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  1. i have done some research regarding hdmi and i2s since reading this. so with a topping d90 you can go from a sacd player such as the ps audio ones, from the i2s into the topping d90 and get dsd. the i2s looks like a hdmi, well it is a hdmi connection however it uses the cable in a different way. now the sony players can not be converted from hdmi to i2s however players like the oppo bdp83 and similar can be converted from hdmi to i2s with a conversion box in the middle. the conversion boxes are about $50 on ebay, so now i think im going to have to buy an oppo and convert the hdmi to i2s into a topping d90 or possibly a gustard i havent decided yet. the ps audio stuff is just far too expensive for me, and i really want to try i2s instead of usb.
  2. this thread definitely interests me. im wondering with the sony, is it sending a i2s signal over hdmi to achieve dsd? or can dsd be done through hdmi? i would like to try out doing dsd over i2s (hdmi cable) to see how it compares to usb. and this thread is now making me question, if i had a dsd capable avr would i be able to stream dsd from pc hdmi to it?
  3. I have the 240 in the dark stain. The last one they made.
  4. where can i find the list of caps in the amp? its got to be somewhere in the 59 page service manual
  5. i am about to watch it now, i am already 1300 into one of the amps 900 + 400 (bias, service, relay added) the other one im only 210 into.. definitely needs a recap and physical restore. i was just thinking if i use the exact same caps and relays in both amps i could use them for bi-amping/multi purpose
  6. They are Yamaha p2200 professional power amps from 1977.. so I really doubt I will be able to find the same as the original. I was just planning on changing them all. Filter caps also
  7. looking for a musical brand capacitors? not nichicon prices. much cheaper as i need to buy quite a few for 2 power amps
  8. Also the b-2 and b-5.. really any of the good late 70s early 80s yammies
  9. @Mos-fetmight be interested in this one
  10. Looks really nice. What u looking for for that?
  11. tried to google that and couldnt find anything? did you mean "weston" acoustics? what reasoning for choosing that particular brand?
  12. not really sure how to mark as found"??
  13. Item:Pre amp with ht bypass Price Range: lets talk Item Condition: Used Extra Info: looking for a Pre amp with ht bypass I thought I would edit just to filter a few things out. Looking for in colour black.. and also need between 4-5 inputs. I would rather the majority of it to be analog. I already have a nice dax and phono stage. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. Yeah luckily they are very standard can't say the same for my missions.
  15. Item:WTB: Yamaha p2200 ,p2201, pc2002m or any of the Pc series Price Range: lets talk Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: really want some more of these amps also any Ashly amplifiers
  16. welcome cameron, friend of mine so i can vouch for cameron as he is a audio freak just like the rest of us, we have very similar equipment at the moment which is great as we are helping one another do diy upgrades
  17. yeah, i dont know why its foggy, its a 56megapixel camera... anyway i will let mos-fet chime in as it is his setup. i did tell him that a raspberry pi should do everything plus more.. so if anyone has an arcade machine with a raspberry pi as the brain please chime in and let us know how you have it set up
  18. FOUND: Item: Aaron speaker spikes Price Range: let's talk Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I contacted Aaron but they don't have any spikes left. they were able to tell me that they ar 6mm spikes but couldn't tell me what thread.
  19. Item:Pentium 1 motherboard (suits jama arcade board) Price Range: Lets Talk Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hey sorry, i know this isnt exactly hifi related (well it could be if i decide to turn this machine into a streamer one day) really need to find this board, as it matches up with the jama board . here are some photos\ Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  20. Nice job. What did you use to cut the legs?
  21. What kind of timber is that? So once you cut them how did you attach to timber? That is stunning!
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