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  1. If these were the 401a's I would buy them right now
  2. Also, my ex had to take carbamazapine for epilepsy.. It made her hear everything an ocatave or so lower... How strange is that
  3. Medications and alcohol can make tinnitus so much worse. I have been playing in rock bands for 20 years.. Never use ear buds. I have to have white noise of some type to get to sleep. If I walk into a rehearsal studio by myself I last about 2 minutes before running out. There was a guy who had it so bad that he opted to have his ear drums removed... The sad thing was that the buzzing/ringing he had been hearing was still there in his brain after they removed the ear drums. He ended up taking his own life.. Poor guy
  4. Is this pioneer sg550 graphic equaliser worth anything or worth using? Trying to get rid of a lot of unused stuff. I used it with a pair of passive subs to cut off high frequencies a while back. Not sure if I was doing the right thing. Apologies for the bad photos
  5. I have a 61" pioneer circa 2004-2005. The elite one. Nec panel with pioneer tech. It only weighs 100kg with the stand.. Haha Anyway it has a bright yellow line vertical.. Wondering if anyone knows someone in Sydney who could fix this?? I still use my 50" pioneer lx5090 as my main TV. Never skipped a beat. Slight burn in from my own fault
  6. How do they sound as is? The finish is just so nice
  7. Just came across an ad for this avatone amp. Looks nice, good pairing for NS10M and other ns series? https://www.audiochocolate.com.au/all-products/studio-monitors-active-passive/avantone-pro-cla-200-studio-reference-amplifier/
  8. Got excited thought it was Sega saturn
  9. I was lucky enough to pick up a pioneer pro-1410hd elite[emoji2400] 61 (d) today for free. 80kgs was a huge effort fitting it into my hatchback at 61"plus bezel and custom steel frame. So it has a line in the left top corner, not a burn in.. The pixels are still alive just a constant yellow colour. Wondering if anyone knows what this is and if it can easily be fixed? It's a damn nice screen for its age. Once I can find another 3 guys to help me get it out of my car I will take some photos. Thanks in advance
  10. Lol this made me laugh. I gave my parents the exact same TV and they couldn't turn it on either. That power button is located in the worst place. There is another one on the side, however the one underneath is a kills witch and kills all power
  11. Sydney side interested here. What kind of bookshelf speakers?
  12. Has anyone tried this power amp for home hifi? They are great studio power house amps. Wondering if they would be good for home use
  13. Vinyl.com.au is 20% off until 7pm wednesday night. Part of that click frenzy thing
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