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  1. im a 6'4" 100kg fit man, i just dont have an angry or agressive bone in my body. i do have some mates that will let him have it (verbally) if it comes to that, i was given no receipt, the only thing i have is messgaes on here from before he was banned im sure a few people already know who i am talking about when i say south sydney technician. i dont know why people like this work in jobs where they need to coominicate with the people. if you are moody or have some sort of mental health issues then get a job in a field where you dont have to deal with the public. i work in sales, and nooo way would i still have my job if i spoke to customers the way i have been spoken to
  2. sorry if i posted in the wrong section i am having a problem. last january (2019) i had given a certain sydney technician (not naming names... he is banned from sna now, wasnt at the time) my recording studio power amp for repair of one channel. i have called him roughly every two weeks to check progress, every time i call there is a different excuse of why he hasnt started/finished it. i called again this week to be spoken to extremely rudely and then hung up on. i am moving interstate for a bit in two weeks and this particular person does not respond to my emails. what are my options? call the department of fair trading? call theh police? turn up there with a witness? i am a nice person who has had some really bad luck with my hifi equipent over the papst 12 months. as many people would have read i was burgled and lost 90% of my expensive gear. another thing i had mentioned to him as why i needed that amplifier back and still, i had constant promises of yes it will be done by the end of the week. just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what you did do? considering he didnt give me any sort of quote, i am abit scared to go off at him incase he decides to charge me a bucketload.
  3. yeh ofcourse, i cant imagine any speakers that size are going to give you full range. maybe dynaudios or sonus fabers
  4. for some reason they have just chucked a pair of krix equinox in with some crappy tables ect.. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0051-5040266/home-furniture/table-lot-assorted-items?spr=true
  5. yeh i use the adi2 pro, as an audio interface for recording at home. rme converters are the best. nothing i have used has even come close. even the ps audio stuff i have heard still doesnt compare to rme. someone should definitely get this
  6. also, if anyone is interested, this uses much of oppo parts, but with cambridge audio dacs. the sound quality of the cambridge audio dacs are much better compared to that of the oppo's for best sound quality, using rca's from the 7.1 or stereo outputs into the pre inputs on your avr/pre amp
  7. uses the same dacs as the cambridge audio dacmagic plus does. this is tempting as i already own one but want another for my second setup
  8. Item: kef 104/2 Price Range: Item Condition: good, hopefully refurbished Extra Info: looking to try new speakers this year in my system. everyone says that they should own a pair of these atleast once in their life. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  9. Item: mission 753 dark timber Price Range: Item Condition: good to great Extra Info: i have always loved the look of these speakers, hoping somebody in australia eventually has a pair they are willing to part with. wanting to try a bunch of different speakers this year. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  10. i agree about it looking better, however i googled the name you mentioned in your previous post and the psu looks like its a totally different level the topping dac has one capacitor and looks very simple where as the diy ones have about 8 and look like very decent bits of kit.
  11. Pricey! Would these be better quality than the gold plated elma rotary in parts connexion??
  12. Looks interesting, how much do you think the diy option would cost? My Dac has an extra addon linear supply but it is $170 on amazon
  13. So it's better than a 5v phone charger but not as good as a linear power supply?
  14. What does the cu stand for? Having trouble finding it?
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