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  1. Hey @Yetiman, which chipset is in this unit; Wofson 8741 or pcm1704 ? Just wondering. Thanks.
  2. Exactly! What....?? You raised many points Dave, I will just address this: Yes I totally agree the ear is very sensitive to level differences at low frequencies. And the "Claim" that the ear is most sensitive at 3 khz is an average, or median measurement. Like the seats in airplanes. Does not fit any one human on the planet, but is engineered for an "average" of the total human stature possibilities. In other words=fits no one. Also very cool experiment @QuinnInSydney. .. See I am not crazy, or... we are both crazy in the same way! hehehe. The paradox is that every hu
  3. My 2 cents: Car is worth what someone is willing to pay. Looking online on the ...tree or the other one IS indicative of what is out there and the Asking price. $5K sounds reasonable as a place to start to me. Also pics show relative condition in relation to the price. Not what is actually being paid. As @Old Man Rubber stated, just a couple of wear points may make the car attractive in a much lower bracket. Wheel bearings needing attention in a few months, exhaust sounds ok but Cat is on the way out...etc.... . When I was in the market for a used car I scanned for a few makes and years, and t
  4. I just found and enjoyed reading this thread. For me as an Ex-drummer Bass is the foundation of music. I am very tuned to the attack and decay of percussion and Bass, and the tone. Not flabby Noise as seen in the Subaru WRXs of this world, etc.... . (I played both kit and Hand drums -African Djembe playing traditional West African songs. Not playing anything lately except attempting guitar now and then.) Just recently I was in a rural newsagency shop and some music was playing at low volume. After about a minute I could recognize notes in the music but not the song (99% chance it
  5. akjono


    Hi Craig - Welcome to SNA. It is a great site with lots to explore. Everyone here loves the Hi Fi. Mid-Fi not so sure, but Mid-Fi equipment that looks and sounds Hi-Fi at Low-Fi prices. Cool. I also like Sci-Fi. Live long and prosper.
  6. It has been too many years since I had that experience. Or was in a room with a system that included a cassette player. I'm ready now.
  7. Hi Ya'll, seems this thread is becoming a TDA154X Dac love fest.. with updated electronics of course. I'm All In!.....And "Room Treatments" too. No one here would say it does NOT matter. Oh wait, maybe there are a few. Hehehe. As the OP @Berkel stated he preferred vinyl in his comparisons so far with 2 different sounding CD players, most of us grew up with vinyl, and 8 track, and cassette, etc.. . ( I do too btw, but not in the cards at this stage of life). So we have that vinyl sound imprinted in us from years ago, and for me cassettes (at that time) were also essential for regula
  8. Nice write up @Berkel btw, and no, I do not find it strange to listen to just a few musical pieces when comparing equipment. The CD players have their own Pro's and Con's, and nice to hear that you compared it to spinning the LP. Very good comparison. I also enjoy vinyl, though it is not in my setup at the moment. Very engaging way to enjoy music. I DO WANT to know how the Rotel RCD855 sounds! (And others do too!) So please to put that in the mix this week and let us know. Remember too that the Rotel is 30 years old in January. So if it sounds to your liking, as many of us here do, t
  9. Hi @Berkel, I am following this thread as my is my interest in particularly Cd replay. How's your "new unit" sounding to you? I happen to have bought one of those cd players modded by the UK fellow mentioned above in Kirk's post, though one without tubes. I am very satisfied with it, and this particular unit has also a usb input, so can use as a standalone DAC. Anyhow, I have been astonished really at some older CD players and their ability to sound decent or excellent Unmodded even though the electronics are not up to par because of age: capacitors etc.. post 20 years will (ahem usually
  10. yes @aussievintage I remember from my childhood.... Restaurants, my dad played it... seemed it was around everywhere for a few years at that time in the 70s.... . And yes, not Jazz, but not funk, hard to categorize. Love those horns!
  11. Kia Ora Henry, and welcome to SNA. Enjoy the site.
  12. Great score. How do they sound @Bisguittin? I was at a garage sale 2 years back and the owner was moving fast, had some old SAE gear, 120V, with a small transformer, and said what would I pay. I asked first does it work and he said," yes when I ran them last time." When I asked how long ago that was he said over 10 years. So I passed. Then the following weekend he was garage sailing again and I stoped by. The equipment was there, and I said I would take it away for free.... And if I did not keep them and fix em up that I would give them away for free. So- the Amp and
  13. @aussievintage Detail it is! As in the "Devil is in the details". I can live with that. Accuracy can be more subjective in regards to music, I agree for a multitude of reasons, distortion as you said one of them. I will be seeing a mate in the next few days with a new addition, a dac, for his system, the Denafrips Ares 2.... his "old dac" is from 2013. Even the usb connection technology has made lightspeed evolution since then. It will be Interesting... .
  14. To contribute to the OP's question - I do know that I myself enjoy greater accuracy - details in a recording. Subtle nuances and spatial information of soundstage, not only more Bass and scintillating vocals and higher highs etc. . I also assume that my system without a Dac can sound fine and enjoyable. (In the past I had a cassette player and turntable set up with the same components). I cannot answer why others like to spend $1000s on Dacs or etc... . I do know that many folks are bamboozled by stats and extremely low distortion as stated above. And of course the latest and greatest. But if
  15. Hi Mike, Welcome. .... How's it going so far? Lots of information here. I am from the "Source first" school. Ha ha ha... But Speakers are so important! Gotta build around that. ... Just playin' ,,,,,,, there are as many ways to sing as there are people on the planet. Enjoy the music.
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