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  1. Just wanted to share a hearty recommendation for Bright Star Audio's Isonode dampening feet. I had my speakers spiked into bamboo, but wondered if these would reduce the sound transmitted to the bedroom directly below. They have. And they've made the bass on my Rega P5s sound noticeably tighter (I'm running a Cambridge CXN > Rega Elicit R). I haven't tested them against other commercial alternatives like sorbothane etc. I assume there isn't too much difference TBH. But I did compared them to my spiked setup, to rubber doorstoppers from bunnings, and in the case of
  2. Thanks everyone; really appreciate the input!
  3. Hey team. I have an XLR output (from Cambridge CXN) and I'm going to run it into an RCA input (Schiit Vali 2 which I'm using as a pre-amp). I'm running the cable about 5m. My question is: should I run 2 separate XLR cables, then use XLR>RCA adaptors on each? Or should I just grab a 2>1 XLR adaptor or cable, run one quality cable, then split it into 2 RCAs. The cable will be going through a wall and will run reasonably close to some power and ethernet cables etc so there will be some noise to shield, but since it's not going to end up being balanced anyway, I figure 1 cable i
  4. Hey folks I'm after a smallish integrated or power amp for desktop setup. I'd LOVE a Brio but similar stuff definitely considered. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the thoughts mate. For the record, I went ahead and bought the Burson Bang and ran the Schiit Audio Vali 2 as a pre-amp. Together they have plent of power. The Vali has a high output mode, which i couldn't imagine switching on -- and the Kann is set to 0.7V line-out but could go up to 2V. The sound is a bit muddy at the moment, but I think that has a lot to do with the room and placement in a corner on hardwood floors, which i'm working on changing.
  6. Further information: Premium hand-woven 8-strand balanced silver-plated copper cable with 2.5mm balanced out for DAPs like FiiO and Astell & Kerns. RRP $120.
  7. Further information: Great DAC as always from Cambridge. 24/192 Wolfson WM8742 chip. Small scratches on case as per photos but not very noticeable. Selling new at $330. Also selling a wonderful Musical Fidelity V90 headphone amp, and Schiit audio 6" RCA cables, which makes a good combo for $550-$600 all up. Photos:
  8. Further information: Great headphone amp with both analogue inputs and reclocking asynchronous 24/96 DAC. I've owned for 2 years. Bought from Carlton Audio Visual. Have box and original PSU. Beautiful metal case. Transparent, open sound and .25wpc into 320ohms. Suitable for 10-600ohm cans. 1/4 and 1/8 outputs. RRP $530. I also have a Cambridge Audio DacMagic100 and a pair of Schiit Audio 6 inch RCA cables available; would make a good combo for $600 all up.
  9. Hey team. I know this is obscure but given auditions aren't possible in Melbourne at the moment, I'm hoping to lean on your experience. I'm setting up a second system in dining room. - As a source, I have an Astel & Kern Kann streamer/HPA. - As speakers, i have lovely old KEF kit concertos. So i'm looking for an amp <$500. Leading options: - Burson Bang power amp. Can put my Schiit Vali 2 in as a pre-amp. $500 - Rega clamshell elex i found on Gumtree for $300. Any thoughts? Much appreciated
  10. Item: Looking for a rack w/ 3 levels. To accommodate Rega Elicit R + Cambridge CXN + headphone amp etc. Price Range: <1k Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: In Melbourne Thanks!
  11. I have one too and I think it's my favourite possession also! SO great
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