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  1. 17 minutes ago, Snoopy8 said:

    Good to know Bubble UPnP is working with MinimServer and Foobar.


    So can isolate problem to Linn Kazoo and Lumin App accessing MinimServer. Suggest checking doc of each, ports required, recheck the modem, router have correct ports, no firewall anywhere blocking. Also check MinimServer log to see whether any error messages are popping up.


    Also, suggest posting on MinimServer forum. There are users there, plus Simon who may know those Apps.

    ok thankyou for your help. i will post on there, from the reading i have already done on there it seems that the lumin app should work very well with minim, its just strange, and i never had this problem before the new router.


    anyway in the log file there is some error messages but i think they are just song format issues, here they are.


    MinimServer is running
    Startup complete
    MinimServer: incorrect format for container ID ''
    MinimServer: incorrect format for container ID ''
    MinimServer: incorrect format for container ID ''
    MinimServer: 0$untagged$*i10 isn't a valid container
    MinimServer: 0$untagged$*i10 isn't a valid container
    MinimServer: 0$untagged$*i10 isn't a valid container
    MinimServer: 0$untagged$*i10 isn't a valid container
    MinimServer: 0$untagged$*i10 isn't a valid container



    both lumin and linn kazoo have always been abit slow with loading metadata ect.. but because i am cheap i never forked out for roon.


    im wondering if there are any other android apps that integrate tidal as well as local media.


    i really wish kodi would up their audiophile game. it is such great home theatre software i have always been a big fan, especially with foxtel, netflix, amazon and kayo sports addons being added this year. if it could do tidal mqa and dsd that would be one amazing all in one piece of software.


  2. 19 minutes ago, Snoopy8 said:

    I am confused by your setup and cannot follow what works and what does not.


    When you refer to BubbleUPnP, is it BubbleUPnP Server, which is different to BubbleUPnP App on Android?  Is Foobar the UPnP renderer?  Is Linn Kazoo and Lumin all using MinimServer?  I also do not understand what the various ports are for and which software require them.  A diagram will hep...


    Added **

    Have you tried to restart everything?

    I have stopped the bubbleupnp SERVER on the computer . as i realise i dont need both bubbleupnp server and minim server.


    on the tablet side.

    so far in the bubbleupnp APP i can set minimserver as the library and foobar as the renderer.

    linn kazoo app is loading nothing..

    lumin app is loading the minimserver library but wont let me set a renderer, it also looks like they have removed tidal login from lumin? maybe someone will know







  3. Without going into your complex UPnP setup, I am guessing that your new router is blocking port forwarding and you will need to get into the web page of the new router to open up the relevant ports.
    Have you checked the MinimServer log?  Can you see MinimServer using Minimwatch running from another PC?  If we need to delve deeper into your setup, do you have a diagram that includes all the software pieces.
    Are you on MinimServer Forum ?  Simon, the developer is responsive and helpful.
    I have opened the ports for both minim and BubbleUPnP.

    I check the (192.x.x.x:port number) from another device and I can access the minim settings (rescan and reset). So it is a strange one for me.

    It's also showing on linn kazoo now but not loading up.

    Not showing up on lumin

    I downloaded the BubbleUPnP app for android and that seems to be working? But not without restrictions..

    Haha its very confusing

  4. Hey guys, i had a pretty perfect setup for a headless windows pc, i was using minimserver and bubble upnp to control foobar from my phone/tablet.. also was able to send tidal to foobar and everything was working, even dsd.


    i had to get a new router as my old ones ethernet board had stopped working.


    telstra sent me something called an arcadyan smart modem/router... they are seperate.

    since then i havent been able to do port forwarding for minimserver.. i was able to do it for bubbleupnp but the same method is not working for minimserver.

    just wondering if anyone knows or could help? 


    i tried a few other servers like twonky and JPLAY, just the trial versions and nothing is coming up..

    remote apps on my phone and tablet are Linn Kazoo and Lumin.




  5. Agree. Connect from your AV receiver front preouts  to a 2 channel integrated amp ht input. When watching movies the receiver will control volume etc and the speakers will be powered by your 2 channel integrated amp with ht selected.
    When listening to music select input on integrated to the required source.
    Both music and movies will sound much better.
    You can also get stereo pre Amps with HT bypass, so if you want your stereo channels to have big power get a stereo pre with HT bypass and a nice stereo power amp.

    The emotiva xps 1 has this function, also allowing you to use a sub in HT bypass mode.

    Also has three sub outputs (left, right and summed.)

    I'm very interested in this unit myself as people say the phono pre is top quality!
    Looks brilliant too

  6. Nothing is ever that simple, and the bit stripping is misunderstood by most people. DACs usually operate in 32 bit space even if only working with 16 bit sources. Dropping bits from 192dB provided by 32bits in software is not a problem when it comes out the other side. Some DACs work best at a volume lower than maximum as well, depending on implementation, and often have lower noise around the -12 to -15dB mark. Potentiometers add noise the lower you go in volume, but stepped attenuators have equal noise at all levels. I use digital volume control in my system and bypass my preamp's potentiometer volume control because it sounds cleaner. As always, it's implementation dependent and auditioning the alternatives is the best course of action for him.
    Probably the wrong place to ask this, but if that is the case of pots vs stepped, could I potentially replace the pots in my guitar to stepped attenuators?

    Jerome may have something (I've never experimented - so I can't comment).
    So try it as per the Topping website (DAC sitting right on top of the LPS) ... and then try it Jerome's way - with the LPS as far away as you can get it from the DAC.
    Listen, in each case, to "dynamic compression, shrunkened sound staging, bloated lower mid-bass "thump", and mid and high timbre hardness ".
    I will plug the Dac directly into the power amp and I'll try it with two different sets of speakers. That way I can be more certain.
    Still trying to work out whether to use the volume control on the Dac or set it to full or whether to use the stepped attenuators on the power amp or set them to full. People have different opinions on this.
    Not sure how the Dac is controlling volume but the power amp uses alps black beauties. So probably set the Dac to full and control via the black beauties?

  8. No, this issue is not about whether that piece of chunky metallic object broadcasting EMI or not.
    The issue is about what it does to surrounding audio components just by sitting there nearby in close proximity and not even plugged in and powered up.
    Every damn piece of hi-fi components  we have in our system has to process complex audio signals, which are made up of fast-moving mixtures of level, frequency and dynamic range. These signals when passing along a wire, a circuit layout or through a component will have certain electrical properties, thus creating magnetic fields in their wake. 

    These magnetic fields generate new fields by interacting with nearby and unnecessary metallic objects, (a phenomenon known as eddy current) resulting in interference. Sonically this translates into dynamic compression, shrunkened soundstaging, and bloated lower mid-bass "thump", mid and high timbre hardness.
    Magnetic field interference does diminish with distances, however.
    Power amps by themselves generate the strongest magnetic fields. So a piece of metallic object sitting next to it will cause a even more adversary interference than being placed next to a pre-amp, a cd player, or a dac. Still, it is advisable not to place any extraneous and unnecessary metallic objects next to the lower current hungry equipments.
    And we had not even began to touch upon the instances when these LPS are powered up yet!
    Anyway, to avoid this issue with LPS, try custom making a longer umbilical cord so that it can be placed further distances away from the audio components that it is required to feed. 
    From drop (mass drop) about the p50 lps

    This power supply is made from a solid aluminum brick that provides better mechanical strength and facilitates anti-interference performance. It’s also equipped with a toroidal transformer that has little magnetic leakage and excellent noise suppression. Three TPS7A4700 low-noise linear regulators further reduce noise. Set the power to either 110V or 230V and power your Topping DAC the right way with the P50

  9. That is a good point..
    I bought the topping p50 which was made specifically for my Dac and it was about $100 less than the Dac. If I hear no improvement I will send it back and get something else...
    Toppings website shows the Dac sitting right on top of the lps. And does say something about interference and the chassis being designed to accommodate that

  10. Curious about the Meanwell SMPS but a quick search turns up what looks like industrial compoenents so may be out of my reach given limited knowledge with electrons and sparks.
    May have to investigate the topping offering, as 'reasonably' to me now is no more than $150 given the DAC itself was only $300!
    I have ordered the topping p50. I will let you know how it goes

  11. Yep and Toroidy do them in a Supreme with all the shielding. You don't use these ?
    These are sold to my Clients as well as DC Blockers to bring their Systems to Life  
    Dc blockers interest me.. Let's say I went from mains through the dc blocker into my art (rfi emi filter) power conditioner and had everything hooked up to the art, I would be getting a better result?

    Having lps coming from the art into different devices that's the best set up apart from an expensive power regen?

  12. Trouble is, these home brew linear power supplies, and similarly, the cheap ones from eBay, are also probably garbage compared to the modern switching power supplies people think they are "upgrading"  from.
    What do you make of the topping p50? Any good or cheap Chinese made?

  13. Ripple of the power being supplied by the PSU is only one side of the coin.
    The other side is any HF noise that the PSU is putting back on the mains.... however it is not certain that other devices in your system will be sensitive to said noise carried on mains.
    I use the same corsair psu for my recording rig and my hifi rig.
    As they are atx machines, I need to use atx psu. Does anyone know if there are linear atx psu? I'm guessing they would be a fortune.
    In which case I would be better to get another motherboard or an nuc with the 12v input?

  14. I have nothing against properly implemented SMPS however don't trust most companies to implement them properly. My computer is powered by this 200W linear psu:
    I suggest reading these threads on headfi:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Slightly out dated but lots of good info, one of the Teradac models can provide dual outputs for your use case. Try to stick with brands that advertise specs and better yet provide proper measurements rather than say targeted advertising (I am looking at you HDPLEX).
    How much different would I hear between a computer linear psu and my corsair rm650x atx, which has the lowest ripple of any non linear psu for atx?

  15. Vinyl must be like a enigma and thorn in their side of the measurement brigade. Vinyl must go against every fiber of their being in their body. [emoji4]
    I personally find a good Vinyl setup can sound better and be more enjoyable than a digital setup. Also lots of others find this too. Measures quite poorly against digital, go figure?
    Getting back to Linear power supplies. I replaced most of my Switch mode power supplies I had in system to Linear ones and it has been one of those great upgrades that has elevated my listening enjoyment.
    Vinyl just sounds fuller to me, and I can listen to it for far longer than digital.
    Working in studios it was the same with tape machines vs digital interfaces.

    And finally being a guitar player, analog guitar amps sound better than the new digital amps coming out, period. I can see what Fender and other brands are doing with these digital amps but they just sound so compressed and no natural element.

    I actually compared a 20watt analog guitar amp (Chinese brand) to a 100watt Fender digital and it made me really angry. The 20watt totally smashed it.

    I guess guitar is different and so is tape, but I still use my Dac 90% of the time purely for ease of use. Control tidal from my phone and not have the change vinyl every 3-4 songs

  16. Updated Post to the OP:
    As they used to say "It's your money" so feel free to spend it how you wish but I really I wouldn't spend large sums on a LPS until you are sure it will make a difference, if you can't borrow one then as another poster said you could try batteries first, this would be a good test IMO as if you don't hear a difference with them you can be pretty sure that you won't with a LPS. I have my own LPS that I designed for the AD797 phono stage and can attest it's as good as batteries.
    Note: Link to ASR review removed as it caused some to go into melt down mode for some reason.
    I will try one on the Dac first and see the difference. If not noticeable would I be better getting a power regenerator and dismissing linear power supplies. I just happened to notice, especially with the tt that power doesnt feel constant, (could be tt motor) but hearing notes drop whole tones in certain sections of a song is what made me notice this

  17. Weird as it says on the back 16V AC.
    ADDED: Looked up that Swagman and it is made to suit as it is 16VAC.
    If you get one for the mani make sure it is AC too not DC.
    Thanks for the heads up. I should have purchased from that guy, I hesitated and then ended up getting the mani anyway
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