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  1. You can also get stereo pre Amps with HT bypass, so if you want your stereo channels to have big power get a stereo pre with HT bypass and a nice stereo power amp. The emotiva xps 1 has this function, also allowing you to use a sub in HT bypass mode. Also has three sub outputs (left, right and summed.) I'm very interested in this unit myself as people say the phono pre is top quality! Looks brilliant too
  2. These are about the same size as guitar pots, https://www.ebay.com.au/i/201654895419?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=201654895419&targetid=538829682402&device=m&mktype=pla&googleloc=9071850&poi=&campaignid=6762456169&mkgroupid=79795395576&rlsatarget=pla-538829682402&abcId=578876&merchantid=119094115&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz_j1v5-i5QIVlIqPCh1QaQwKEAkYASABEgIzn_D_BwE Whether they are any good I don't know
  3. Probably the wrong place to ask this, but if that is the case of pots vs stepped, could I potentially replace the pots in my guitar to stepped attenuators?
  4. I will plug the Dac directly into the power amp and I'll try it with two different sets of speakers. That way I can be more certain. Still trying to work out whether to use the volume control on the Dac or set it to full or whether to use the stepped attenuators on the power amp or set them to full. People have different opinions on this. Not sure how the Dac is controlling volume but the power amp uses alps black beauties. So probably set the Dac to full and control via the black beauties?
  5. From drop (mass drop) about the p50 lps This power supply is made from a solid aluminum brick that provides better mechanical strength and facilitates anti-interference performance. It’s also equipped with a toroidal transformer that has little magnetic leakage and excellent noise suppression. Three TPS7A4700 low-noise linear regulators further reduce noise. Set the power to either 110V or 230V and power your Topping DAC the right way with the P50
  6. That is a good point.. I bought the topping p50 which was made specifically for my Dac and it was about $100 less than the Dac. If I hear no improvement I will send it back and get something else... Toppings website shows the Dac sitting right on top of the lps. And does say something about interference and the chassis being designed to accommodate that
  7. I have ordered the topping p50. I will let you know how it goes
  8. Dc blockers interest me.. Let's say I went from mains through the dc blocker into my art (rfi emi filter) power conditioner and had everything hooked up to the art, I would be getting a better result? Having lps coming from the art into different devices that's the best set up apart from an expensive power regen?
  9. What a great forum topic... What have I done? Haha. I'm sure this has come up more than a few times
  10. What do you make of the topping p50? Any good or cheap Chinese made?
  11. I use the same corsair psu for my recording rig and my hifi rig. As they are atx machines, I need to use atx psu. Does anyone know if there are linear atx psu? I'm guessing they would be a fortune. In which case I would be better to get another motherboard or an nuc with the 12v input?
  12. How much different would I hear between a computer linear psu and my corsair rm650x atx, which has the lowest ripple of any non linear psu for atx?
  13. Vinyl just sounds fuller to me, and I can listen to it for far longer than digital. Working in studios it was the same with tape machines vs digital interfaces. And finally being a guitar player, analog guitar amps sound better than the new digital amps coming out, period. I can see what Fender and other brands are doing with these digital amps but they just sound so compressed and no natural element. I actually compared a 20watt analog guitar amp (Chinese brand) to a 100watt Fender digital and it made me really angry. The 20watt totally smashed it. I guess guitar is different and so is tape, but I still use my Dac 90% of the time purely for ease of use. Control tidal from my phone and not have the change vinyl every 3-4 songs
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