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  1. Thanks so much for that, i did know about the drivers being tested, matched and recorded, that adds to the appeal (and cost). That was a big price rise between models! Cheers Mark
  2. It's a strange request but I'm trying to find out what the retail prices were for Harbeth speakers in the 1980's, in particular the HL5's. Has anyone got a list, an old hifi magazine or just a good memory? Cheers Mark
  3. I've owned a pair of these speakers for 33-35 years. They love a powerful amplifier to get them going. There isn't any + or - db rating on the 23hz but they dig deep and produce plenty when driven. I use a Hegel H360 and with the speakers rated at 81db they soak up the 250 watts RMS that the amp can produce. Below aren't mine but are in Tasmania if someone is interested. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sandy-bay/speakers/imf-studio-monitor-speakers/1258342411
  4. This is the only schematic diagram I have. I don't assume to know much about it, but I do know that it was for a 1980 constructed plinius 2 & 3. The original and helpful owner Peter Thomson has retired. I assume that the new owners would have such diagrams but as their intellectual property. All the best. Cheers Mark Krause.
  5. Yeah certainly was, unfortunately my ears and wallet aren't always in tune with each other. My ears won this one! Cheers Mark
  6. During my last visit to Melbourne I visited a hi-fi shop and compared three preamps. The project valve one, a DC battery/rechargeable one and the Goldnote P-10. Bought the P-10.
  7. Ultrasonic may loosen up the material in the grooves as suggested in earlier replies. Some people will do your records for a few dollars each, better than replacing them. Best of luck. Mark
  8. I've had a good listen to the 4.4's after a friend purchased a pair after the Stereonet Melbourne Hi-Fi 2019 show and I can say these are a good speaker at a reasonable price in today's audio market. I would not only be happy to recommend them to anyone who is starting out and has a large enough space to place them but also I could happily live with these for a good many years. We were using a new Audiolab 6000a integrated amplifier to drive these at reasonable volume levels in a large room.
  9. I have recently replaced my 40 year old Plinius II & III combination amplifier and I've been looking online to see if these are salable or even desirable but I've had little success. It would appear that they are easy to maintain or modify due in part to the point to point & through hole construction. This amplifier is in full working order. Does anybody know of a likely sale price and possible market?
  10. Anyone remember this shop and can you confirm that it was in Melbourne?
  11. I'm looking at buying a Schitt Mani phono preamp and I have read that low output cartridges like my Denon 103r with a very low output aren't a good match. The Mani has been reported to have a hum. Has anyone had this issue, resolved this issue or not had this issue? Cheers Mark
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