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  1. OK @Snoopy8 does that make it three required? One for dock, one for sms200 and one for Fein DAC II ?
  2. Ok. Does that mean I need two of them (One for the dock and one for the sms200)? @Snoopy8 Cheers Andy
  3. @Bilbo Can you suggest one please? Cheers Andy
  4. I am looking into getting a better dock. Would this suit and do I need to spend that much? https://www.startech.com/au/HDD/Docking/usb-3-esata-docking-station~SDOCKU33EF Cheers Andy
  5. Thank you @Snoopy8 I am ok (I think) as I run linux. But I will check with others. Also, I will check out that other thread. 😃 Cheers Andy
  6. Hey guys, I dont have one yet but will be purchasing one early next year. I have a Crucial MX500 SSD and also one of these docks: http://blueendless.com/cn/productDetails.asp?proid=3 Is this a good starting point? Cheers Andy
  7. Hey all Just looking at opening a Tidal account, and noticed there are 2 prices -- 1. Premium at 11.99 per month, or 2. Hifi at 23.99 per month. Is it worth getting the Hifi version? Cheers Andy
  8. Was actually a sales person from a Hifi store
  9. I also have a question: I have been told that one should never turn volume dial past 12OĆlock. Is this true? Cheers Andy
  10. So, it looks like I will also be purchasing a Prima Luna EVO300 preamplifier. 😊 Cheers Andy
  11. Just curious, does he have the same system ? Is that the reason you want me to contact him? Cheers Andy 😉
  12. Hey @awayward, I would definitely be interested in coming to your place. 8hours each way but would love the trip Cheers Andy
  13. Hi all. So, my first foray into hifi began in 1997. Purchased NAD 116 preamp, 216 Power amp, Orpheus Aurora 3 floorstanders, Denon DCD1290 CD player, and a B&W AS6 Subwoofer. About 2 years ago my system died. Have been saving all my pennies for the last 5 years, and after careful consideration and research have pulled the trigger on a pair of ML2 Ref´s and matching stands, a BHK 250, XLRś, RCAś, and speaker cables from Mike. Also probably getting Fein DAC II from Clay. My local computer guy (he also loves hifi) will be building me a media centre like the SOTM sMS200 neo. Not only did Mike do the best price, but I rang him a few times for probably an hour each time. One question I am wanting to ask is my preamp is 20 years old (yet it gets good reviews on interwebs) both Mike and I believe it is the limiting factor in new system. Dont know budget as yet, but how much do I need to spend to get decent quality? I need phono stage (Rega Planar 2 TT) Also, need new/second hand CD player/ transport. Suggestions? Final question: Am really wanting to hear this system and was wondering if there was someone (close) that I could visit to hear this? I live on the NSW south coast and am willing to travel maybe as far as Coffs and maybe south to Melbourne(?). Happy coming to the Lenehan Audio family Cheers Andy
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