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  1. Further information: Have recently downsized my work desk and no longer have space to use these Adam monitors. They sound great and are still in perfect mint working condition. Note: I no longer have the packaging/boxes. Pick up only. Whats included: - Pair of Adam Audio T5V monitors - 2 x XLR cables - 2 x Power cables - 2 x foam isolation pads - 2 x Desk stands Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your
  2. Great price from a great guy, trusted seller. Buy with confidence. GLWS!!
  3. I do have a pair, but it is tentatively sold.
  4. Further information: Purchased from another SNA member recently. No longer needed so selling it. In perfect working condition and looks brand new. This cable works with Audeze, ZMF and Meze headphones. Cable Length: 1.9 Metres Photos:
  5. @Bengineer thanks, I will let someone else have it. Im sticking with just my CMA12 for now. Someone snatch this up, great price and trusted seller!!!
  6. Thanks @peppy, but I have decided to either just stick with what I have now or possibly getting a McChanson amp. Told you it will be sold before you go to bed haha...
  7. Great guy, honest seller. Buy with confidence!!!
  8. Oh very nice, you have my favourite pair of ZMF headphones.
  9. I really wanted this before but unfortunately sold my KEF LS50. GLWS!!!
  10. Ah you clever boy, you downloaded the photo to check the metadata details. Very nice.
  11. What camera did you shoot those photos with, looks semi-professional. Very nice lighting, did you use a flash for that? Note: I am asking seriously, not pulling your leg. As I also used to be all into dslr/photography as a hobby before.
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