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  1. I am drinking green tea, I have no money, Bengineer gives me grados for free. I tried.....
  2. I wonder if those pilot pads fit a HD800S? I mean HD800S is already super comfy as is, but never hurts to add even more comfort.
  3. Since we are on the topic of stickers and sticky things. I have always had a habit when I buy anything new is first thing I do is peel off all the stickers as it kind of annoys me. But I know some people who would leave the sticker things on even after many Years of using something, they say it makes the product look more new haha...
  4. Mine has the exact same plastic sticker looking thing covering it. I tried peeling it off, but doesn't seem to come off.
  5. Aliexpress is reliable, however you wait forever for your order to arrive. If you're lucky you will receive your item within 1 Month time. I buy cheapish things from them all the time.
  6. Maybe even sub < $1000 category would do you then. Still many great headphones to be had, HD660s, DT1990, Ananda, Elear or even Beyer T1.2. I honestly could live with just my HD6xx, will lose out some of the soundstage, clarity and details of the HD800S but sometimes feel I dont even care about that as I am just enjoying my music so much with it.
  7. apologies, my mate Peppy mentioned earlier to me he wanted to get a Moon Audio headphone amp and I noticed this was Moon audio also and seems to have headphone output although its an integrated amp. Thought he might been interested, that is all. GLWS!!!
  8. @peppy sorry not sure if this sort of thing interests you or not.
  9. Ive got some cherry mx red IKBC branded keyboard, its the smaller Tenkeyless ones so doesn't have dedicated media keys. I have instead just used some program to map some F keys to be used as media keys. As you know I really like the ADX5000, I feel it improves on some things that the HD800S lacks such as sub bass and mids are more intimate and have a nicer tone to vocals. I will probably end up getting one eventually.
  10. Hmmm...what is that? Also what keyboard you using there on the right?
  11. Since you are flexible and willing to go separates and already have a DAC, I would suggest getting an descent amp first. If I was in your shoes I would be waiting for a Auralic Taurus to pop up on classifieds again to buy it. Then later down the line add a R2R/multibit dac such as Schiit Bifrost 2 or Denafrips Ares 2. I originally was going to go that path but got impatient and plus I wanted a AIO solution since I have limited desk space so went with the CMA12. I think the Taurus + Ares combo would get you a nice warm analogue sound many people d
  12. I struggled to build a lego disney frozen character for my daughter, and you think I can re-route some thingy on a bottlehead amp, yeah nah dont think so.
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