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  1. Ah well that makes sense. Am I the only one ever so slightly disappointed that Vaf have deleted the front floating baffle look? 😄 I was curious as to where it had gone, when I saw the assembly of some i25's on their FB photos. Hopefully the current i91 mk2's still have it. They're on my shortlist for the study setup @home atm.
  2. Bit of a stressful story. Hope you got it all sorted out. btw Yes, your original key is a genuine R32 GTR key. Yes, only the 33R key is available now so that's what they replaced it with. It's also why the ignition barrel is a bit tight on turn. They need to wear in a bit before they loosen up (had the same issue with a new key on my 32R). As far as the ATTESA error. If the light ever comes on again, take a look at the error code light on the ECU in the boot. (how many times it flashes and google for the error). Hope you got this sorted. They're a bit of a pain to diagn
  3. Further information: Monitor Audio Silver 100's : 3 months old and not yet fully run-in. Around 25-30 hours of use. Bought new around 3 months ago & used briefly for my nearfield, home office/study setup. Gorgeous speaker with a beautiful finish but I've decided to go another route for my nearfield setup. As-new condition and not a mark on them. In original packaging with all accessories. New price was $1673 & original receipt can be provided for buyer. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever
  4. And sold elsewhere in less than 24 hours
  5. Further information: Great NAD receiver. I've used this in my study as a 2 channel Processor/Pre. I hooked up the two front and 2 of the surrounds for a while and this thing has a great sound to it. Under-rated/honest power rating by NAD as always. I'd say it's the same level if not better than my Denon X2500 in terms of power. A few scratches here and there but nothing major. Blemish on the volume control. Comes with Remote & Power Cable. Reason for Sale : Moving to a dedicated PRE. Price Does not include freight if required. Note : I don't
  6. Further information: Massive toroidal transformer. This thing is a heavy beast. Displays all the classic Rotel traits: resolution, headroom, and presence. THX Certified 5x100W (20hz-20khz 8ohms, <=0.03% THD) Frequency response 10 Hz - 80 kH Max Power Consumption : 800W 440mm (W) x 139mm (H), 396mm (D) Weight : 15.5 KG Comes in it's original box. A few scratches on the top and here and there but otherwise in great condition. Note : I may have the original printed manual somewhere. A copy in PDF is available. The original Rotel 900 series brochure
  7. Yes the 820 has Dolby Vision. Both use the same HCX processor for processing video.
  8. Further information: DC-X (Gen-3) These need no introduction In generally excellent condition. Some minor wear on the socks but it's not noticeable. One of the 4 screws on the binding posts is missing however the bridge is clipped on and still makes a very solid contact. Frequency Range 25Hz to 20kHz 35Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB Phase Response +/-5 degrees (100Hz to 20kHz)
  9. I have mine still. Decided to keep it and it's now in the study. I've held off putting separates in there as the power amp section is awesome for it's size and build is also awesome - one of the last ones made in Japan. A heavy well built beast!
  10. Further information: Both the unit and remote control are in excellent condition. Comes with original Remote control, printed manual and power cable. Extra Info: The RSP-1570 has 4 x HDMI 1.3 inputs all with 1080p/24 Hz compliance, including 3D bypass, a dual 32 bit DSP processor and 24 bit/192kHz burr brown DACs. It supports Deep Color and xvYCC video options. Comes updated with all the latest firmware for Video Scaler, Audio and Processor. It also features separate speaker/sub crossover and delay settings, “lip synch†delay, 8ch analogue multi-input with sub pass
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