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  1. not when most of your call centre was setup offshore and those people dont have the ability to work from home (or office).. some companies have adapted quite well, some have not
  2. You can use an integrated amp without a HT bypass.. Run the L&R pre out of AVR into any input of the integrated amp, turn the volume up to about 2 o'clock and do the channel levels on the AVR as normal. So when you want to use the AVR, the Integrated has to be on that input and the volume at 2 o'clock. When listening to 2ch you change the input to your 2 ch source and adjust the volume to suit. Back to AVR, switch input and volume back to 2 o'clock.. Works, but can be cumbersome and not really wife or kid friendly.
  3. No.. Tone Defeat takes the treble and bass control out, makes a cleaner path from input to output HT bypass basically turns the integrated amp into a power amp, it either bypasses the volume control/pre-amp stage or fixes the volume control to a consistent level.
  4. My colleague at work bought a traded in XMC-1 the same time I bought the XMC-2 its like new he has run a few Rotel Pre's, a heap of Denon gear over the years and says the XMC-1 is the best sounding kit he has had in his house Dirac has a fair bit to do with it the only thing you have to be careful with the XMC-1 is its superseded and might not gel with future upgrade path
  5. did have a Yamaha RXV 1081 using as a Pre only into a Emotiva XPA-5 movies it was not bad, for 2ch music it was woeful 6 months ago I upgraded to a Emotiva XMC-2 pre movies, its an upgrade, but not leaps and bounds, but def better for 2 ch OMFG, outstanding I have finally found a compromise between HT and 2 ch in one system the down sides, for the first 4 months it was a piece of poo, then they rewrote the FW and it became usable buying Emotiva, you become their R&D dept if it goes bung, I have to send it back to the States Dirac is STILL not ready for the XMC-2 but seeing I got it on a 40% discount I don't think I could getting anything close for HT and 2ch for the cost
  6. https://www.selby.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=Toslink+3.5mm
  7. May I ask what brand where they and cost?
  8. It the cable has a screen and a drain cable, then both should be isolated at one end and then connected to the neg at the other, which end of the then made cable goes is up to you, but if the amp design has the neg to ground, the drain will find its way to ground either way. Or you could isolate one end and connect the other end to earth. Will doing it or not make a difference.. In a perfect world with your speaker cable not near anything else, probably not.. If you have a messy set up with speakers cables running along with power cables then you 'could' run into hum problems. I would never not terminated a shield cable without terminating one end isolated and the other to path to earth. You can do both, but earth loop hum could happen. If the cable only has a drain wire and no screen , then don't bother (but why would a cable have only a drain wire? It would only then be a unisolated conductor)
  9. maybe we can get the threads merged.. Tony is still contactable and is still doing spares info AT ambiencespeakers.com.au
  10. Can't do over the ear in the environments I work in or in a plane... Each to their own.
  11. I never though of that! Been having issues with getting them to stay in, had to turn off the 'buttons' because I was touching them so often I was constantly Turing the social mode and music on and off.. So as soon as I got home I removed the rubbers off my old Panasonic inner earphones (could wear those Melbourne > London) and they fitted straight on and straight in my ears.. Did a recalibrate, shock, completely different.. The orginals are very shallow, the aftermarket are quite deep, my thinking is because the Nuraloops measure the shape of your inner ear, deeper plugs are going to affect that testing But the biggest change was swapping the wax screens, mine were totally covered in ear funk.. Must clean the ears every morning.. The deeper aftermarket rubbers might help the lessening of build up of wax on the screens too Original profile when I first got them With the Panasonic tips Once I replaced the ear wax screens with the Panasonic tips On a side not, the mic quality in loud environments seems to be an known issue of the sound processing take a bit time to kick in, people seem to be able to hear me well with it actually kicks in Here is the email I got from Nura this week regarding the issues
  12. Thanks Mate, Have sent you a PM
  13. A proper crimp will never need soldering, the connection between the 2 metals becomes a gas tight cold weld. I would like to know if adding heat after the crimp might actually dergrade the mating of the 2 metals? and on a side note, never solder wires before you crimp ( its actually illegal on 240v connections) for a bonus 10 points, would anyone like to guess why?
  14. if you are going down the lug route, have a look at Utillux (not spelt Hilux) https://www.te.com/global-en/products/brands/utilux.html?tab=pgp-story
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