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  1. great RX-V 1081 on Ebay! http://ebay.us/vhSWYn?cmpnId=5338273189 an amazing one on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/altona-meadows/home-theatre-systems/yamaha-rx-v1081-avr-like-new-in-box/1241582281?utm_source=copylink&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=web_PostAdSuccess and another one on here all different prices to cover ebay fees and Gumtree lowballers $600 and it's yours!
  2. Single box dimensions are W 555mm D 510mm H 285mm I was going to double box it hence the larger stated dimensions
  3. Box is smaller than that.. I always add a little fat Let me get the real dimensions tonight
  4. or you could increase your budget 🤑 sorry, not giving it away, but are a little flexable wouldn't say this in the full case for the RX-V1081 the Ethernet and Wifi are for the internet and LAN this will give you the ability to upgrade the FW (as stated) as the RX-V1081 has spoify, tidal, dezzer and airplay build in, you can stream straight from the AVR, no extra player needed add a DNLA NAS anywhere in your network and stream/play your only music also use the Yamaha app from phone/tablet (as stated) you cant play video over the Eth/wifi, you do need an external source for this these functions are what I miss the most on my new XMC-2
  5. https://www.medicaldesignbriefs.com/component/content/article/mdb/features/articles/21330
  6. As a Sparky that worked on most of the Melbourne Hospital and shopping centre builds in the 90's, the electrical systems were chalk and cheese, but the the GPOs in both were all just HPM or Clipsal, Clipsal more in the hospitals. A good company to maybe email is Esco https://www.escomedicon.com.au/ I am not sure about the last 20 years but in the 90's they supplied all the electrical and gas panels in all wards and theatres but all the electrical parts were clipsal. As you said, all Clipsal hospital branded stuff is just based on their 2000 range, been around 30years.. When I finally get around to wire in some dedicated circuits I plan to wire to some Neutrik sockets and then to a home made Neutrik power board. I haven't worked out the legalities of this yet but I believe they make a rather good connection https://www.neutrik.com/en/products/industrial/powercon This is not DIY, it's definitely for the qualified Although the GPOs were the same in Hospitals and shopping centres, the earthing and backup power systems in hospitals were outstanding.
  7. Exactly right, it's 3+ year old article about them stop making their own TV panels... Nothing about stopping TV production .. 3+ years ago Panasonic are stopping TV sales in Australia, anything about them stopping manufacturing TVs is pure heresay
  8. So after reading this thread one is to believe that Panasonic are pulling out of the TV making business... The only thing they are doing is stop selling their TV's in Australia (which is bad enough)
  9. I thought the same thing.. He forgot rule #11 It doesn't matter how right you are and how much proof you have, other audiophiles will tell you are wrong
  10. Pic pinched from here this is genius... the owner had the ends of these cables replaced by a Sparky with the clipsal 56P310 the Sparky has removed the original orange clamping screw and rubber and replaced it with a bigger diameter cable gland.. solves the problem of getting a large diameter legally and securely into a 10A plug
  11. thanks, but I was looking more for an sparkies view of how they compare in terminating and clamping in the cable, I have terminated 000's of the Clipsal 418 over the years but never the PDL seeing both Clipsal and PDL are both now owned by Schneider I wouldn't be surprised that they aren't made in the same factory but as being different designs, one will probably better handle a bigger cable than the other
  12. The European Union my have something to stop that happening in the future Except in Britain, where you will be force to go back to listening to the wireless https://hackaday.com/2019/10/09/europeans-now-have-the-right-to-repair-and-that-means-the-rest-of-us-probably-will-too/
  13. I am clueless sometimes.. I never got the connection to you mentioned it.. They are so powerful that Porsche harnessed their power to give the 918 400 more hp.. 😉 Would love to make a offer.. But my hifi budget it's dead in the water due to 16 channels of pre-amp and 11chs of power..
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