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  1. @Bengineer You can get Audeze LCD-3 for $2k?? I can not find it under $3K
  2. Savage? Is this a good savage or a bad savage?
  3. I have an Auralic Altair G1. I listen in my lounge room. Budget is solely for Headphones Cheers Andy
  4. Hey all, I will listen to anything that is recorded well. But dont like country or reggae. Mostly listen to 80s metal, but also love listening to doof doof music. (I do like my bass) I am guessing that I will like closed as against open backed, but am up for options. I listen mostly to CDs as well as FLAC files (roughly 1TB) Cheers Andy
  5. Hey all, I am looking to spend $1000-1500 and am after my first set of HP's in 40 years. I have been recommended by 2 Hifi stores the TH610's Can I do better at this price point? Any more info, just ask Cheers Andy
  6. Thanks @Snoopy8 Got all of that. What cable(s) do I need to plug in DS720+ to connect it to SMS? Cheers Andy
  7. Hi guys, Am stuck at purchase stage. Was initially (12months ago) looking at sms200neo, Then was looking at Project Stream Box, Then a NAD C658, Then a Matrix Element I. Now I am looking back to the Sms200. Am going to buy a Synology DS720+ NAS Also, probably getting Kompakt DAC. Can anyone help me with the best way to connect the NAS to the SMS, then also the sms200 to the DAC. Am chasing sound quality. If this has already been discussed please direct me to it Also, will only be used to for music from the NAS (no streaming services
  8. So. I have looked at the 720+ and it looks pretty good. I heard of a QNAP NAS: https://www.mwave.com.au/product/qnap-ts253d4g-2bay-diskless-nas-intel-celeron-quadcore-20ghz-cpu-4gb-ram-ac35812 Would this be a better bet than the 720+? Can I really utilise the 2.5 GbE ethernet ports over the 1 GbE on the 720+? Cheers Andy
  9. Hi All, I am going to go the NAS route. Just after buying advice. Looking at 2 bays. Will be using linux mint. Maybe it is part of a bundle. Getting 2x4TB either WD Reds or Seagate Ironwolf's All help gratefully accepted Cheers Andy
  10. Cool. Can you tell me how old the unit is, and how many bays it has? Cheers Andy
  11. Hey all, Decided on going the NAS way of installing. Just going to buy a Synology DS118. Am only going to require 1-bay NAS as I am going to back my data on an external drive. Thank you for your help and suggestions Andy
  12. Hi all, I am purchasing a HDD Dock and will be using it as a source for my Flac files. They are currently on one of these: https://www.crucial.com/ssd/mx500/ct2000mx500ssd1 It is probably enough storage wise, but was wondering if I really need to update to something like a WD RED NAS Sata drive> Will it give me better sound quality? Cheers Andy
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