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  1. Trying to remove some of the high pitch buzz and static coming from my streamer pc. I have an art pb 4x4 which cleans up a fair bit. But I noticed most of the noise is coming from the ethernet plug, and usb plug. I think I should also get a dc blocker Any recommendations?
  2. So rpi had i2s integrated? Moose or volunio? Can you get tidal working as well as mpd? Are there any better remotges than m.a.al.p?
  3. What are you using for the i2s signal? Sacd through psaudio gear? I am considering getting the topping d90 which has i2s but computer i2s cards seem to be clocked at 192khz. Most other i2s streamers seem to be far too expensive for me. The main reason I still use a pc for playback is mpd (music player daemon) . I used logitech media server, foobar and a few others before I tried mpd and I'm still blown away by it. Now to get the noise out of my pc is going to be another story
  4. Item:sonus faber cremona auditors driver (non m version) Price Range: ? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: after spending almost 3k on these speakers one of the drivers just stopped working.. not the tweeter. I am really upset and angry about this. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  5. I have used windows 10 on a 15 year old celeron with 2gb of ram and it does what I had mentioned. I might just buy a few and see what I can do. I do like linux mint. If only these thing had hdmi they would be perfect for libreelec
  6. It doesn't have to be powerful. Just small, be able to access those streaming websites, wifi and can print. I need to be able to put child protection software on them. So would linux mint have that?
  7. I was thinking about getting some thin clients, and replacing with bigger hdd and installing windows 10 on them.? Could this be an option? Like I said, they will all be used for just youtube, spotify, tidal and chrome browsing. https://www.reboot-it.com.au/p/Networking/Thin-Clients/HP-Thin-Client-T510-E4S26AA-U4200-4GB-16GB-SSD-WIF/127186?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIst7Bx73g7gIVEQRgCh0j3QM6EAQYASABEgKCofD_BwE Could this work? It has everything that I need. Apart from a big enough hdd. Again, this is not for roon.
  8. I probably should be Abit mor specific. I just used room endpoints as an example. I am setting up workstations in each tuition ro at a music tuition store. The computers just need to be able to run youtube, spotify, tidal, amazon music kind of thing. And researching music. The only reason I was thinking windows is because it's easy to put child protection on windows. I guess the only real thing I need is 3.5mm input jacks for recording and playback. I know there is a version of windows for rpi? I haven't had any experiences with rpi's
  9. Hey just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of cheap mini PC's nuc, nettop, anything windows capable . 100$ or less. They will be used as room endpoints
  10. I think usb3 can do 16 channels at 192 max. Thunderbolt is 4x that amount and avb dante is unlimited tracks at either 44.1 or 88.2
  11. And surely there is something to do with bandwidth and amount of channels. Pro audio is steering away from usb. Back in the day they used alot of adat/optical. Now most mixers and rack mount dacs have a few options but dante and avb seem to be where it's headed. Alot easier to run an ethernet cable to the stage than a 32 or 64 channel balanced snake. I think with dante the channels are virtually unlimited
  12. Probably the same? Possibly firewire was just the standard for a long time with pro dac/adc's. I did some reading up on it about 2005 and firewire was the better option at the time, I guess usb has come a long way since then. Does thunderbolt work the same way? I always thought of it as an outboard pci slot
  13. Yeah I did read somewhere that the usb connections use packets to send data. I wonder if that's why my firewire audio interface sounds so smooth. It's meant for recording up to 8 microphones but I occasionally use it as just a dac. I haven't heard any of the thunderbolt audio interfaces but it makes me wonder. The professional world has a few different ways of transmitting data between the computer and the dac/adc. Two of which are similar. Dante and avb which are basically ethernet straight from the pc to the dac. There is also Madi which I'm not completely sure how it works.
  14. I'd just keep using usb if that's the case. I know all the ps audio and audio gd stuff is dsd and 768khz pcm
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