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  1. Gorgeous finish. And they really do go that low. These look like the Mk I. If I had more money than sense I would snap these up and complete my 5 channel I-93 HT. GLWTS.
  2. I'm making a lazy trip from Adelaide to Newcastle with a largely empty 10x5 caged and fully covered trailer. 29 Dec 18 - 02 Jan 19. Route is flexible and can include Melbourne and/or Sydney. Happy to help move gear for stereonetters.
  3. Hi all, It’s great to find such a passionate community - our gumtree trolling for audio gear left us quite depressed! We’re from Adelaide, but are moving to Newcastle for 2019. We’re gradually building our system(s), currently Vaf i-91s, Krix Acoustix with Anthem and Moon power. i-93s are joining us in Newcastle, which is exciting. The highest-end part of my system is maximum WAF, in fact, she probably loves it more than I do - priceless. Cheers, Isaac
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