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  1. Hi All, would appreciate clarification if anyone knows: Is it possible to connect the KEF LS50 wireless speakers to a home theatre setup as the front left and right speakers? They have RCA inputs on the back and a built in amp, so I would’ve thought it possible to connect them to the front pre out from a home theatre receiver. I’ve tried this with a Denon avr-x3400h, but no sound is produced. Is this sensible or rather a fanciful melding of incompatible technologies? Cheers CptClownfish
  2. Thanks, Sakabatou - I’d seen the Catch of the Day deal. I couldn’t find much information about “F Digital” (the distributors) and so decided to shy away from them. I feel more comfortable dealing with a bricks and mortar store, even one from overseas as I feel like they’re less likely to up and vanish. If anyone’s had good expeiences with the Catch of the Day LS50s, I’d love to hear about it. I still don’t understand why there’s a 45% mark up for an identical item sold in a neighbouring country. I’m sure it happens all the time and there’d be plenty of other examples though. Do you think that all the NZ stock advertised at multiple stores for ~$2600 are grey market imports?
  3. Hi Pops, Did you end up buying the LS50s? NZ$2600? Wowsers. A quick google search does indeed find several stores in NZ selling them for around that price. But when the Aussie price is about $3800 full retail and $3400 street value, there must be some sort of catch. Seems too good to be true...
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