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  1. Item: Technics SL-5200, SL-5300, SL-5350 turntable Price Range: $250-600 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Victoria local prefered for local pickup. Price escalates up depending on cartridge included. Supply with no cart is fine.
  2. Hi Tony, thanks for the confirmation. I fully agree, if you have 6 that are identicle to mine, then I say that the way it should be. I can only assume the Mid must had neded a little extra attenuation for the flat(normal) position, hence why you have to wind it back further from the full extreme.
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if my NS-1000M Lpad knobs are mounted on the shaft correctly in the correct position. The treble and mid Lpads have different extreme end points. is this normal, or has the knob been put on the shaft in the wrong position? Do the below extreme correlate to yours? My midi knob is about 1/8 of a turn in front of the treble. I'm trying to determine where the flat posotion is. Here is a photo of the fully counter clockwise position ie minimum or off. and here is fully clockwise, ie full or no attenuation.
  4. Why oh why are 90% of current new turnatbles fully manual. I know all the mumbo jumbo about return mechanism noise etc, but surely in this age that is not an issue. I mean if we can put a man on the moon, surely we can stop a spining record when it reaches the runout track. I have a manual Pro-ject TT, and it drives me nuts. I keep forgetting to shut it off. I often put LP on as background to whatever I am doing, and sometimes I forget to pickup and turn off. Come back days later and it's still going on the run out track. I'm sure the stylus loves that. Looking for reccomenda
  5. Ignore(I seemed to be able to download the app no problems through both and Optus and Tesltra iphone. ) Update, sorry moment of senility, as BugPowderDust said, i access it through roon remote too, which was what was thinking of. Never mind me.
  6. ok good to know, I also read on the web 7% IPA is a good value, certainly saves on IPA costs.
  7. Hi fellow Vinyl cleaners. I think I may have secured the last bottle of Ilford Ilfotol in Australia. Melboourne is certainly completely out of stock. I had to get it shipped from Sydney, and I think this was the only bottle in Sydney. Covid is affecting Ilford imports evedently. I rang every photographic store in town. Anyway, what your favourite vinyl cleaning recipe. Currently i'm looking at 50/50 IPA/H2O with a few drops of Ilfotol. Anyone have a better recipe? I'm using a knosti cleaner by the way. Think of using the Radiopart Chemtools IPA, unless there are better sugges
  8. Here a couple of google drive links to the clips if the onedrive ones don't work for you. amazon lp with warp https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Kxcm0ZPywd3M-5TYC1tK4J0wqeB7_vJ6/view?usp=sharing old LP showing no warp https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ETtliRdWV5ckHcCNA-vTtLwszFRA5pMV/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi folks, I'm just getting into vinyl again in my old age, and have bought a few LP from Amazon. I seem to have terrible trouble with them arriving warped. This one came really well packed double boxed with bubble cushions and all. So I can only assume it's heat somewhere on it's trip over from the states. It was sold by Amazon US to Australia. Or are Verve just making really poor quality vinyl these days. Amazon record clip showing the needle bobbing up and down: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AjNEwjsPNo8ms1oHLQ1GGrRukrVx Is this acceptable for $45? Should I send this
  10. Hi All, Nice to join this forum, I have been into vintage hifi for a couple of years now specifically receviers. Currently have Yamaha CR-1020, Luxman R1500, Rotel RX802, running with a 40year old Tecnnics SL-5200 turntable and a Pair of Yamaha NS-1000M. Cheers, Cameron.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up, I had the same question.
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