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  1. Hey thanks. They are pretty cool arent they. Don't thank me. thank NPR
  2. Absolute find of the month. Found it on NPR podcast New Music. The closest I can think of is Dead Can Dance, but it is a bit more classical and less histrionic. Complex, and a bit eclesiastical. Truly beautiful. Bandcamp is your friend here. YouTube maybe as well. In the words of the late, great Molly Melsdrum: " Do your self a favour..."
  3. Wrong spot, moved to currently spinning. Sheepish Grin
  4. This is a delightful powerful and dreamy album. My favourite of this year.
  5. I agree this whole business is deeply frustrating. Even sometimes on artist's websites they will not point you to where you can download their music. I have found that a combined search on Bandcamp, ZDigital and HDTracks, in that order, finds the majority of things I might want to download. It is really annoying when you want to give them money, but they don't provide you with a mechanism
  6. I have a "need" to put a headphone amp in my office and am looking for some suggestions and/or thoughts. Current running Roon on a Nucleus. Most music I listen to is from my NAS, with some from Tidal. I have an unused Bluesound Node 2. Current headphones are Sennheiser HD800s and Focal Clear. My thoughts are: 1. Use Node. Buy amp, maybe Dac Amp such as the HDV 820. Use the DAC in that. 2. Use DAC in Node, get simpler non-DAC amp. Maybe Schiit Jotunheim 3. Buy Jotunheim with DAC. Stream via Macbook/USB to Jot. Cant use the Blunode for this as it has no USB output. 4. Get some other streamer with USB output (? what??) and go to the Jot. Ceiling is about $3k. Any of this sound foolish/good? Can anyone advise some other approach. It is always difficult to get great advice from shops as they will only sell you what they can sell you Cheers James edit: Connection in this room must be WIFI. no cabling options available. I have very solid industrial strength Wifi
  7. Look what the postman just delivered! Side 2 is just fantastic. Side 1 is a statement of its time and place and really only there to put something on the other side of the vinyl. Inagadadivda transported me to the psychodelic 60 s. Not hard to hear where Tame Impala have been mining..
  8. What fantastic looking vinyl! Hard to spot the tracks I imagine
  9. Yes, I got me one of those as well at the discounted price. Installed now and running in. Sweeeet as
  10. To my 60 yo ears there is no difference in sound between the FLAC from my NAS and the Tidal versions of the same. I have tried to distinguish but cannot, i did not experiment with the connection. Straight to USB, but i should try that. I have a robust commercial style wifi mesh in the house and almost impossible access for ethernet cabling to the music corner, The wifi has been solid. I have had a few jitters when Tidal streaming, so my preference is owned music on the NAS
  11. Update on this: Pulled the pin and bought a Cadenza Bronze at that fabulous discount being offered last month. Big shout-out to Chris at Spin Doctor in Hornsby who fixed it to the Rega arm and adjusted the height. I remember feeling a bit Emperor's New Clothes with the Ania cart when I first listened to it. It loosened up, and I upgraded the phono stage to end up with a Rega Ios (found on these pages). The sound got pretty good. This is another level. Only about 3 hours in. Glorious, warm, resolved, natural, fabulous separation. It is another level. I might have hit the end point for a while, but you never know
  12. currently running an Aries G1 with a Mytek Brooklyn. Mostly FLAC from a NAS over WiFi. A bit of Tidal. Roon is the control source. The Aries and Brooklyn connected via a Curious USB. I let the Aries upsample, although I am not convinced I can hear it. I have tried the Lightning DS app and can not hear any difference. Others can and prefer Lightning I love the sound and have no reason now to consider any form of upgrade in the digital domain. The Mytek is compact and has the advantage of headphone amp. Fabulous combo IMO
  13. I have an RP8 and have just invested in a Ortofon Cadenza Cart for it. I neither have the skills or experience to fit this correctly. Any suggestions of suitable people in Sydney? I live lower Nth, but not afraid to drive. Thanks for advice
  14. I am very interested to hear how this is going. Currently have an Ania on RP8. I find it a bit bright at times, and basically just suffering from upgraditis. Considering a Rega Apheta or a Cadenza Blue/Bronze, given the current price offer. Any thoughts?
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