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  1. Pity you don't live in Sydney... GLWTS!
  2. I’ll take it, thanks. At work, but will try to send a PM as well. Brgds, René
  3. What is the manufacture date? Panels replaced at any time? Cheers, Rene
  4. Hmm, that would look perfectly with my Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 🙂 GLWTS
  5. Hi, I'll take them if still available. Please contact me through PM for details. If possible prefer to pay through PayPal, thanks. Cheers, Rene
  6. Hi, if these are still available I'm interested. Thanks, Rene
  7. Hi, are these still available? I'm interested in the Arcam. Thanks, Rene
  8. Hi, I'll take it if still available. Thanks, Rene
  9. Hi, this has possibly been asked before, but I'm getting confused in the offerings. I'm looking for a very simple power amp to drive my surround speakers. I'll be using a Audioengine wireless audio adapter connected to my NAD T758V3 so I don't need to run cables (rental unit & SHMBO...). I now need a little power amp for the surrounds. Budget a bit depleted, so hope to get something below $100. It'll need to be small, as to be fitted behind/below couch.Had a look at Topping & SMSL, but they offer so many different that you kind a get lost. Happy with second hand if it fits the size and not too old. Hope you can advise something suitable. Thanks, Rene
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