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  1. @Josh83 Mate I haven’t listened to all those tables. But I bought a Rega RP6 from here. It’s got a 2M Black cart. For a thousand dollars I reckon it’d be hard to beat. Love mine. Put up a WTB ad
  2. I glad this is silver. Black and I would of had to have it. GLWTS
  3. I see the rotisserie motor is available from Bunnings if you'd prefer not to wait for delivery. https://www.bunnings.com.au/gasmate-240v-rotisserie-motor_p3180311
  4. I ordered mine last night and got a notification that it's been posted. I didn't want to go through aliexpress. Cheers @EV Cali
  5. Hey Elliot. Don’t muck around with a project carbon or an LP 5. I started out with a Rega P1. Then the debut carbon. And now a Rega RP6. Got this from here second hand with a 2M black for a thousand bux. Excellent table for the money. Aim higher and buy secondhand. You won’t regret it
  6. True that. My best ones are the real skinny 1970’s ones
  7. Yep this. And buy the real fine steel wool. 000 or similar
  8. I've got some Aaron speakers at home. I'll have a look tomorrow for you. I think they're ATS4's.
  9. Sorry for the derail, but where's that spirit level from ?
  10. So cool. What a find ! Don’t know anything about this except it looks like it came from a spaceship
  11. What did you end up going with Ollie ?
  12. Thanks for that. Anyone had one of these and can comment on its sound/build quality ?
  13. Check out AC/DC Shoot to Thrill off of Back in Black. Around the 3 minute mark there is a good solid drum beat that kicks nicely. 👌🏼
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