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  1. I have been using Mediago (Sony program) for a few years now and haven't found a problem but I don't use dsd or mqa files so not sure if it has those playback capabilities.
    I keep going back to foobar2000. It does everything

    Sacd. Iso files...
    Which was the big thing for me
    And you can set it so it plays from the ram. Just doing this small thing made more of a difference than getting a very expensive power supply

  2. Item: Mission front and centre speakers

    location :sydney


    Condition: 8/10 great. Few slights marks on top from picture frames.

    Reason for selling: wanting to try something new/upgrade.

    Payment method: Cash on pickup or PayPal


    These speakers are a two way bass reflex style.

    They are very flat sounding if that's what you like.

    The build quality is fantastic.

    I have the speaker cloths in a cupboard. They are a grey colour, I always preferred them off

    Model of the centre is m3c2i

    Model of the mains are m34i


    Dark gray in colour. They are on spikes on carpet. IMG_20190806_222144.jpegIMG_20190806_222153.jpegIMG_20190806_222206.jpeg


  3. Yes it's possible, but it all depends on your amp input impedance load and your source output impedance load
    Cheers George
    Thanks George. Is there a stereo in two stereo out type converter that would fit. Or would I need to double the wiring at the two way switch.

    This is my attempt at a dual mono/ passive pre/ HT bypass and switch.

    All simple in theory, and shouldn't damage the sound if I do it correctly

  4. I have started ordering parts to build my rca switch/passive pre


    I'm going to have 5 pairs of rca inputs. I ordered and elma rotary switch. So all those parts are fine.


    What I would like to do is add a 2 or 3 way switch, and a volume pot


    So from the rotary switch it goes to the2/3 way switch


    I want one of the switch position to completely bypass the volume pot. And the other position to run through the pot. I might get a black beauty.

    I suck at drawing diagrams and I don't have any apps that do it.


    The other thing is that I would love to have two sets of outputs.... Is this possible with no power?


    And how do I split the wiring for the volume pot and bypassing the volume pot?


    Black beauty or a dact


  5. Not using with NAS but with nuc with libreelec
    I use libreelec on my TV. I wish Kodi could be a nas server/hi quality audio streamer/amazing 4k video player (all ready is). Plus all the other amazing features it offers. I could never get upnp/dlna to work on libreelec :(

    If Kodi concentrates on its audio for the next release I will be really happy. I would use it for all my endpoints..
    Audio and video.
    You must be using a USB TV tuner if you are using an nuc.

  6. Let your ears be the judge of that, if you can't tell by the centre image, then it's time to give up and fly kites.
    Cheers George
    Haha I guess you are right

    The guitar brand vox made an amp with just a volume knob.. No gain, no treble, mid or bass. Just a volume knob
    And i loved it.
    It took all the annoying parts of getting the right tone and just let me play.
    I miss that thing

  7. Were back to what I said here with high gain adjustable, loading adjustable Schiit phono stage, and your own switch box, if you don't want the Goldpoint one.
    Cheers George
    It just makes more sense to me to only have the one volume control. Otherwise I know I will never be certain that I have things in the right place

  8. Only while you set the power amp to the maximum volume you will ever use.  Then you turn the preamp down to normal listening levels and use that for everyday level setting.  It gives you maximum adjustability with the one (preamp) control.
    The volume pots on the power amp are the best volume pots ever made. So I want use those

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