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  1. ?this. And check out the newish Yamaha decks. The do Bluetooth etc.
  2. Anyone seen a good deal on a new one somewhere ?
  3. Mines mint. Just the wrong colour. And when I want a change why not go up the ladder a bit ?
  4. Thanks for the offer but I want to wait for a 1000 to pop up. Cheers
  5. If you listen to CD regularly you will notice a difference using a dedicated CD player. Yeah
  6. I'll get a snap tomorrow. Very happy with the result
  7. Thanks. I’m watching it. He doesn’t have the box so shippping would be a concern I think.
  8. Changed my mind. Been offered a 700. Still looking for a CD-S1000 please
  9. Both nice looking. Thorens has a cartridge by the looks
  10. Looks cool. What’s it made of ?
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