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  1. [mention=152240]jakeyb77[/mention] I do get what you doing and it was a nice thing to do. I apologise if I gave you the sheets.
    A lot of people on here and out in the wild don’t have a lot of money to spend and scoring a bargain is the only way of obtaining something that is out of their budget. Getting a taste of something high end for a bargain price is a real thrill .
    Yes there are a lot of flippers out there and it does give me the sheets, I have had some one on SNA flip something on me for triple the price, I was pissed. But life goes on. I’ve also had people pass things on for the bargain price I have sold to them for, in the spirit of SNA.
    Anyway back to normal programming I think.
    Yeh it annoys me too. One guy i sold my kuro to for $65 relisted it for $800 on ebay. And i saw someone selling sennheiswr 6xx (massdrop version) for $650 on gumtree yet they are $200 brand new on massdrop...

    Anyway lets keep this thread to bargains and great deals :)

  2. Where in australia are krix made?
    The owner seems to be doing pretty well foe himself. I know he has contracts wirh alot of movie theatres around the world.

    There is a brand called aaron that is made down the road from me, im yet to hear them but i would like too. Accusound was also made in sydney, rigbht near me. (possible the two companys were affiliated in some way) I bought a sexond hand pair from ebay for $36 and i swear they compete with speakers 2k and above. It was either a fluke with my pair or just that model was amazing because the rest of their stuff always got bad reviews.. They are ugly af.

  3. Sydney is a working city. People work here until retirement and then alot of the time they move elsewhere. The lucky few who make more than the average person may retire in sydney. I saw that some new apartment penthouses in cronulla suburb are selling for 7.5million and its no where near the cbd.. So for my parents who are about to retire they are better off keeping their giant 2 story house in the suburbs than downsizing.

    Len wallis is definitely great. Sydney hifi in newtown is good but everything needs to be ordered in and apollo hifi in marrickville is probably the best as far as doing good deals. Cant really think of anywhere else in sydney. I dont think these stores are going to last all that much longer either. I was in a flagship jb hifi store yesterday and all they had was soundbars piled on top of one another.. Harvey Norman had budget yamaha 5.1 systems and budget klipsch 5.1 systems..

    I remember even 15 years ago there was 10x as many hifi stores in sydney. The samw thing has happened with the local music scene in sydney. Between 95 and 2010 it was thriving. Now just full of dj's whos music really hasnt changed much since the 80s

  4. My experience is that Sydney and Melbourne are pretty similar in terms of quality and volume of gear. 
    Cue massive generalisation based on anecdotal evidence, but I think Victoria has a higher proportion of active high-end dealerships. On the other hand, I think Sydney has a higher number of ultra high-end systems... cause let's be honest... if you really have the coin you're not living in Melbourne full time... 
    Yeh theres more french and german girls that start their backpacking in sydney :)

  5. I believe it’s because most Sydneysiders have other priorities like mortgages?
    And our living space may be much smaller than McMansions in other states, so that limits how big or how many speakers/gear we try to keep?
    Also rent is too expensive so most hifi business who needs some room for display/audition goes bust. 
    There are some super rich in NSW that keep ultra high end gear and have real estate at home to keep them, but it’s not that common and those ultra high end gear don’t usually sell well here on the SNA classified. If someone can afford a Bentley, why would they buy secondhand? They don’t care about the savings like us poor folks. 
    You are exactly right. Sydney is the soundbar city. Haha

  6. Yep second the Elektra , also has the XLR outs .
    A on board phono stage is optional and a bit exxy, don’t know if many with one fitted.
    This one could be a bargain.
    Ok ill try and find a hifi store that stocks it in sydney and go have a listen first. I did a bunch of research on valve equipment last night and now my opinion on valves has changed. Not necessarily against them it has just changed. I know as far as the early days they werent using tubes to add colour or distortion, they were trying to make things precise but occasionally the implementation would make something really special, more special than solid state could ever be. But not with every piece of valve equipment is that true so i really need to hear it. I should have written i am in sydney.
    Just wondering if certain brands have a different name for ht bypass?

  7. Item: Celestion G10 Greenback Speaker
    Location: Lavington N.S.W 2641
    Price: $120
    Item Condition: New
    Reason for selling: NLR
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    Extra Info: Hi, I am selling one Celestion Greenback G10 Speaker, Made in the UK, I was going to use it in a guitar amp build, but I came across a vintage Goodman, so this one is up for sale, I will post at buyers cost. Thanks.
    I. Guessi g g10 means 10"?

  8. One thing i have been liking on ebay at the moment is handmade interconnects from china. I bought some on a whim and they are fantastic. I jist ordered a usb cable from the chinese seller i have been using and he has seperated the ppwer line to go straight to a linear supply rather than getting power from the pc or streamer

    My worst buy was a pop-shield I got for my microphone.
    Image and description indicated it was a pro quality pop-shield and when it arrived, it was home made using the ring from a sewing kit, a bit of stocking and some coathanger.
    I was not impressed.
    Hahaha thats fantastic. Probably worth the noney just for the laugh [emoji23]

    There are certain things you NEVER buy off eBay as you are guaranteed to be getting a fake....
    I agree, not everypne is the same though. I actually once bought shampoo and the seller had refilled an old bottle with cheap shampoo. I couldnt believe it

    It's the flipside to manufacturers handing their intellectual property to the Chinese and then ****ing about fakes... 
    Make the items in your own country, employ your own citizens and protect your IP. 
    But no the greedy corporate companies just want PROFITS.. 
    The Chinese built a car that looked identical to a BMW X5, BMW spent millions of dollars suing said company and lost the case because the Chinese company had changed 1 curve on the body and the courts said it was therefore not identical to BMW's product. 
    Yeh have you seen the land rover copy? Its called a land wing. Its pretty funny.

    As far as the guitars they use below par electronics in them. Its just aesthetically cloned. Which would not be too difficult to do so thats whats been happening. I just gey angry because i know certain people will start selling them on sites like ebay passing them off as the real thing

    Don't bother, the Chinese white van makers have used so many big companies names on their gear.. Boston Acoustics, Rotel, Bose, Sony etc... 
    White van junk has been around since the 80's.. It all started with a brand called Acculab 
    Only the non hifi educated or gullible actually buy the stuff. 
    On aliexpress and dhgate you can buy fender and gibson replicas. The people making these guitars even give you the option of choosing a serial number. Its disgusting. Somewhere in china they have renamed either a city or suburb usa. So they now have a loophole to write made in usa on the guitars. Makes me angry thinking about it

    Do you mean these ? ... If so THEY ARE WHITE VAN CHINESE JUNK and not made by nor affiliated with the renowned German speaker/microphone manufacturer of the same name
    Thats the ones. Lol..

    Someones selling them on gumtree for $300 with a no name projector.

    I thought it was suspicious. One section of that website says diamond dome tweeters and another section says beryllium tweeters.

    I was 99% sure it was a scam and 1% hopeful i had found the bargain of a lifetime.
    Rrp $5999 lol

  14. Has anyone heard of neumann s series speakers or is this a scam? There is someone in my suburb selling a set and i can not find any information online about them except one website which doesnt really seem legit. They are not on thw neumann website.

  15. That product rep is Dan Laufman ; he owns the company :whistle:  He has his plate full with the RMC1 ; then comes the XMC1 atmos board ; etc . It will be many many months before any 1k pre pro turns up ; named products like the RMC2 and the XMR1 avr  top of the line will be 1st ..
    If you can find a reliable NAD and upgrade with an am230 card and vm card for uhd sources you can do it in stages . But make sure you have a reliable version ; some were quite flaky before the current 758v3 etc [emoji4] 
    What about the nad m15hd? "ive seen them come up in the classifieds for $650. Plus another $800 for the atmos module. Could be a good option fod under 1500
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