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  1. hey there are no 22uf caps can i just use the 20uf ones?
  2. Item: Aaron Quintet - Bookshelf Location: Flinders View QLD Price: 50$ Item Condition: VGC Reason for selling: don't need Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD / Can ship Extra Info: Sounds Great, look great, believe to be Quintet? don't really know? can anyone here identify them?. only thing that isn't great is the mounting holes on the back. Pictures:
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, the high end frequency seem like they are non existent also the sound from the mid range woofers seem scratchy but I've press on all the speaker cones and they appear ok, and there isnt any rips in the fabric. and even the bass sound not very powerful boomy. how can i ensure the speakers are ok? I've put a multi meter on all the speakers and they are registering and ohm output. can the speakers just be too worn out?
  4. Hi Guys picked up a set of aaron ats 4's they sound like ****, I want to try changing the capacitors and would appreciate some feed back? anyone here replaced their caps with dramatic results? because at the moment my dick smith speakers sound better. I made sure all the speakers were working in one cabinet to test, saying that the tweeter has got all this flaky stuff hanging off it and anything with high frequency can hardly be heard? Please help
  5. Does anyone here own these speakers? what class are they in? can they been compared to such speakers like wharfedale diamonds? they seem as if they are well respected within the audio community?
  6. yeah I've got no idea what the Jensens sound like, really just wanted someone who has owned them before to throw in their 2 cents and basically wanted to know if that setup is worth 150$ and sound similar to the niles in performance? I should just run my fairly rubbish speakers until i can afford better.
  7. Hi all, does anyone have any experience with the Jensen XR series? i'm considering buying them as I have just got myself a new amp from rio. ONKYO TXNR555 - 600$ I have installed Niles CM7MP in my roof as my atmos setup, im going for 5.1.2 LINK: http://www.nilesaudio.com/product/ceiling-mount-lcr-multi-purpose-loudspeaker-7-2-way-FG01656 got for a bargain 100$ for the pair So the Jensens are going for next to nothing and unfortunately I have no more funds available as I have had my job made redundant. Sub: Jensen XR-500 https://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/discontinued/xr-500 Centre: Jensen XR-300 https://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/discontinued/xr-300 Sides: Jensen XR - 400 https://www.jensenspeakers.com.au/discontinued/xr-400 Fronts: Jensen XR - 200 https://pricespy.co.nz/product.php?e=755631 I can't find much about these. the speakers will be 150$ Questions: I currently have some DSE floorstanding speakers a centre and side channel that were given to me they seem pretty cheap but do the job for now, is this a good deal and worthwhile or should I just hang around on here in the classifieds and wait for something else to come by? Also I when i listen to the niles i can here that the quality is much nicer then the floorstanding speakers, so i would like to be able to match the sound of them. Please help.
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