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  1. anewmission

    FS: Classe Fifteen Power Amp

    Rack mountable? I need a gutsy amp for studio work
  2. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    I was thinking last night, what has more snake oil products? The hair loss industry or the hifi industry? They surely have to be on par
  3. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    No i cant be bothered. Dont mix wine with forums people
  4. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Ok well now i feel bad. Sorry, was just hoping to stick up for the OP. I probably went a little too far. However passive agressive sarcasm from one of the people quoting me on this thread is a bit sad. Soery joz and gltws
  5. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Good for you. As someone who is selling "hifi tuning" fuses... You must have the best ear drums in the world. Well done. The environment in which we listen to music is far more enjoyable to me than expensive systems. Im not talking about the environmant as in the way the room is designed. But the people we share the music with, the real life moments, may it be a bbq or christmas dinner.
  6. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    It just bothers me. All the snake oil, if people really wanted to listen to the music the way it was made and had a big wallet then go buy a studer tape machine, some master tape copies and play them through a pair of yamaha ns10 speakers. Because more than likely that was the set up used to create the music. Even those three things cost less than some of these new dacs that will be redundant in 10 years. I wonder if fleetwood mac or neil young cared about what type of cables were used to record their albums. I think they were too busy enjoying music.
  7. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Tbis thread is ridiculous. Keep the 5 disc changer and pass the rest on. I grew up with the same system and didnt care about fancy crap, this played my cds, tapes, vinyl and radio. The speakers included sounded allright to me. Apart from thw two extra quadrophonic ones. People on here should spend less time looking at specs and just listen to music because that's what its all about and thats what comes first. The music.. Most of which was recorded in dinghy studios with terrible cables. Passed through old equipment and workhorse machines. Not pure silver cables with diamond turn tables and beryllium speakers. Go see some live artists and stop taking the piss out of thia guy its just sad
  8. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    This system actually reminds me of my dad. It has alot of nostalgia for me. If it was in sydney i would actually give you a case of beer just in case anything happened to the one i have in storage. Do you still have the tt?
  9. anewmission

    SOLD: Sony all in one thingy

    Wow I still have this same system somewhere. Except it also has a tt. And the two 3 way speakers. Plus the two rear little plastic speakers.. I have alot of storage space. Its a 5 disc changer, you cant go wrong
  10. anewmission

    FS: Mission 753F Speakers & Subs, Marantz Amp (BNE)

    Would you post?
  11. How much would postage to sydney be?
  12. anewmission

    SOLD: FS: Mission 754F (freedom) Speakers

    I would also like to know
  13. anewmission

    SOLD: FS: Mission 754F (freedom) Speakers

    Yes what happened? This series of speakers are such quality!!
  14. anewmission

    SOLD: FS: Krix Monitor 250 Speakers

    Is there a website that has specifications?