in a garage, dry. I told him I would take them for free, as they were covered in dust and cobwebs. Well, I went home vacuumed them, and played them for five hours. Amazing as they are from the early/mid 70's. I was going to make a second system, but we moved, so I gave it to a lad at the local computer shop who is into music. I prefer Solid State myself. No laughter here regarding your system, as enjoying what comes out of the equipement is the function of said objects. Though yeah, if you are going to plunk down four or five digits for an Amp, it better be sweet looking too. Amen
  9. Hi and welcome to Game of Sounds... . Lots of great information here, experience, and of course opinions a la mode. Enjoy.
  10. Welcome Dan, and be careful what you ask for! Enjoy the site, lots of great discussions and information here.
  11. Hi Adam, welcome, and enjoy the ride!
  12. Hi Raymond and welcome, It sounds like you are going to build an entire system mate. All I can say is that agree with some of the long timers here that when you start with your source you are 1/3 of the way there! As you are in Melbourne you probably can try out a few Turntables before the big hifi show, and get overwhelmed with options there. Have fun and enjoy the music.
  13. Hi and Welcome Joshua, I was lurking a while before I signed up with this mob! Lots of incredible knowledge, experience, and oh yes, opinions. Hehehe. Looks to be a tidy and very nice setup you have. As you stated some changes you made to the system were regrettable, but as there are a fair few members in that area I am sure you can try before you buy if you go pre-loved. Also as I have only a few times in the last 10 years experimented with changing out cables to experiment, I was very suprised and satisfied at the changes. Enjoy!
  14. Hi Greennick, welcome! This is a great forum with scads of info and opinions, but we all love our music! Though some may seem to love their equipment even more... hehehe. I have had the pleasure of hearing $100K + systems (and more!) at a mate's place, and the difference between an excellent home system that you enjoy daily and the ultimate can be not so far apart on a budget with careful choices. I tend to agree with George of Lightspeed Attenuator fame (very active and knowledgeable in this community) that whatever your source, make it the best possible. Then you are 1/3 the way there! (that is paraphrasing his quote). Enjoy and experiment, and get out there and listen to some different systems is my advice. Cheers, Jonathan
  15. Sorry to hear your situation, and also welcome. I have had to sell/give away things including precious audio equipment several times in my life, and some recently. But enjoyment of music is foremost, and important to remember. Keep listening to music for it will help you through tough times too. Cheers, Jonathan
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