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  1. Would be the plan but finding something low powered that sounds better than the Topaz is not easy. (Without spending lots of cash....)
  2. Thanks guys Thats the noise I'm talking about, not mains hum but general noise.... Really only heard when you get close to the horn. Was just thinking this could be raising the noise floor of what I hear when listening.
  3. Yea its there just with the power amp. Speakers are probably around 114db. Azura horn with Yamaha CD.
  4. Klien DAC feeding Wayne's BA 2018 linestage from the DIY Audio site to a Weston Topaz amp. Pretty sure the noise is from the Topaz as its there even with the volume right down. Thanks
  5. Hi all, My horns are very efficient so I can hear a small amount of noise from the associated drive electronics. My question is, I could put an L Pad to reduce the sensitivity a little so I don’t hear the noise floor but will this just mask the noise as its still technically there? Sure I’ll have to up the amp volume a bit to compensate but I’ve got plenty in reserve. Thanks, appreciate your thoughts.
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