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  1. So there is no plans for a new one? Have classifieds sales dropped?
  2. Depending what needs to be done and if it is worth my drive. I could do it
  3. Not sure where to post this but is there a new stereonet app yet? It's difficult navigating Web browser on my phone. One of my favourite parts of my day was opening that app and browsing.
  4. Has anyone heard a pair of these? Andrew Jones was working on them for 12+ months. Using elacs jet tweeter. And at a good price point. Wondering if anyone has heard and what they thought
  5. Yeh the caps would have almost definitely need replacing by now if they are still the originals. I guess depends on if the amps were used on the road for touring.. Like I said, one of mine I got for $150, the caps were completely dried out. Can't believe it was still working so well. The other was in someone's rack and never moved for 40 years and the caps are totally fine. One thing with these amps is there is no relay. Having one fitted is a good idea, The pc2002m which was the model after p2200/2201 does have a relay and also the ability to use in mono. I have heard a pc2002m before with the same speakers and I'm not sure why but it didn't sound quite as good. I think it looks even better though
  6. Yeh I have two. One really rough I bought for $150 and one mint I bought for $950 Yes the filter caps are the size of coke cans and has beautiful big vu metres. Not only that but it has two alps black beauty stepped attenuators. Which go for $100usd each second hand on ebay! I wouldn't hesitate to buy a third or even fourth and eventually have them in a rack mount in the cupboard for a huge 7 channel setup.. I use one to power the second version of the NS10M studio monitors, they say they are a perfect match. And I will be happy to compare the p2200/NS10M combo with anyone's powered monitors below 5k People hate yamaha ns10s, but they sound pretty darn good to me.
  7. I am going to take photos of this particular room today and post them. I know everyone is going to say that the room deserves some big tannoy but I just can't afford them. A dark mahogany type timber would be best, just going purely on looks to begin with and then the best possible sound quality I can get within the price range.
  8. With that 4k buy a nice nas and fill it was sacd. Iso files and native dsd files. Best thing I ever did. Not sure of people would agree but rather than buying 1.k-20k sacd player, which needs laser maintenance, the nas box is controllable by your phone/tablet and using the right streamer (I have been going between daphile and snakeoil os on a DIY built streamer) it shows all cover art the same as roon. I tried roon and then I tried daphile, daphile sounded better than roon and the i tried snakeoil os and it sounded better than both. A few tweaks in the settings and wow.
  9. Yeh I saw those. They are really banged up in almost all panels. Shame that someone would treat 10k+ speakers like that. I'm going to talk to a restoration expert and see what they would cost the restore back to sonus Faber beauty.
  10. I do bi I wiring, though I don't think it makes a difference. I have tried bi amping and that does give a bit of a difference. The strange thing I have noticed is that half the time, high end speakers such as focal sopra no. 2/3 use single inputs. I'm guessing because the crossover is so good they don't want people messing with bi amping. Same with alit of sonus Faber stuff. But then I have also seen the very high end reference kef models had triple binding posts, for tri wiring. They have since gone back to dual binding posts.
  11. Thankyou for making this topic. Please people, do insure your loved hifi equipment and music collections/home cinema collections. There has been an outstanding number of amazing support and response to my original post!
  12. As many people have read my post on being burgled a few weeks back it's time to consider a new system. And where best to start than with the speakers. I am using a spare power amp that I had ar work (yamaha p2200). At the moment until insurance is covered and I get another bryston or possibly naim. The p2200 is surprisingly amazing. For what it is. So I'm looking into two brands of speakers, sonus Faber and dynaudio. I have had a listen to numerous pairs of both brands and am loving them both. Not sure if sonus Faber aesthetics are playing a part on how they sound to me though.. What is everyone's opinions? I am limiting myself to $3000 and doesn't matter if it is stand mount or floors randers. Also doesn't matter if new or used. Just hoping to find a bargain.
  13. How would these go as passive studio monitors??
  14. Let me look into this. Anyone know how they would compare to a pair of Cremona bookshelves?
  15. They look really nice, I was also considering some Cremona Bookshelfs as I see them come up every now and again. I wonder how they would compare. The blue side panels definitely will not suit my place. Which colour do you have?
  16. Nothing recovered, but insurance has be more than helpful. I will however be spending years searching for records. I guess now it's a question of what system I shall build now. I have a little setup, some bits and pieces I have brought home from my project recording studio. Luckily I had two yamaha p2200 there which I still think works great in hifi environment. Just using tidal and my nas setup, they didn't take my nas. It was upstairs. I had been thinking about upgrading krix to sonus Faber for a while so I might go down that route, and either bryston again or naim gear. And i need to find a nice chassis to build another passive pre if anyone knows of a decent brand of chassis. The last one which was stolen was a Chinese ebay chassis which I thought was abit overpriced for what it was
  17. Depends on your sub. If its passive then subs usually like a lot more power. If its active with speaker cable inputs and outputs then yes. If its a rel then yes
  18. Southern suburbs, between hurstville and sutherland
  19. Those pioneer plasmas can still fetch abit in good condition. I have seen them go for 600-800. Even still. And it was the last and best model
  20. I should have also mentioned that the neuphonix were a custom order from krix and actually front ported. Not sure how many of these they made for people
  21. The police seemed to think some of these criminals are using the old phone books. Address and home phone number are right there. That would explain the dropped phone calls I had been getting. I should have taken more notice of it. Time to disconnect that. The only calls I get on the land line now is people pretending they are from Microsoft, Google and antivirus companies telling me I have to buy their software because I have 756 virus'
  22. I really doubt it unless neighbours have ip cameras. That is what I am going to buy today actually. My neighbours on my driveway side are away, I have been collecting their mail. I really should go check that their place hasn't been burgled also
  23. Yeh you are right, I never thought this would happen in my area
  24. Insurance should cover hopefully most things. I had theives break into my car and steal my cd wallet when I was 17. The insurance company said if I provided all the empty cd cases they would help. So I did and ended up with a 3k cheque for utopia records.. Only to have all the cd's I bought with that stolen last night. Most of which were mint and had never been played. I just hope if it was people with addiction disorders that they get the help they need. This country is better than most at recognising addiction as a mental illness, unfortunately some people never seek help and end up doing these sorts of things. It's sad as I am starting to get abit emotional thinking of the records that I bought and the happiness and times they remind me of. Some of my collection being left by my grandfather. Thankyou all for your kind words and support. I will keep my hopes up regarding the where abouts of my equipment and more importantly my collection
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