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  1. When I get around to it (read, sometime between now and when I die) plan to do all my audio power distribution via a custom made Neutrik power board. So all leads will be Neutrik at the power board end and C13 at the appliance end, or might change the appliance end over to Neutrik as well.. Probably Neutrik outlets on the wall via dedicated circuits back to the switchboard The reason why I want to go Neutrik, its probably the best affordable plug/socket connection on the market But this is not DIY. Licenced only.
  2. Turn off all single tap functions and only use double tap.. It's the only thing that saved me from throwing them in the bin.. They work quite well with the new FW.
  3. The live album of this was another one that turned up my Spotify feed a while back, phone was out of reach so didn't know who it was at first, thought it was SRV. If I owned this Album on vinyl, it would be well a truly worn-out by now. Spotify has also introduced be to Joe Bonamassa, still haven't worked out of I like him or not, good session player methinks... But he does well in Black Country Communion. Their live DVD goes off.
  4. All this information about what people earn in the NBN is useless unless it's compared to the same jobs in other telecommunications companies I haven't seen a massive chur of jobs to the NBN over the years so I don't think they are paying above average on the most part. Pay peanuts, get monkeys Very easy to earn 6 figures these days of you are qualified and work OT in the telecommunications sector (don't even need the OT)
  5. This popped up in my Spotify feed early last year and blew my feeble little mind, not just Tom Morello's playing, but the whole song Top stuff
  6. Yeah, that is hard to beat.. For the Love of God - Steve Vai (one take, the whole 6 mins) And the whole Joe Satriani Discography
  7. but he wasn't talking about a 15A circuit, he was talking about a circuit supplied by a 16A breaker that supplies a double 10A GPO where a 2 devices are drawing a combined amperage of 16A, which is possible and legal. My Kettle draws 9.2A and my toaster 4.5A having a electrician upgrade that Breaker to a 20A would be legal if the cabling is 2.5mm2 or above and is installed in air or In thermal insulation partially surrounded as per AS/NZS 3000:2018 incorrect, it is above 20A 2 15A outlets can be installed on one circuit as long as the cable is rated at 25A in i
  8. Had the a similar issue when the screen went off This fixed it https://eu.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-s10e-s10-s10-s10-5g/bluetooth-cuts-off-as-soon-as-device-locks/td-p/985172#:~:text=It's probably the 'Adaptive battery,hopefully it works for you.
  9. Hence why I believe its law now for all power boards sold in Australia to have a 10A cut off (CB) on them..
  10. Nothing to see here.. Just me rambling and miss quoting
  11. Found this today looking for something else. Olex are probably one of the biggest cable manufacturer in Oz and go far beyond making stuff to the letter of the law From their FAQ https://www.olex.com.au/eservice/Australia-en_AU/navigatepub_329993_-31694/Frequently_Asked_Questions.html What is the difference between a cord and a cable? There are two main differences between a cord and a cable. A cord includes conductor sizes up to and including 4mm2 and up to five cores, and is generally rated at 240/440 volts (although some heavy duty fl
  12. Discussing the ins and out of electrical safety and regulations is probably not kosher on a for sale post.. Lots of informative info here https://www.olex.com.au/eservice/Australia-en_AU/navigatepub_329993_-31694/Frequently_Asked_Questions.html
  13. Mate, stop speaking crap in other people for sale posts.. It is not cool and White Anting is against the rules. We are in Australia, not in the USA C19 plugs are rated at 16A in Australia The "Standard" plug that you pictured is a C15 and is not Standard, it is actually a high temperature plug and must be connected by high temperature cable The lead for sale here is only capable for supplying 10A as it has a 10A plug at the other end. This is quite common in Australia because manufacturers use C20 sockets in their equipment on switcha
  14. Further information: DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033 Cinema Sub room correction this is the single biggest improvement I have ever had in both my 2.1 and 5.1 systems, its was like night and day, used it on 4 different subs from VAF, Mirage, Whatmough and Rel and made a big different to all of them. extremely easy to set up, plug in the cables, mic and press calibrate and it does it all for you, then the setup is locked in the memory so it can be powered down. 5mt Mic and power supply supplied Although it says 'Cinema' it will work for dual subs in a mono c
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