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  1. Hey @Jhsg Hi John, No, not as yet Good to know you're in Canberra. Curious as to what your rig consists of? Might make a trip up the clyde soon Cheers Andy
  2. @Snoopy8 So I should get the "non-play" version? https://www.synology.com/en-au/products/DS218
  3. @snoopy8 The "play" model of the ds218 is $60 cheaper than the 218
  4. Ok. Think I might invest in NAS, This one to be specific https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/Network-Storage-(NAS)/1-4-Bays/70441-DS218play?gclid=Cj0KCQjw-r71BRDuARIsAB7i_QNU1gTIYQrY53nwpg1pPubK-1tsdjXp30Ljmv1uj5geDWDoCUdHHMkaAnRdEALw_wcB Will talk to an IT Guru/music lover friend of mine, see what he thinks Cheers Andy
  5. Can anyone suggest a good/great dock? Cheers Andy
  6. I dont have a NAS (yet) so am guessing dock is going to suit my situation
  7. Ok guys. Have decided to buy the unit from my local (read Canberra) hifi store. Question: Now I need to find out how to store my local flac files. I think there are 3 options 1. On a USB stick, or 2. On a SSD HDD on a dock, or 3. On A NAS? Which one of these is the best for sound quality? Cheers Andy
  8. @snoopy8 OK, after an hour phone call to my local hifi store, I am now convinced that the C658 is the way to go. They have none in stock, and wont have any for two months (which I am happy to wait for) You have helped me in my search Cheers Andy
  9. @Snoopy8 are you still an advocate for Clayś DACs? The reason I ask is that I am toying with the idea of Fein II DAC with maybe SMS200? Or is the C658 the better option? Cheers Andy
  10. OK, so I am going in a different direction. Am going to use my old NAD 116 Pre and now intend to purchase a Node 2i. Just asking if I will be happy with this? Maybe you can suggest other products? I need RCA outs to power amp. The rest of my system includes PS Audio BHK250, and a Rega P2 (circa 1990) Thank you in advance Cheers Andy
  11. Ok, after some research, I think I am going to buy the C658. Now, just to find out where I am going to purchase it. Any suggestions? Cheers Andy
  12. Hi all, I am wanting to get into streaming and need your help. I rang a Hifi store. They suggested the Auralic Altair G1 ($3795) I need it to have pre-amp qualities. I can afford the Altair, but I have also been suggested the NAD C658. Will I be happy with the C658, or do I actually need to purchase the Altair? Or is there another option? My system consists of PS Audio amp powering Lenehan ML2 Ref´s. Will be playing local Flacś and also tidal. If you need more info please let me know. Thank you Andy
  13. Hey Dave, Thank you for your post. I am currently watching the fires around me. Onc the fires have died down, I might just come over the mountain and visit you. Cheers Andy PS. What speakers are you running?
  14. I had one of those when they first came out. Awesome amp. GLWTS
  15. Hi all. I dont know if this is the right place to post this, but I have 2 nicks, and want to delete one. How do I do this? Cheers Andy
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