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  1. anewmission

    Hd dvd player

    Was there any great players? Like capable of sacd and that sort of thing?
  2. anewmission

    Hd dvd player

    I know hd dvd players and discs never took off. But i am considering getting one with a bunch of discs. Has anyone had any experience with these? When i was a teenager i bought a sega saturn and it became a flop.. now they are worth more than the newest xbox.. probably 3 times more. I wonder if that will happen with hd dvd
  3. anewmission

    Elac ub5 vs Kef ls50 or wait for Elac carina?

    Unless you were at ces in the states a few weeks ago you cant have heard the carinas
  4. anewmission

    FS: YAMAHA NS-1000M $1650

  5. I think at this price point people are generally also looking to future proof themselves. What formats does it play? Any dsd? 192k pcm? Does the i2s connections only work with ps audio transports or will it work with other brands gear?
  6. anewmission

    Which sansui integrated amp?

    Wow both the top photos you posted look fantastic. Now to find something in mint condition
  7. anewmission

    Which sansui integrated amp?

    Ebay, gumtree...
  8. anewmission

    Which sansui integrated amp?

    I also love amplifiers with vu metres. Cant help but just stare at those needles as the music plays. I know this probably wont be possible in a sansui. So other recommendations are welcome
  9. I am building a hifi system for my dad to go in his heritage style room full of antiques to replace his stereogram. So aesthetics are just as important as sound in this case. I really like the look of sansui amplifiers. They seem to get great reviews and they sell quite cheap used. Planning on having this on top of a vinyl storage cabinet that i am building. Next to a tt and on an extra piece of timber that will be sitting on speaker spikes on top of the vinyl storage cabinet. My question is, which sansui amps are generally considered the best? Needs to have a phono pre built in and preferably a pre out. As i never know what i will do with it in the future. Thankyou
  10. I would also like to know
  11. anewmission

    FS: PreSonus R65 Studio monitors

  12. Oh ok i was going to say this makes absolutely no sense that people arent buying at this price. It still doesnt make sense that no one has bought this yet. Ps audio is a great brand
  13. Is thia the current model?
  14. anewmission

    Elac ub5 vs Kef ls50 or wait for Elac carina?

    I think kef is available in more stores in this country. I also think the elac brand name has only been getting real attention sonce this guy andrew jones joined the group. I did some reading on the ub5 and everyone says they sound 4 times as good as the price tag but the build quality is to be desired so lets hope they fixed that with the new ones. Im also going to have a listen to the quads. They look great lets see how they sound.
  15. anewmission

    Elac ub5 vs Kef ls50 or wait for Elac carina?

    I also just read the carinas won best speaker at ces 2019 so i might wait and hear them