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  1. Thanks for for the info. I'll probably try and have a look at them myself with a bit of help from a friend.
  2. Hi, I've noticed recently that my old 1970s Sugden P128's get very hot, too hot to touch after about 4-5 hours of light use. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experience with vintage amps and whether its a problem or not. And also whether anything of this age would have thermal protection? Regards, Byron.
  3. Thanks, that was very insightful but kind of opens up another question. Wouldn't each strand of wire in a gauge have its own skin to a degree anyway? Or is it completely mitigated because they're in contact?
  4. Hi, I'm looking at some speaker cables and wondering why some speaker cables use a dielectric which reduces the total gauge? Surely more wires would be better than seperating each one, I mean they start and end joined together anyway. Has anyone found they sound better or know the science behind it? Or is it just a raught? Regards, Byron
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