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  1. I am considering buying a linear power supply to upgrade my Dac. (topping D50) Just wondering what people's thoughts on this are. Is there any point in buying the budget ones from eBay or aliexpress? Considering the Dac was only 300 I don't want to go overboard. I also noticed that bryston use linear power supplies to their turntables. My turntable is 15v input, I'm wondering if there is dual linear psu (5v and 15v outputs in the same chassis) Any help is appreciated
  2. I had one of these. It works really great as a USB dac. If anyone plans to record with this make sure you use asio drivers. The native drivers for this are not the best for recording. A lot of latency, so use asio for recording. It's a great little dac/adc! Glwts
  3. Depends on the pre amp. If you don't need extra features, plug straight into a power amp. Maybe use a stepped attenuator in between
  4. Get a stereo amp with home theatre bypass. Best of both worlds. I have built a passive pre with bypass, kind of hard to explain but it works like a dream
  5. I would choose bryston, hafler, ashly or many more over any crown. May as well get a behringer
  6. There is other things involved. My current cd player is quite loud as far as disc spinning and ect.
  7. I'm wondering what would be better quality. A PlayStation 3 or the oppo mentioned above. Any thoughts?
  8. Not really interested in ripping. I guess for now I will just download dsd and sacd. Iso files. Only problem is a lot of the dsd files is people turning vinyls into dsd, same with flac. What is actually better quality? Sacd or bluray audio?
  9. That is not true. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gizmodo.com/sony-vaio-js1-series-all-in-one-is-audiophile-ready-5058024/amp I'm wondering if these drives are available anywhere and if they would work on a DIY pc
  10. Oh OK, Im mot looking to rip sacd's (that would be a bonus though) just a sacd drive for pc do I can have an all in one streamer and sacd player
  11. I saw on another forum that Sony made one years ago. It was a vaio computer so I'm guessing that would be somewhere between 2005-2010
  12. How am I able to download sacd. Iso files? There has to be one
  13. Just wondering if there are any 5 disc changers that are worthwhile? I love my old Sony 5 disc changers but it doesn't have any digital outputs. I have found a sacd 5 disc player online.. Sacd would be pretty cool If 5 disc changers aren't worthwhile, what is a good sacd player that won't break the bank
  14. I'm guessing the answer is no, but does anyone know if there is a sacd capable cd drive for a pc?
  15. Tbh the last plasma pioneer ever made looks better to me than oled at the moment. I'm still trying to work out why no one has made a 4k plasma. I guess it's too expensive, though oled is also expensive to make. I want to make the switch to oled this summer... Maybe I could come have a look and see if the curve bothers me
  16. How do you like the projector compared to the TV? I guess the blacks on the TV must be darker but motion better on projector? Sports etc..
  17. I've noticed the quad s series speakers use this same plug the port, tune your speakers. Very interesting
  18. Yeah fair enough. Wondering how tennis would look in it. It is very tempting. Was hoping the oled 77" would have dropped prices by now. The lowest I could get the guy down to was 6500 for a 2018 model
  19. Offers are also welcome This would be a great setup for someone starting out in hifi and home theatre.
  20. Please let me know if sale falls through... That is a bizarre way of using banana plugs. Is there any benefit over using them this way?
  21. I keep going back to foobar2000. It does everything Sacd. Iso files... Which was the big thing for me And you can set it so it plays from the ram. Just doing this small thing made more of a difference than getting a very expensive power supply
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