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  1. Building an equipment rack.. but I am having trouble finding metal legs that I could fill with sand.. at a reasonable price.

    I'm planning on making this a 4 story 2 tower cabinet. 


    Not sure what wood I am going to use just yet. Something I can stain to match the rest of the room?


    Anyone know where I could find metal table legs that I could fill with sand? Preferably black. 

    I have been looking at these for simplistic inspiration

    I will need 32 legs all up

    images (8).jpeg

  2. Item: Aaron sub 240 in cherry
    Price Range: let's talk
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info: looking for an Aaron sub 240 in cherry



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  3. On 13/05/2020 at 10:06 PM, Hytram said:

    It was me... 


    And I have desided to keep them, with the right gear and getting the room sorted they really sing.. 


    Have a pair of Ambience ribbons FS though 

    where did you get them?

  4. Item: Quad s5's
    Price Range: under 2k
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info: someone else had them on here for 2k a few years back

    wondering if anyone has a pair




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  5. Item: Hifi Rotary switch
    Price Range: -$50
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info:

    looking for a rotry switch to do a diy project during isolation.

    what do people have laying around or maybe bought and never used?


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  6. Item: cd player
    Price Range: under 400
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info:

    I thought I would relist this thread 

    Now just looking for a decent cd player. Not worried about sacd's or bda

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  7. Item: budget to mid sacd (oppo bdp or similar)
    Price Range: $500
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info:

    Will be used to mainly play cd's 

    Very occasionally an sacd.

    Blu-ray isn't very important because will be used for music

    I have another Blu-ray machine to play Blu-ray audio if I need to but I only have one Blu-ray audio


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  8. 12 minutes ago, betty boop said:

    some very nice pre's out there, dollar figures as always are not a good indicator... I do feel this is not a cut dried thing. a great pre in one combination will do wonders and yet can be mediocre in another .... as mentioned earlier there is a bit more synergy and pre pwr matching that can make this a bit hit and miss. my best suggestion would be to find a helpfull retailer that happy to work with you to find what best does what want. eg if in nsw len wallis always tends to have a good range of old and new stuff quite a few bargains. has at times even sent me stuff for just cost of shipping back and forth. certainly something helped me in initial days exploring pres.


    we are in lock down but the forum is an excellent resource too. I have attended pre comparisons.... that results are very much limited to system and combination used but went some ways to show what different pres can do in same system. when lock down raised perhaps have a gtg invite folk over with byo pre for those that can bring one along.... :D 

    thats a good idea, 

    i am a studio engineer by trade but that is a completely different world. going straight from a mixing desk into a power amp

    so hifi pre amps have never been a huge part of my life

    i do notice how microphone pre amps can improve the sq drastically so i guess its the same with hifi


    its a strange power amp to try and match something with but its something i am prepared to spend abit of time working out.

    until lockdown is done, do you think i should have a tinker and make an rca / input switchbox?


  9. 7 minutes ago, betty boop said:

    indeed on the cambridge is like on arcam and cyrus, primare pres and integrated. you just adjust the gain. but then you are not really using as a pre just a switching box in this case ? ! really just doing for convenience I guess. 


    perhaps my experience has always been that  upto you where want the volume control or pre ... whether in a dac/player, a stand alone pre amp or in the power amp. however I dont personally think can dismiss the benefits of a good pre amp. but this is not appreciable unless demoing between the components in mind. so will leave there. something suspect have to decide for self whether worth the expense or not :) 

    would you say that a "good" pre, worthy of adding to this setup would be well above a few thousand dollars?

  10. 27 minutes ago, betty boop said:

    ht bypass wont give you that switching sorry. it only ht bypasses one input ... so defeats the purpose of the pre with ht bypass as really bypassing it .... the rest of the input wills need to run via the pre to a power amp.... and will not bypass the pre amp stage and its volume control. end up with two vol stages in the line if that want :) 

    i know with the cambridge audio pre you can set all inputs to ht bypass mode. but not on the emotiva




    do you think this is worthy of the $400+? i think thats in usd... eep


    i keep getting different advice. i know i can make one but others have said to use a gas push button relay input selector.. i wouldnt know where to start with that.

  11. 25 minutes ago, betty boop said:

    if just planning to use the 2ch pre with ht bypass only, and vol on your power amp, makes no sense why would get a 2ch pre in first place as will be bypassing it in anycase. and if the case... a simpler bypass is to just replace the pre with an interconnect ! :D  

    i have multiple source inputs: dac, phono pre, cd and tape

  12. 1 minute ago, betty boop said:

    so many out there to choose from. features aside .... important aspect I personally think is pre and power matching more than anything. just as power amp to speaker matching so important. pre power matching can be solved going same brand... or integrated with ht bypass :D  

    I want something to pair with a yamaha p2200 which has high quality black beauty stepped attenuators.

    my theory was to try the ht bypass through a pre amp so i could use the volume control on the power amp



  13. 1 minute ago, betty boop said:

    not a passive pre. it bypasses the pre stage on the pre amp with ht bypass. in essence bypassing the pre so signal goes straight to power amp.... the ht bypass is just removed for 2ch use. preamps with ht bypass have been around for some 20 or so years so quite mature aspect of pre amps and 2ch integrated. how specifically integrated can vary but its nothing new to be worried about. 

    ok, seems logical.

    been looking for a preamp with ht bypass for a while.

    looking at the Cambridge Audio Azur 851E

    and the Emotiva XSP-1

    really cant decide

  14. On 14/04/2020 at 9:05 PM, Krispy Audio said:

    I've searched for some time now for male IEC cable plugs to no avail. Hopefully you can find something! 

    i have found various pre made cables, some more expensive than other.. none of the specify what quality cable is in them.

    what was the furthest you had gone in your search?

  15. On 13/04/2020 at 12:40 AM, rmpfyf said:

    If you're not going balls-out audiophile, just keep the power (very) low and the core count as high-ish as you can manage (that's two, then). 


    You'll drop the power requirement usefully in tossing the DDR3 and going for DDR4. Have a satellite PC (not my main) running one of these - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B079GHRQD9 - just add RAM and you're away. Pretty good. Completely fanless. Usefully quick unless you want to push 4K and Do interesting Things. And you'd only need the 100W HDPlex to make that sing. Fully loaded and at top speed it's still under 40W total.


    If you're going serious audiophile you'll want many cores, a wide pipeline, more control over C/P states and the ability to clock low. Then you get into power phases for CPU and RAM, oscillator type and placement, etc etc.


    Rather happy with the Asrock board mentioned. Solves much for very little.


    im just about to order this i think,


    so you think it will be able to push out dsd and large wav files over usb?

    im not going to have a screen attached or do any home theatre stuff with it, purely audio on a linux os

  16. Price: $500
    Item Condition: Good
    Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
    Suburb or Town: Matraville (sydney)
    State: New South Wales
    Payment Method: cash
    Reason for selling: selling for a friend

    Sold Eslewhere

    Further information:  Ovation Celebrity CSE 44

    Pickup in matraville.



    • Body Shape: Mid-Depth Bowl Cutaway
    • Top: Solid Spruce
    • Solid spruce top
    • Abalone soundhole rosette
    • 3-piece mahogany neck
    • 2-way truss rod
    • Bound fingerboard
    • Abalone fingerboard inlays
    • Gold hardware
    • OP-30 preamp with OCP-1K pickup
    • Number of Frets: 20 to 23 on high E
    • Scale Length: 25.25"
    • Nut Width: 1 11/16" (43 mm)

    She is moving back to the states in two weeks, so this is priced for a quick sale. needs new strings and possible setup.. i can do a complete service for an extra $100, however if you are inclined to do it yourself this could be a good bargain


    Also comes with case, 
    Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.




  17. On 14/04/2020 at 9:05 PM, Krispy Audio said:

    I've searched for some time now for male IEC cable plugs to no avail. Hopefully you can find something! 

    there seems to be a few different types of cheap looking ones but nothing worth upgrading to..

    i guess not much eqipment uses male iec's.. i know with brands like furman and art power conditioners that they use them so they can have the same model product universally with only needing to change the voltage.


    from searching i have really only found a few different pre made ones, 

    this is the type i am currently using 



    and it looks as though furman make their own




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