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  1. Let me look into this. Anyone know how they would compare to a pair of Cremona bookshelves?
  2. They look really nice, I was also considering some Cremona Bookshelfs as I see them come up every now and again. I wonder how they would compare. The blue side panels definitely will not suit my place. Which colour do you have?
  3. Nothing recovered, but insurance has be more than helpful. I will however be spending years searching for records. I guess now it's a question of what system I shall build now. I have a little setup, some bits and pieces I have brought home from my project recording studio. Luckily I had two yamaha p2200 there which I still think works great in hifi environment. Just using tidal and my nas setup, they didn't take my nas. It was upstairs. I had been thinking about upgrading krix to sonus Faber for a while so I might go down that route, and either bryston again or naim gear. And i need to find a nice chassis to build another passive pre if anyone knows of a decent brand of chassis. The last one which was stolen was a Chinese ebay chassis which I thought was abit overpriced for what it was
  4. Depends on your sub. If its passive then subs usually like a lot more power. If its active with speaker cable inputs and outputs then yes. If its a rel then yes
  5. Southern suburbs, between hurstville and sutherland
  6. Those pioneer plasmas can still fetch abit in good condition. I have seen them go for 600-800. Even still. And it was the last and best model
  7. I should have also mentioned that the neuphonix were a custom order from krix and actually front ported. Not sure how many of these they made for people
  8. The police seemed to think some of these criminals are using the old phone books. Address and home phone number are right there. That would explain the dropped phone calls I had been getting. I should have taken more notice of it. Time to disconnect that. The only calls I get on the land line now is people pretending they are from Microsoft, Google and antivirus companies telling me I have to buy their software because I have 756 virus'
  9. I really doubt it unless neighbours have ip cameras. That is what I am going to buy today actually. My neighbours on my driveway side are away, I have been collecting their mail. I really should go check that their place hasn't been burgled also
  10. Yeh you are right, I never thought this would happen in my area
  11. Insurance should cover hopefully most things. I had theives break into my car and steal my cd wallet when I was 17. The insurance company said if I provided all the empty cd cases they would help. So I did and ended up with a 3k cheque for utopia records.. Only to have all the cd's I bought with that stolen last night. Most of which were mint and had never been played. I just hope if it was people with addiction disorders that they get the help they need. This country is better than most at recognising addiction as a mental illness, unfortunately some people never seek help and end up doing these sorts of things. It's sad as I am starting to get abit emotional thinking of the records that I bought and the happiness and times they remind me of. Some of my collection being left by my grandfather. Thankyou all for your kind words and support. I will keep my hopes up regarding the where abouts of my equipment and more importantly my collection
  12. I remember my parents house being burgled when I was a kid, about 25 years ago (I am 32 now). It turned out to be some heroin junkies that lived around the corner. They took literally everything including one of the cars and it would have taken them quite a while. Most things were returned after they were caught through a pawn shop. I live in the southern suburbs of Sydney and have never in my life felt unsafe around the area, then again I can't imagine my friends would do this either. Or atleast I don't have any suspicions of who it could have been. Sucks but I just need to figure out where to go from here and hopefully the police find them.
  13. Not for this tablet, as both the tablet and pc were purchased for purely music streaming purposes. The tablet didn't even have a screen lock on it. I'm just happy that I literally only used it for controlling the pc and it didn't have any of my personal photos ect on it. Yes it's definitely a feeling of being violated. My guitars, microphones and recording equipment is all upstairs and still all there so I feel as though they didn't go upstairs. It just sucks because as a musician I have never had much money and most things were bought second hand, and took me a while to save for. Apart from the bryston nothing was too expensive I suppose, well to me it was but I guess in general not too expensive
  14. Yeh, I just checked my router settings and both the computer and Samsung tablet(which I forgot to mention) mac I.p addresses were able to be seen. So I am passing that on to police also. As far as rare vinyls, I am tryinh to think. Mostly rare punk bands Nofx surfer 7" Nofx the p. M. R. C can suck on this 7" Nofx **** the kids I had a limited press boxset of a band called anberlin. The boxset is called help yourself. Many more my head is just a mess today
  15. Yeh I was out for about 3 hours. I had been getting calls on my home phone, when I would answer they would hang up. So the police are looking into that also. The cabling would have just been ripped out so they could take the equipment faster I guess, as it was going between cabinets and some through the wall.
  16. Pretty much all interconnects and power cables were left behind.
  17. The driveway goes all the way up to the back room, so they must have parked right next to the door and loaded everything in. They stole a few other bits and pieces around the bottom floor of my house thought upstairs seems to be untouched. I haven't sold anything in a while and usually do so from work. The only person that has been around has been a handyman, though he is a friend of my mother's I still have given his details to the police.
  18. I was out last night for dinner and when I got home my back door had been smashed up, someone/s had come in to my hifi room and stolen mostly everything. Please if anyone see's any of this stuff (possibly bundled together on ebay, gumtree, Facebook marketplace or local hock shops) please send me a private message What they stole: Project carbon tt PC in Silverstone case (pentium g620) Schiit mani phono stage My own DIY passive pre (will upload a photo of that) Oppo udp105 Bryston 4bbst Over 1000 cds Over 500 vinyls Pioneer kuro pdp 5090lx Krix neuphonix mk 1 2 rel t/5i subwoofers 50ish blu rays. Topping d50 dac Most of this I have bought from gumtree or similar sites. Any leads would be much appreciated. The thing I am most upset about is the vinyls as everyone knows the effort we go to to collect and keep our collection in good shape. I am in sydney so these would most likely be listed in Sydney. Thankyou again.
  19. So it's looking like I'm going to have a fairly similar setup to you. Nas — pc(snakeoil or daphile) — dac Things I'm hoping to achieve is sacd.iso playback Tidal mqa playback Pcm to dsd conversion Ability to render to different rooms (kodi upnp/dlna)
  20. I have had experience with Linux mint and ubuntu so that's ok. I was able to set up dsd and also convert pcm to dsd in daphile. Now to try snake oil and compare sq.
  21. OK I'll try it out.. Considering I needed to open a port for daphile, do you know the port number for snakeoil? I have been playing around with daphile and I'm surprised it's playing anything above 44.1, it's refusing dsd at the moment
  22. I really like using the squeezer app to control daphile. Is there an app for snakeoil or is it all Web based?
  23. OK, I am going to try snake oil after I play around with daphile. For some reason volumio won't boot. It was saying not enough ram even though I have 8gb? Very strange
  24. I did, still nothing as far as linn kazoo and lumin
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