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  1. Further information: Selling my Denon AVR-X1400H due to combining my two channel and home theater into the one setup, so upgraded to a AVR-X4500H. get 90% of the performance of the newer AVR-X1600H for a fraction of the price. Fantastic receiver that has always performed flawlessly and sounds great for music and movies. Full specs as follows: General Specifications Brand DENON Color Black Frequency Response
  2. Thanks all for the interest, the amp has now gone to its new home in SA!
  3. Further information: This is by far and away the best power amp I have ever owned, it has an immense sound stage and power output seems to vastly exceed (in terms of sonic performance) the stated 50wp/c of power. It still works flawlessly with no issues at all to note. It is a very heavy unit (~20kg) so local pickup is preferred, however am happy to arrange a courier if you are located interstate. Reason for selling is that we are downsizing and as a result my audio gear needs to be downsized as well. I am now running everything from an AVR (with a very noticeable dec
  4. Thanks for the input to all that commented, really appreciate it. At this stage I will seek out a used Marantz unit and go from there! Seems to be the best compromise between $ and sound quality without having to go down the route of buying an AVR and using the pre-outs.
  5. Great gear and GLWS. The 50mm F1.7 is a great lens, with an adapter can be run on newer Sony mirrorless cameras as well which produces amazing results.
  6. Thanks for the comments @betty boop and @Quark, greatly appreciated!
  7. Item: Marantz AV Processor Price Range: Dependant on model and condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: After a Marantz PrePro, would prefer a newer 2015+ model like a AV7702 with 4K passthrough, HDMI 2.0 etc. Being located in Adelaide is preferred but willing to purchase interstate if necessary. Thanks in advance!
  8. Further information: Selling my pair of Dynaudio DM 2/6 speakers that I have owned since new. Condition is great apart from two small items, being a broken grill foot and a tiny scratch highlighted in the last image. great sounding speakers but I no longer have space for them due to an upcoming move. Photos:
  9. Further information: Selling my pair of Proac Studio 2 speakers due to moving house shortly and not having the room anymore. Will be sad to see them go, they are an amazing pair of speakers with a beautiful sound stage and highs (in part thanks to the Focal inverted dome tweeters). I have tried to photo any blemishes but overall for their age the condition is great. Photos:
  10. Would Prepro's like the Emotiva MC-700 still be a good step up from an AVR? Also saw the Outlaw Audio model 976 which seems to be a reasonable price as well, but just hard to buy in OZ. https://emotiva.com/products/mc-700 https://outlawaudio.com/shop/index.php?id_product=23&rewrite=model-976&controller=product
  11. Hi All, Looking to upgrade my current AVR into a one stop shop for music and home theater (will be a 5.1 setup). I have been looking at processors/Prepro's and they appear to be very expensive compared to AVR's with the same features. Is it worth making the upgrade to a Prepro over a decent AVR with pre-outs? I will be using a separate power amp even if i go with an AVR. Thanks in advance!
  12. Further information: Dynaudio Audience 42C center channel speaker in excellent condition, also comes with the Dynaudio wall mount bracket worth over $100 new. Only selling as I upgraded to the contour center channel. Amazing speaker that will be a great addition to any Dynaudio system. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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