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  1. Topping have brought out an lps specifically for the d50 - the topping P50. $175 on amazon.
    Wow, OK this is pretty cool. I didn't know this existed. Not only will it match the Dac perfectly in looks but also has a 15v output which is exactly what I was looking for in my original post.

    So now my question would be, would it be better to use this one at $175 or buy two linear psu (5v and 15v) at say $90 each?

  2. That may not necessarily be an indication, because the USB battery packs have a DC-DC converter of some type, built into them, to convert the 3.7V batteries up to 5V for the output.
    I'm guessing usb battery packs are different to the portable USB chargers?
    Never heard of them

  3. I am considering buying a linear power supply to upgrade my Dac. (topping D50)

    Just wondering what people's thoughts on this are.

    Is there any point in buying the budget ones from eBay or aliexpress? Considering the Dac was only 300 I don't want to go overboard.

    I also noticed that bryston use linear power supplies to their turntables.


    My turntable is 15v input, I'm wondering if there is dual linear psu (5v and 15v outputs in the same chassis)


    Any help is appreciated

  4. I had one of these. It works really great as a USB dac. If anyone plans to record with this make sure you use asio drivers. The native drivers for this are not the best for recording. A lot of latency, so use asio for recording. It's a great little dac/adc! Glwts

  5. 100% identical.
    It is reading the digital information from the disc into a digital file.   You can confirm that it is literally perfect.
    There is other things involved. My current cd player is quite loud as far as disc spinning and ect.

  6. Sony made some computers which could read SACD in limited ways.
    The way people get swipe the data from SACDs is using standalone SACD players which have firmware which has been compromised.   Examples are Playstation consoles... and certain SACD players.  See here:
    EDIT:   One day soon, I'll read a thread fully before I reply to it.    >_
    I'm wondering what would be better quality. A PlayStation 3 or the oppo mentioned above. Any thoughts?

  7. Get any Oppo 103 or 105 and follow process
    ** Not aware of any PC based ripper.
    Once ripped, software will read the dsf files.
    Not really interested in ripping.
    I guess for now I will just download dsd and sacd. Iso files.

    Only problem is a lot of the dsd files is people turning vinyls into dsd, same with flac.

    What is actually better quality? Sacd or bluray audio?

    It's part of the SACD agreement spec.
    There are no digital outputs.
    There's a thread about modifying Sony Playstation drives on here somewhere.............................that's how they get extracted and then it's a bit of software in the computer.
    There are software players but no hardware players afaik.
    I saw on another forum that Sony made one years ago. It was a vaio computer so I'm guessing that would be somewhere between 2005-2010

  9. You can't beat an OLED for the picture quality, literally nothing beats it. The blacks will never be as good on a Projector but the JVC comes as close as I can image you will get right now.
    Don't watch any sports sorry so can't comment on that, but watched John Wick on it last night and it was thouroughly enjoyable on a 110" screen.  Motion is just as smooth on both IMO.
    Tbh the last plasma pioneer ever made looks better to me than oled at the moment. I'm still trying to work out why no one has made a 4k plasma. I guess it's too expensive, though oled is also expensive to make.
    I want to make the switch to oled this summer...
    Maybe I could come have a look and see if the curve bothers me
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