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  1. Look what the postman just delivered! Side 2 is just fantastic. Side 1 is a statement of its time and place and really only there to put something on the other side of the vinyl. Inagadadivda transported me to the psychodelic 60 s. Not hard to hear where Tame Impala have been mining..
  2. What fantastic looking vinyl! Hard to spot the tracks I imagine
  3. Yes, I got me one of those as well at the discounted price. Installed now and running in. Sweeeet as
  4. To my 60 yo ears there is no difference in sound between the FLAC from my NAS and the Tidal versions of the same. I have tried to distinguish but cannot, i did not experiment with the connection. Straight to USB, but i should try that. I have a robust commercial style wifi mesh in the house and almost impossible access for ethernet cabling to the music corner, The wifi has been solid. I have had a few jitters when Tidal streaming, so my preference is owned music on the NAS
  5. Update on this: Pulled the pin and bought a Cadenza Bronze at that fabulous discount being offered last month. Big shout-out to Chris at Spin Doctor in Hornsby who fixed it to the Rega arm and adjusted the height. I remember feeling a bit Emperor's New Clothes with the Ania cart when I first listened to it. It loosened up, and I upgraded the phono stage to end up with a Rega Ios (found on these pages). The sound got pretty good. This is another level. Only about 3 hours in. Glorious, warm, resolved, natural, fabulous separation. It is another level. I might have hit the end point for a while, but you never know
  6. currently running an Aries G1 with a Mytek Brooklyn. Mostly FLAC from a NAS over WiFi. A bit of Tidal. Roon is the control source. The Aries and Brooklyn connected via a Curious USB. I let the Aries upsample, although I am not convinced I can hear it. I have tried the Lightning DS app and can not hear any difference. Others can and prefer Lightning I love the sound and have no reason now to consider any form of upgrade in the digital domain. The Mytek is compact and has the advantage of headphone amp. Fabulous combo IMO
  7. I have an RP8 and have just invested in a Ortofon Cadenza Cart for it. I neither have the skills or experience to fit this correctly. Any suggestions of suitable people in Sydney? I live lower Nth, but not afraid to drive. Thanks for advice
  8. I am very interested to hear how this is going. Currently have an Ania on RP8. I find it a bit bright at times, and basically just suffering from upgraditis. Considering a Rega Apheta or a Cadenza Blue/Bronze, given the current price offer. Any thoughts?
  9. My apologies. I was away and missed this reply :(. I bought it via a Perth Dealer (Simply Hifi) who had to source it from a new distributor for ANZ. The new distributor (name unknown) may now be selling more widely. Still very much enjoying the device. I am going to stop mucking with the digital now and consider a new cartridge for the turntable... Still love
  10. Zombie thread revival! I have now had an Aries G1 in place for 3 days. It is being fed by wifi using Roon to a Mytek Brooklyn via USB. Prior to this I have been using a Bluenode1 in the same configuration (no USB) and before that a Modded Sonos Connnect. I went from the Sonos to the Bluesound because I wanted to try Hi-res streaming. When I went from Sonos to Bluesound I felt that the major change was more, I felt better, bass. Nonetheless the sound from the Bluenode started to disappoint when compared to vinyl. So after a fair bit of farting around I settled on Auralic, largely driven by reviews and its apparently superior wifi abilities. The early impression is one of clarity, like a bit of a muddy veil has been lifted. The highs are refined and tight, there is great attack and I now am left with the feeling that the Bluenode was throwing a bit or mud over the entire image and particularly impacting at the top end of the frequency spectrum. I have been playing around with upscaling with Roon and am not sure if this is doing anything at all. After a few hiccups very early on, with no real explanation, the wifi has been rock solid. I will sit and play with Roon for a few weeks and then will try the Lightning DS to see where that leads. I am liking this device very much.
  11. Haha. I reckon I am about 4-5/10 nerdy, but have found the combo of Roon as a stream manager, my NAS with CD and Hi-res files , and Tidal, to be a great combo. You can probably make it work if you are at about Nerd Factor 2/10. Not really a challenge. Tidal is head and shoulders above Spotify in dynamics and musical enjoyment. If I like something on Tidal, I will still buy it in CD or download a FLAC and store this on the NAS. If I just schlepping around then Tidal is a good way to experiment and try stuff. If I really, really love the music then I will go all out to find a vinyl version as well. Different horses etc I admit there is some expense in all these things but when has that ever stopped a music lover/geek?
  12. Thanks for the advice ( and info about a product I had no idea existed). The seller, vinyl.com.au are happy to take it back with a free post option, so I will pursue that instead. Excellent customer service from them and prices are ok.
  13. Still a bit new to this 21st Century vinyl caper. Back in the day you got a few dud albums and sucked it up. I have bought a brand new Dead Can Dance album. One of the discs appears to fairly bounce up and down indicating significant warping of the disc. I can't detect deleterious effect on the sound, but you just know it is providing an extra challenge for accurate music reproduction. (can't seem to attach a short video) Should I accept this as withing limits or send back? What would you do? Thanks for the advice.
  14. Have you got any with figure 8 termination? I figure my Bluenode could do with something better.
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