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  1. I started out earlier this year with vinyl. Bought a Rega P1. Took it back a couple months later as it had a few issues. Platter wobble, tone arm lifter stopped lifting... swapped that out for a Project debut carbon with 2M red cartridge. Big improvement in sound and quality in my opinion. Not looking for anything more at this stage. Cost about $580 for the turntable. Bought a Graham Slee phono off of the classifieds here for another hundred and am happy as. Always bigger and better though unfortunately 😂
  2. First I’ve heard about those screws. Will have to have a look at mine tomorrow !!
  3. I’ll go back up on the red ones if the sale falls through please
  4. Gone back to the Aaron AP4, don’t think I have the power to run these properly at this stage.
  5. The speakers sound like the tweeters work fine. I’m driving then with a cheap Sherwood two channel that is rated at 100w per channel. I also got a Harman Kardon pre - power combo that has some issues. It was bought at the same time as the speakers. Takes an hour before it warms up and gives any volume 😂
  6. Hey guys. Picked up a pair of Energy Pro 22 speakers off my brother last week. They were his father in laws who bought them in 1986. Cost a pretty penny too. $1600 seems like a fair wack back then. Look and sound really very nice. Anyone else had any experience with these ?
  7. Yep that’s the one. I like it. Only 30w per channel but I think it’s worth a look.
  8. I’ve come across an old integrated amp for sale that I’m going to have a look at. It’s a Cybernet CA-60. Looks cool with itsVU meters and that classic design. Very little info on the web, couple pictures and some reviews in German and Dutch which I speak neither. The little I can find shows it’s from the late 70’s and made in Japan. Anyone come across this brand before?
  9. Bit of an update. I’ve had the top cover off and had a look see. The selector switch that you turn for the different inputs won’t physically move to phono. I’ve even had some needle nose pliers on there to ‘persuade’ it. The non working lcd display I could live with. Any suggestions on a decent shop in WA to have a look at replacing this switch ? Cheers Pipey
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