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  1. On the contrary, This thread is about fibre optic Ethernet connections, if using a switch capabile of a fibre optic connection you will use a SFP port The DAC cables are a SFP connection at each end. Seeing running the Ethernet path through 2 switches seems to be the latest fad, so its very valid option The Etheregen switch runs a SFP slot too Basically this is the Ethernet version of toslink VS coax. If people are experimenting with what sound better, then using all the different speeds and modes of fibre and comparing the different speeds of DAC cables would have to be on the cards, hey, I have read one supplier's claims they can hear the difference between a 2mt and 3mt single mode patch lead (I think they were Flapping harder on one of the double blind test) BTW, 40G over twisted pair does exist
  2. $30? I have a heap here you can have them for $25, bargain! I will still make $20 profit on each Seeing Cat6 leads are cheap, if you are counting labour and materials, buying made ones is cheaper that making them in a Office and above size network. Not saying making is not an option, any one qualified can make them with no data issues , probably only worth it for runs where you need exact length down to the centimetre. Except on single connection installs or where someone else supplies the leads, I try to use ultra thin Cat6 cables these days, no thicker than a fibre patch lead, just so easy to patch and manage. Eliminates a fair bit of cable management in rack space, and rack space = money. But as mentioned here in this thread, this thread has go nothing to with price or even common sense, it's got to do with sound quality and as we all know, the things that shouldn't make a difference sometimes do.
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is and have been around for years (10G & 40G), although 100G and 400G copper do exist, we don't bother with copper as the fibre ones are just easier to work with and we have the power to play with Funny enough they are called DAC cables, Direct Attach Cables
  4. Ordered mine on Monday afternoon, arrived at work Thursday, picked them up today and just got them going.. Social mode, wow that's going to be a game changer.. So simple to turn social mode on and off, volume up and down and pause and play. As for sound, they sound great but I don't really have anything highend headphone wise to compare them too, all my head phone listening is in crappy environments, I have never listened to headphones for critical listening at home. Testing has only been with my S9+ and Spotify, and that's all they will probably ever get use for except when on a plane. The thing that caught me out is the Audio setting on the phone, I had profiles set up for adapt sound and eq on, this seem to translate with the testing and playing, I turned all that off and recalibrated and got a different shape on the app. Happy so far, let's see how they work in a data centre on Monday
  5. I think a lot here are looking at and comparing it to an audiophile product, myself and probably a majority of its buyers are probably not. Its very rare for me to do so, but competing for best is class for best sound is not a major concern for me, it's the mic capabilities in noisy environments, the Bluetooth plus wired capability and ANC. Sound is almost the last thing.. (but the better, the better) The only place I will use these are on the job and in a plane where critical listening isn't that important to me. I think if are worried 'only' about sound quality, these are not for you. Is there another inner ear earphone that does Bluetooth and wired? Thats what sold me. Anywho, ordered a pair last night. Will know shortly.
  6. v1.10 has just been released and it's a game changer.. It's a full rewrite of the OS, where before this it was based on the XMC-1 The interface and switching delays have gone, it's fast. Some people have said the 2ch has gotten even better. I have be thinking of moving mine along or returning it under the 30 day money back guarantee once Dirac ships, but this is enough for me to say it will be staying Now bring on Dirac!
  7. Ahhh, don't you just love tracking cookies... Jumped on to Facebook straight after I posted the above and what was the first sponsored ad on my Facebook feed.. A review for nuraloop https://www.slashgear.com/nura-nuraloop-review-the-sound-of-custom-earbuds-without-the-price-14620476/?fbclid=IwAR0DVw_nf4W8zFBad4vYwuorK7qXSxvHv7l9f6Gqhq3aXPIr0ML2r_taJ1M It's not a bad review actually.. Might wait until the first month to see what problems surface, if any But I think I am sold.
  8. I know it's been only a day or 2 since some of you have received them.. I am very keen to hear from anyone who have used them in noisy environments and how well the active noise cancellation and phone mic works (they have both out those, yes?) I work in Data Centres a fair bit and my old LG round the neck earbuds did a rather good job in both.. I lost them just in Aug last year and have been waiting for for these to come out to replace (have a cheap set that do OK on the cancellation, but crap on the phone mic)
  9. hop in your Deloren and go back to 2014 and ask the original poster to change it
  10. It was me... And I have desided to keep them, with the right gear and getting the room sorted they really sing.. Have a pair of Ambience ribbons FS though
  11. Slow as buggery.. We are talking 15 seconds between changes, that's the latests FW v1.9.. Really annoying But just heard it's fixed in beta testing of the next FW.. Will see That is reported to be not bad.. Most issues seem to be fixed with newer HDMI cables Dirac is still not released for it, they had major issues with it and to invent a Raspberry Pi dongle to plug in to your network to convert info from the XMC-2 to your PC, only need to be in place while testing.. About 4 to 8 weeks away, being sent out free of charge or included if you buy once it's released There is a issue with DTS Neutral X playing up, not sending the right stuff to the right channels and sounding dull.. People are only just starting to find it, so might have been accidentally added to theast FW. I have noticed it with DTS CDs. Switching to Dolby Digital fixes it I have an issue with my Fetch TV box losing sound when changing channels in and out of SBS.. Might be the Fetch, but it didn't happen with my Yamaha AVR and other have reported similar issues with other brands of TV boxes No one can answer that as Dirac is not released. Have to say, as 2 ch pre-amp for music it is outstanding and multichannel SACDs are amazing I still haven't set mine up properly as I am. Waiting for Dirac It's a great sounding unit and Dirac gets great reviews on other units.. It's is worth $5.5k.. Dunno I got mine straight from the US with a 40% discount because our bought a processor of them years ago so it was about $3.3k landed with duty If they can sort the slow interface out I will be happy, it going to be a reasonable 2ch and HT pre which can be hard to do
  12. I hardly believe NBN is squeeky clean on that issue Outside the NBN, planned outages under a few minutes in the middle of the night you probably never be notified about and unless you are actively logging wouldn't even know happened. Inside the NBN, never going to sell my soul so I will never know...
  13. well I'll be buggered 🤣
  14. yup.. they need their room to breath once that have it, WOW. A sound hard to beat great speakers, great price GLWTS
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