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  1. The storage area is just for vinyls. I was thinking about puting a small amp around 40watts per channel from gear best and hacking it ao its always on when the power is on. I can do the cabinets myself and the speakers. The tt itsekf looks like crap. I peeled the rubber off thw platter. Cant get it back on or looking good again. I could pr9bably find a working stereogram on gumtree for cheaper than to repair it. I juat got it from a neighbour who passed. The wood doesnt exactly match the room anyway

  2. Item: Denon pma se350 integrated amplifier
    Location: sydney
    Price: $150 someone make an offer or willing to trade for a pre amp or whatever you think would be a good trade
    Item Condition:Excellent
    Reason for selling: surplus
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash.
    Extra Info: this really is a decent stereo amp. This came with the option of with or without a phono cartridge. Unfortunately this one is without the phono cartridge. Built like a tank. Make an offer or try a tradeIMG_20180625_212931.jpg.b18f96d1a7215eb85012724d4b633e9b.jpgIMG_20180625_212945.jpg.b8618c294eafe26cad7dae60e6e5e107.jpgIMG_20180625_213003.jpg.8f2b32a7012796afee628d579a19cda1.jpgIMG_20180625_213021.jpg.dde33c61b3787fc0570cc7cc0c8b473a.jpgIMG_20180625_213013.jpg.fda50a06a76027715f81608227e3cec8.jpg

  3. I have a vintage pye stereogram.

    The turntable is stuffed, the springs are rusted and everything is uneven. I think the whole turntable needs replacing. Does anyone know of anyone in sydney who could do this? And if someone cpuld give me a quote. Would be even betterIMG_20180625_203306.jpgIMG_20180625_203317.jpgIMG_20180625_203402.jpg

  4. Item: pioneer pdp 436pg screen only

    Location: sydney

    Price: $30

    Item Condition: Excellent 

    Reason for selling: no longer required

    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash

    Extra Info: the media receiver box for this broke so i just have the panel left. I threw out the side attached speakers years ago. Hoping someone has this system and their screen has broken so they need this rather than the media box.

    I still have the stand.


  5. SOLD

    Item: wharfdale centre speaker diamond 9.cs

    Location: sydney

    Price: $30

    Item Condition: fair, some vinyl peeling

    Reason for selling: no longer required

    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash

    Extra Info: this works fine. I tested it, the vinyl in the corners are very slightly starting to peel. I would rather sell this cheap to someone who wants it than throw it out. IMG_20180511_145807.jpg.e3b1e4b34a01c69d66419fd45cc6453f.jpgIMG_20180511_145818.jpg.3db33de2892f48cf7cd3c1d0af82d059.jpgIMG_20180511_145822.jpg.06cb83481c429f2c6a45d234b9265fd4.jpg








    Item: yamaha rx663 7.2 channel amp

    Location: Sydney

    Price: $130 NOW $120 

    Item Condition: in good condition

    Reason for selling: Not using, surplus

    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD

    Extra Info: i originally bought this with the hopes of using it as a preamp and buying a nice 5 channel power anp. Its just too big of a system for my house. Ive decided to go for an analog set up with a decent dac

    It has phono input, hdmi ins and out. 7 channel analog input. 7 channel pre outputs. and dolby true hd. From memory it is 110 watts per channel. Would be willing to trade for a dac like a topping d30 or something similar





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