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  1. Hey all, Just letting you know that this quote/purchase is NOT set in stone. And, I am not only going to LWA.. I have 2 other shops I am going to. Keep your suggestions coming. But I am off to bed Cheers Andy
  2. I would spend less on a couple of things - but it is your system Ok what would you change?
  3. This is the quote from LWA for the system he suggests https://imgur.com/a/zojlGoe Can I do better?
  4. Hey guys. I have a dead system that needs updating. I have roughly 20K to spend. CD will probably be Musical Fidelity Amp will probably also be from same stable. Sub will either be JL Audio or REL. Speakers will be from Triangle. System will need to be able to not only play CDś but also either stream music via bluetooth or via USB connection. Your help in this situation would be great Cheers Andy If more info required please let me know
  5. Hey all, Just tested my CD player and it works fine. Am looking at getting Musical Fidelity M6Si Amplifier and possibly The DAC M6S. Just wondering if this DAC is worth the money, or if there is a better option? [Edit] Also, I should point out that not only will I need CD playback, but I would like to play my MP3's as well [/end edit] Cheers Andy
  6. Hi all. Am upgrading my sound system. Speakers will be: http://www.lenwallisaudio.com/products/speakers/main/u2 Amp will be: http://www.lenwallisaudio.com/products/amplifiers/integrated-amplifier/m6si-integrated-amplifier Currently I use an old (93/94 model) Denon CD player DCD 1290). Specs can be found here: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/denon/dcd-1290.shtml that has not had a play in maybe 10 years. Should I keep the Denon, or upgrade that. Dont know if I should go with a mid/high range CD player, or get a cheaper DAC / Transport Thanks for your help Andy
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