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  1. Item: 70s or 80s power amp with some grunt Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: a friend of mines hafler 500 completely went up in smoke and he needs something to pair with his hafler pre amp. something with around the same wattage yamaha p2200 or p 2201 would work. Another hafler or an Ashly from the 90s even. let me know what you have Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  2. My avr is having issues with my htpc and I cannot work out what it is. I have tried different graphics cards. It happens on bootup, the changes in resolution I'm pretty sure. Blu-ray players and chromecast works fine. I'm wondering if changing operating systems will fix this. I just really don't want to use Windows if I can help it. Currently running libreelec as an operating system for Kodi on my htpc. And it does everything I want it to, apart from dsd over hdmi. Though I don't think that will ever work from a pc. I could be and hope I am wrong but it's looking that way
  3. Yeah even my cousin uses a rel sub with his Krix epicentrix centre speaker and that's even beefier than the Aaron 240 It definitely rounds out the sound. The missions are a 2.5 way, I can't remember the model but they are floorstanders.. I think even the pair of accusound floorstanders I have might win over the missions. I always found voices higher pitched with the accusounds.. that could be my hearing or apparently self medication can make you hear things a tone or two below or above what it should be. Haha Anyway time to change avr. My hdmi board keeps messing up on me. Now what to get... I'm thinking a modular emotiva but I haven't heard them and not sure of anyone in Sydney who still stocks them..
  4. I won't say anything bad but I am not unhappy about that. Great tech. Not so great experience
  5. i thought zaph got banned? i had very very bad experiences with that man
  6. so im using a yamaha p1250 mono for the centre, and for each main speaker i have a yamaha p2200 doing a kind of bi-amping into each speaker.. i dont like to use the term bi-amping. on the p2200's there is a daisychain output on each channel, so i have one left channel xlr going into the left p2200, that is daisychained into the other channel in the p2200 and then i am outputing both channels as a mono signal into the four binding posts on the aarons, doing the same thing with the right speaker so 3 yamaha power amps, the p2200's are outputting about 600watts into 8ohm for each speaker and the p1250 is outputting about 180watt i think. but then again all the aarons are 6ohm so i cant work out the wattage. yeah i have ysed the room correction on the denon. the mic is so crappy. little piece of plastic. i have also used a decent berringer room correction mic plugged into my laptop with some software they use in recording studios to find dead spots in the room.
  7. ahhh not all subs are just for lfe... especially musical subs such as rel's my front two speakers go down to 28hz with the matching sub, they go down well below 20hz so i use a sub similar to the way rel's are setup and let my centre speaker go down that low also it makes a difference, mainly when watching live concerts and things like the voice, american idol ect.. i think the main problem is probably the rear speakers, they are just cheapish missions made in asia.. having full range rears might help, if i can get my hands on some more ats5's in the dark timber finish then that would probably round everything out
  8. for the television room (this setup) using aaron ats5's, (mains) aaron cc240 (centre) and aaron sub 120, a pair of mission somethings as rears. wharfedale sub for centre low end. for the price i paid for the wharfedale i think its a really nice musical sub. the aaron sub is really just for films as it is not very musical but can move some serious air. i am still using a pioneer kuro plasma.. i still have 3 left. i had 7 at one point, so it is just 1080p however would be nice if the pre/pro was compatible with 4k, not really too interested in atmos and dtsx but i dont mind if those features are there just incase. i will upgrade tv to 8k oled once the price comes down. budget is not a huge issue, i would like to keep it under 5k emotiva is looking nice as some of the new models are modular so i could add an 8k card when needed. there was a nice krell also. the room has an arched ceiling, somehow it sounds great though, was not built for audio in mind. giant rug covering 80% of the floor, i have a really nice room correction microphone at the studio i record music at, so i could give that a go too.
  9. so i have a denon 3808ci that i am running, i bypass the front two channels through an analog pre amp that i have and then i have that going into a stereo power amp the centre is connected to another power amp, single channel. the rears are being powered purely by the denon 3808ci. would it be worth upgrading to a newer avr or pre processor and then buy another stereo power amp for the rears? seems like the rear speakers sound abit thinner and weaker than the front three. the other idea i had was to have a dedicated sub for the low end of the rear speakers? i did add an extra sub into the mix allready for the low end of the centre channel .
  10. problem solved... well actually i have no idea what i did but its working now. i think it could have been something to do with CEC.
  11. yeah i do have a receiver that will play native dsd via hdmi. i guess if the dacs in the sacd player are better than the ones in my receiver then i will use the analog outs from the sacd player into either the 5.1 ins on my receiver or stereo inputs on my analog ht bypass pre
  12. my cousin has this with the matchng dac, unfortunately abit pricey for me. pretty sure its only stereo via the i2s port. i was looking at a camridge audio that does all the formats and video, and also the oppo's i like denon and marantz
  13. Item: WTB: SACD player capable of dsd Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a sacd player capable of dsd, would like to be able to listen to sacd's in surround also. dsd through hdmi would be a good added bonus, or best of all worlds a universal player capable of dsd/bluray/4k/sacd/ect. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  14. i have always preferred mogami. i think redco is a good place to buy it
  15. oh and the pc2002m has a relay. i had to pay to have relays fitted in the p2200's
  16. Though I found this regarding Kodi version 18.8 https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=106329&pid=2957642#pid2957642
  17. Got two of thos already. Unfortunately no option to mono with them The next model the pc2002m had the option to mono and a few other things, looks abit nicer. However I read somewhere and I can't remember where the the p2200 was the better amp for some reason
  18. yeh i will join up and ask tonight, its very strange, even if i boot up kodi machine and then plug into avr, i switch the avr on and nothing, even though its coming through at 1080p i never had this problem before. i still see the computer bootup screen, and i can access the denon gui when kodi is not plugged into the avr. i plugged it into a yamaha avr i had in storage and no problem. however the denon is a much nicer "japanese" made machine and the yamaha is a pretty crappy "malaysian" made machine with wafer thin heat sink and only two hdmi inputs, it would have been one of the very first hd audio avr's ever made. in saying that, both have 7.1/2 pre inputs and 7.1/2 pre outputs which is what i wanted
  19. will it have iis and dsd compatibility? im very close to getting the topping d90 its reviews are all 5 star
  20. hello. so i am looking to upgrade to a new dac im currently using a topping d50 it has been great for a usb dac, i cant complain at all. im looking to upgrade to something with balanced outputs and also really keen to try out an iis input, ive noticed the topping d90 is very popular and within my price range. i have been waiting for my local addicted to audio store to set up a demo model, but they are selling like hotcakes. so havent had the chance. also looking at gustard and smsl dacs, as they have iis also. any thoughts on dacs around the $1000-$1500 mark? not looking to buy a second hand dac without these features
  21. Item: Yamaha professional power amplifiers Price Range: depends on model Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I just love the Yamaha pro stuff. From the 70s and 80s . Mainly going to be used in my recording studio. The two models that would be ideal is: P2200, p2201 , pc2002m, px2002. I am also looking for a Yamaha p1250 (mono) If anyone has a slightly different model and they want to part with it, please let me know.. thankyou Pleuf abyJbVase don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  22. I am having a strange problem. Hopefully someone on here has had a pioneer kuro and might be able to help I am using Kodi (libreelec) on my media pc. There is nothing wrong with that as when I plug it straight into the TV via HDMI it's fine. When it is going through the Denon avr, I will see the very first bootup screen where is says Asus and then it goes black. I'm wondering if it is a handshake problem between the avr and TV. If anyone could help it will really save me pulling out anymore hair haha
  23. hey everyone, so i did some research and my avr in my second room does dsd, its a denon 3808ci. its the us version 110v. currently have a media centre pc running a linux based kodi os (libreelec) im pretty sure kodi doesnt do dsd but if anyone has had success with this and kodi please let me know. i would be willing to change to a windows os, if thats what it takes to get dsd working. the other thing i was wondering is, would onboard intel graphics be capable of this? if not i have numerous graphics cards, nvidia and radeon. thankyou very much. if you can help
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